Support for Universal Transporter Apps

Support for Universal Transporter Apps

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I Have Programmers to Develop android App, How to make this app for my Brand?

Open Folder ANDROID_FILES, extract zip files Then Open projects folder on Android Studio (Import), Sync Gradle, Rebuild Project, Customize your app Change icon, Link Url, String.xml, Android_manifest.xml, Generate Sign APK

How i make android app and iOS app when iam not programmers?

At this time anyone without the experience of programmers and app developers can make their own applications online, you can visit this site’s references:
The source code is that you just place your source website link on the Android or iOS application that you have developed. we divided the installation instructions into basic settings and expert settings, you can follow them according to the flow. But if you want to develop this source more deeply, you need the help of colleagues who understand coding programs Remember that you are running a digital business. You certainly have a colleague as an IT support if your business is big and wants to grow

For User App : If I have registered my email as a driver, can I Log in to the passenger App?

if the email has already registered as passengers, you cannot log in from the driver application. Conversely, if you have registered as Drivers, you cannot use the passenger application to login. Because it’s strange, its Weird, a driver serves himself as a passenger :shocked: But if want to test this application, invite your friends to register with an email that is different from your email

can I add a payment method with a payment gateway like Paypal?

Yes you can add payment button with api merchant on source file, open discus for this request, i will help you how to installation

Does the application come with a balance payment?

Yes, passengers pay bills with the existing balance in the user’s account, if the balance is empty, the user must topup by transferring money to your company’s bank account, local bank added by admin on admin panel, after confirming payment, the credit will be added to the balance

What is Service City Settings?

The application is only used specifically for residents on specific city, for example you running this business on Melbourne, If there are requests from application users from Tokyo, Japan cannot be served by the driver The driver application will detect user requests in the area around the location point with a distance of 900km. Admin can add another point for large location, this setting using Haversine Formula on Sql Syntax

in This Syntax :shocked: ( 3959 * acos( cos( radians(’$latitude’) ) * cos( radians( latsensor ) ) * cos( radians( lngsensor ) – radians(’$longitude’) ) + sin( radians(’$latitude’) ) * sin( radians( latsensor ) ) ) ) AS distance FROM sensor HAVING distance < ‘570’ ORDER BY distance

Detect for <570 miles

GPS tracking for passengers and Drivers is Realtime?

GPS tracking technically saves the latitude and longitude of each user into the database every 5 seconds with AJAX syntax. on Service process user position autosave, for security and if the user is in an emergency, the safety officer can help. When service done, system not save any user position, because its privacy policies for user account.

Can i try install source code and database on localhost for Development and education

Yes, can install on localhost with local server like XAMPP, AMPPS, Apache, LAMP. GPS location worked on browser, but google maps API and Google sign in button not working because is need site registration on your API console

What PHP version for running this app?

Support for PHP 7.1 more High with Mysqli database syntax

Can i change Currency, language and any text on this app?

Yes, you can read manual guide file for expert settings, is very easy if using Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code because just find and Replace string :grin:

What if there is an error when I install it to the server ?

Keep calm, please discuss in the comments column I will help with installation instructions or bug fixing

This Full source code build by middleware like laravel, React native, Cordova, Framework 7 or anything?

Overall, from the start of working on the system, it was done without middleware, is Clean Native code with PHP version programming language indepent structure step by step manuals with framework visual studio code and style library using Jquery, AJAX, Bootstrap. Were indeed very long to release, but were done with incremental model process program that was easily developed and customized. Development source offline can use notepad++ or visual studio code

can I run this application for myself?

This application is designed for business team, so that service for customers to be efficient you must have a team member who is in the position of Account and finance, customer service, IT Support, and driver partners

What are Settings Bank?

The bank setting is a setting for adding bank account number data and the name of the administrator’s bank account owner. This is an account owned by the company owner or administrator that is used for user payments. When a user adds a balance to an account for service payments, money must be transferred to the owner’s or administrator’s account first, after the admin confirms the balance on the user account increases. when the user withdraws, the admin will also transfer money to the user account from the admin account in accordance with that identity

what are the advantages of using a bank transfer payment method?

Most people around the world are connected to sending money via local banks, or they usually use money transfer services such as Western Union or post offices. What is needed at the time of payment is an account number, it could even be a resident identification number or telephone number

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