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Are support and updates free of charge ?

Yes ! When you purchase a product on Codecanyon, you can always access it in your downloads page. There you can subscribe to receive an email and get notified if an update is available, only the last version will appear in your downloads page. Those updates are totally free !

If you encounter an issue when using my work or find a problem, you can contact me at any time from my profile page. You’ll need to be logged in to be able to access the contact form (in the sidebar). I usually reply within 24-48 hours but during holidays or week-ends, it can take more time.

I try to regularly update my products based on the feedback I receive, so if you find any kind of bug, I’ll do my best to update the menu as soon as possible. If you have an idea that could improve it, feel free to ask me, some customization questions happened to be the starting point of an update.


What about customizations ?

I don’t have much time for customization works, you can contact me with your request if you need something but I can’t promise if I’ll be available or not.


Will this menu work under Wordpress or Joomla ?

No, this is not a Wordpress plugin or a Joomla module. This menu is made of static HTML/CSS files, it means that all the integration must be done manually, in the source code. In other words, it can work under Wordpress or Joomla only if you add all the assets and the necessary markup manually but it can’t be “installed” like a plugin or a module.


How hard is it to… ?

This is typically the question I can’t answer for you. The difficulty totally depends on you, on your knowledge of coding, on your experience, etc. And I’m not the one who can tell if it’s difficult or not.


Can this be used as a footer (stick at the bottom of my site) ?

Yes ! The whole menu bar can be used fixed at the bottom of your site, you can switch to the footer version just by changing a single class. And you’ll have the exact same functionnalities : drop downs (or we could say “drop ups” in this case), fly-outs, tabs, etc. At this time, the menu used as a footer will appear at the top on mobile devices for the simple reason that when you have “drop-ups” a bit too long, you can’t scroll up to view the content. If you have any suggestion to improve it, feel free to contact me !

Here are 2 alternatives if you’re looking for a footer :


I just need a simple drop down menu, will this one work ?

Yes for sure ! You’re not required to use mega drop downs or fly-out submenus at all. You can use this product as a simple menu bar aswell, with or without drop downs.


The menu has a strange behavior when I resize down my browser, is there a problem ?

It’s because the menu is responsive. The markup resizes all the elements so they can fit into any screen size including mobile phones. If your site is not responsive itself or if you don’t want this functionnality at all, you’ll find 2 versions of the menu in the package : responsive and non-responsive. The second one is probably what you’re looking for and nothing will happen if you resize the browser.

If by mistake you started working with the responsive version and want to switch to the non-responsive version, you’ll need to replace all javascript and CSS files by the ones situated in the “Non-Responsive” folder. Only your HTML will remain the same. If you’ve already modified the CSS and don’t want to lose your changes, just delete the entire section labelled “07 MOBILE DEVICES”.


I’d like this menu to be smaller (or larger), is it something easy to do ?

Quite easy, there’s almost nothing in particular to do because the whole menu system is coded to fit where you put it. If you include the menu into a 960px container, the whole menu will inherit this same width. And all drop downs will scale proportionnally to this initial width so you don’t have to worry about calculating pixel values. And the same applies if you add the menu into a container that has a width in percentages. The menu will always take all the horizontal space to fill it. As simple as that !


How can I customize the menu ?

This menu is styled via CSS and you can there change all the colors, fonts, sizes, etc. There are several ways for that : you can directly modify the CSS or add your styling at the end of the file so you can keep all default values and just overwrite them.

The whole CSS file is organized into labelled sections so it’s easier to find the elements you want to modify.

There’s a documentation included in the package but this is not some kind of HTML/CSS course so you won’t learn there how to add gradients or shadows for example.


I have some issues with the menu, can you help me ?

Yes for sure ! There’s a contact form on my profile page (you must be logged in to view it) and you can send me your request from there. The best is to provide an URL if you can so it’s easier for me if I can view the code.

Before contacting me, please make sure that the page is accessible and take some time to check if there are not critical markup errors.


The menu doesn’t look exactly the same in Internet Explorer 7, is there a problem ?

I mostly use CSS3 to style my web elements and add shadows, gradients, sometimes animations, etc. Old browsers, especially Internet Explorer 7-8 and in the compatible list. However these old guys don’t support modern CSS3 effects (rounded corners, shadows, etc.). If you really need to enable these CSS3 effects under IE7 or IE8, you can use filters or scripts like CSS3 PIE.


The script doesn’t seem to work at all, how can I fix that ?

There can be many reasons why a script wouldn’t work. Here are a few tips :

Quite often, if you integrate the menu into an existing site, there are chances that jQuery is already there (it’s often used for sliders, lightboxes, etc.). This menu also needs jQuery but you shouldn’t add it a second time. Make sure that you have a single instance of jQuery, not one for each element even if it’s a different version.

If you need to keep an older version of jQuery than the one provided with the menu, you can ask me to test it for you so you can be sure that it’ll work in your site.

You can also check if you don’t have script errors. For that, open your page and hit F12 in Chrome and you’ll see a panel at the bottom. You have several tabs and the last one is labelled “Console”. Click on it and you should see if there are errors or not.


The menu appears behind another element (a slider for example), how to fix that ?

Most of the time it’s a simple z-index issue which you can think of the way to stack element on top of each other. By default, the menu has a z-index of 12 so if you have a slider with a z-index of 13 (or any value more than that), the menu will fall behind this slider.

And the opposite is true, for example if you have a lightbox with a z-index of 10, it’ll appear behind the menu. Here’s an illustrative case : on your page, you have this menu, a slider and a lightbox. The lightbox should always be on top of everything else so it should have the highest z-index. The menu should be above the slider but under the lightbox and finally the slider should appear behind both the menu drop downs and the lightbox. The 3 z-index values should follow this order : lightbox > menu > slider

That’s it, so if you have this kind of issue, there are chances that your other elements have a z-index aswell and you should check the existing values.

Lastly, if you manually add z-index values, keep in mind that they are applied to an element only if it’s a positionned element. It can be relative, absolute or fixed, the z-index works along with a defined position.


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