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Update please

Hello, I have a little free time now, but I can add some features in nearest time.

Hi, I can’t find in your product, the “New list” and the “New items” texts. I tried to find them in the database file, but I coludn’t. Please help, because I’d like to change them to my language. Thank’s, Laszlo

When you first start app on device or simulator, DB file copy from project to device. You need edit DB file: iShopList01.sqlite in XCode project, delete sample lists in this file with any SQL editor.

Read all the reviews. Please estimate how many hours it will take for newcomer to edit text and PSD files only….

I have some creative ideas to help brand the simple functioality, but fear that they will never come if this is too challenging.

Thanks, Nick

Hello, you can edit all textFields in XCode for 1 hour. About PSD files I don’t know, because for edit PSD files you must have some skills in photoshop, but if you only want to change text – it’s take less than an hour.

Hello, I purchased the extended license, but I cannot find the

  • Step by step user guide “How to create your own TODO app from this sample XCode project and sell it at AppStore”

that comes with the purchase.

Can you tell me where this is or email to me?


Never mind…I found it! Thank you.

You are welcome.

Is there any way to get an Android version? I really like this. Very well done!!!