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Cool!!!! I waited for a long time when you make an application for the iPad!!! Great!

Thank you! Rate it please)

Yes, of cource, Five stars!!!

Hi There

I am a bit disappointed in this up scaled iPad version – this is no different to x2 in the iPad.

I thought that when you said you were doing an iPad version, you would actually use the features of the iPad to make it look and function differently.


Hello, ihmunro

Thanks for your comment, you’re absolutely right. But porting to iPad (x2 as you said) is first step. Further by the presence of the time I’ll add more functional to the project and more usefull for iPad. Now project has autoratation, and support all iPad devaice. Next time I’ll optimize the field for the iPad – getting big field for descriprion, maybe add calendar and other features.

You can offer your ideas. Whenever possible I will try to implement them. Now very little free time, unfortunately.

Some people will benefit from this project is to create your own applications and optimize it to your task.

Thank you!

Hi i am having trouble finding where to change the sample list that show up the first time you open the app.

You need to edit Database file ShopListDB01.sqlite in DB folder with any sqlite editor.

is there one you can recommend for mac?

SqliteManager Plugin for FireFox. Or change DB with app in Simulator, and then copy new DB file in project.

Thank you for the excellent service i have given you 5 stars.

Thank you!

So is this now working for both iPhone and iPad? Also, is there any chance that you can add an image from the camera roll to an item – so if you’re putting together a shopping list, you can add a photo to a “wish list” – that would be pretty cool. If possible, I’ll buy this.

It’s version for iPad. We can talk about any modifications by email.

I have a question before buying the code.I saw that the app can send the list directly to others via email but if they have the app too can the mail be imported or it is just a plain email?

In this version there is only plain email, this things will be released in the next version or in the another product.

Is this compatible with IOS7 and Xcode 5?

Need to optimize it for iOS7.