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Support flash web ?

No it does not support Flash. Apple does not allow new apps to AppStore that support Adobe Flash..

Im with vicrogm on this, does it support flash? If not would you consider adding it in an update Flash is what people want for a ‘true browsing experience’ with no faults/struggles in browsing the web

If flash gets added, i will buy this instantly and im sure many others will

Flash cannot work on iOS. All browsers in AppStore with Flash Support (Puffin for example)) works with Cloud virtualization (developers have servers with 1000+ runned virtual browsers in Linux, and share a screen as video to it app. You will see realtime video from they servers on Linux, to see the Flash.). It is very high priced deal (you need 10000+$ each month to rent servers for virtualization). So Flash support in iOS browser is not so nice thing for developers.

Right, but skyfire browser for example, that supports flash videos (i havent tested pure flash websites) but i dont see how they would pay $10000+ for a £1.99 app, surely they would be losing alot of money.

So my new question is, Is apples terms on flash videos and pure flash sites different or does it just cover the same aspects?

Skyfire uses virtualization too. But they reconvert your flash video to Apple supported format on their servers. The is no other way to turn on Flash on iOS devices. They dont lose money, because popular applications like Skyfire earn million dollars for year.

Apple devices cannot use real Adobe Flash (and new Android OS Jelly Bean too). All applications in AppStore that allow you to use flash uses their own servers for converting/virtualization. There is no way to show flash on iOS device if your dont have special hight-loaded web servers and special software for converting / emulating for all your app users.

Seem like a great app!

Can you add a download feature with file archive to this app? Also, does it have support for tabs?

Are you planning to add tabs?

Yes, I think. In one of the future updates. But I cannot say when it happens exactly.

Sounds great! I’ll purchase once those features are added :)


Hi, a just bouht it, can you tell me if this app can run fullscreen from the start and go to an specific url jus when i click the app? Thnks. And how i do this?


To autoload some url add this code to end of ViewDidLoad method in iosflashViewController.m>

[webview loadRequest:[NSURLRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:nowurl]]];
To autostart in fullscreen add this code at the same place:
[self fullscreen:nil];

Do you have iPhone version?

The iPhone version is required.

No, you can make iphone version from ipad version, I think this is not very hard.

This is a good product which is thoroughly written and well organized and commented and works as advertised. Well Done!

That said to be fair to newbies like myself looking for a jump start this is not for you. It is done using techniques for more advanced programmers and does not use the current storyboards approach in the current version of xcode. There are pros and con of using the authors approach but getting started fast if you are newbie is not one of them.

I am sure there will be lots of useful code snippets given the thoroughness of the app I can use and I will still get my $15 value from this but will look for a storyboard sample elsewhere.

Thought the clarification might be useful to feature potential users.



Projects with one view does not needs in storyboards:)

Thanks for your perspective but all uses for web browser are not single pages. Settings, managing favourites and other screens that are not supported by your browser require other pages. ;-)

I just bought is as well. And i tried an “autoload URL” which you have described above (for mariofcastro). But it doesn’t work. :(

- (void)viewDidLoad
    [super viewDidLoad];
[webview loadRequest:[NSURLRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:nowurl]]];
and I have add my “address to open” here:
nowurl = weburl.text;

    if([nowurl isEqualToString:@""]||nowurl==nil)
Thank you for your help.

We don’t provide support for app modifications or adding new features. You can ask this in Stackoverflow or some forums about iOS development.

OK. We done it instead of modifying this app via coding “from scratch” – with a help of YouTube. Of course, just because we need just a very simple web browser.

Hello how can i localization the browser? can you provide any language pack? thank you

does the browser use keychain or another method to save password information for websites? Many 3rd party browsers will not retain password information the same way as mobil safari

This browser use standart UIWebView component like safari.

ok i purchased it already:)

Can this browser handle errors like 404 and show custom ones?

It uses Safari engine (and all its behavior).

Ios7 & 8 support??