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Hello I like your navigations, and I like to buy one. :) But I found 2 ~ same item in your portfolio and I dont know what is the best or what is the difference between.

So can you tell, that what is the difference between these? - FlexiNav – Flexible and Responsive Navigation - Universal Responsive Mega Menu

I see, that the universal can be footer too, but any other important difference?

Hello and thanks for your interest in my work !

I have a comparison at the end of my profile page, maybe it would be easier to search first the functionnalities you need. And take time to test the demos too.


How to add a logo image to the left of menu?

Hi, I don’t have or provide step-by-step instructions for customizations or additions but this can be done for sure. If you have at least some basic knowledge of HTML/CSS coding, it’s something that you should be able to do.


Thank you for all your amazing work, your menus are beautifully coded. I was wondering if it was possible to implement the ability to right-click on a link and open it in a new tab/window? The drop downs disappear when I attempt to right-click on the links, especially in Firefox.

Many thanks in advance,


Hello and thank you for your response. I perhaps did not word that as I intended—what I meant was, how can I retain the default behaivor of the right-click, which is to be able to open a link in a new tab? I don’t want to implement anything so much as allow the default behavior to work properly. Most menus I’m able to right-click on a link and open in a new tab, but the dropdown element on this menu disappears when I attempt this in different browsers.

Hello, I can’t explain why but if you set this menu option like this : menu_click_outside: false It seems to work fine. Can you confirm ?

That worked perfectly. Many thanks.

the menu in my theme is transparent. Does this plugin have that option to make it transparent no colors at all?

Hi, this is not a wordpress plugin. But as for any kind of menu, it’s always possible to set any kind of color or transparency in the CSS.

Hello! Can we use an extended licence of current menu pack as part of theme for sale in themeforest?

Hello, no it’s not allowed, there’s no license model for that.

Hello, I really like this menu and wonder how it works with the Foundation front-end framework. Have you or anyone else tried it? If so, have there been any issues or compatibility problems that have been encountered?


Hi, there are some CSS issues, this framework overwrites a few rules so it’s something that can be fixed for sure.

Nice item! If you made a WordPress version you’ll make a killing ;)

Thanks ! I don’t have much time to invest into that so that’s why I looked for a partner during 1-2 years. Unfortunately I haven’t been lucky enough to find someone motivated.

Hi Pixelworkshop!

Is it possible transform menu from desktop to mobile (skip tablet) with css override?

I have a trouble with menu when I put logo at the center of menu, it break menu when responsive.

P/S: it is wonderful if you have center version of menu, with this menu items and logo will be put on center of container.


Hello and thanks ! Actually I would really recommend to not change the default behavior or position of core items. This will definitely break the whole system as all relies on the properties of the menu bar items.

With a bunch of fixes or workarounds it’s probably possible but centering such a complex system (or centering an element) will bring lots of new issues.

Menu dropdowns do not open on hover on Windows 10 + Chrome 47 which is the latest version. Explorer Edge works fine. Here is a video I did demonstrating the problem. First part is Explorer Edge, second one is Chrome.


I see I’ll check that if there is any touch settings enabled but still it is a regular laptop no touch screen upgraded from 7 to 10 automatically. Hope this is not the default setting for all upgraded machines otherwise all w10 will fail with menu.

I don’t know… I don’t expérience problems at all on 2 machines but I’ll check again.

Seems for some reason w10 thinks my laptop is touch. I also tested on some other machines and works fine. Thanks anyway.

I guess my only question would be. How sure are you that this product is safe, well written and up to date, so someone like me who has to cut down his production time, and relies on these components, don’t get fired from work. Modern’s tribe’s megamenu was exploited through the TimThumb image resizer.

Hi, this is a static menu, the chances to be safe are much higher than wordpress themes or plugins for example. I made more than 30 000 sales and I never had user reporting a security issue.

I can’t get the menu to do anything. Is it possible there’s a JS/jQuery conflict of some kind in my site?

Never mind. I found where an initialization of the menu is made. Had to call that first.

Damn doesn’t work with current jQuery, any easy fix?

in reference to my above comment, the dropdown feature actually works it just has no animation and doesn’t work on hover – only on click

Hello, I haven’t tested with latest jquery, it’s likely possible that something has changed since in the framework that has broken something. I’ll check that soon :)

Without the ability to see this in action, does the Universal Mega Menu allow me to place menu items to the left or the right horizontally? Can I modify the font type or size if desired? Does the horizontal strip extend completely across the screen on desktop view? If there is more information about these points, please direct me.

Of course you can change the font in the CSS. The problem I’ve had in the past with this is that often changing the font results in different widths and causes big problems that need other remedies.

I’ve now set up this menu on my website - and so far it’s a pleasure working with such an organized product - thank you. Changing the main font was no problem.

I’d like to make the menu items that appear in the main horizontal bar float to the right, not to the left. Can you suggest a simple way to do this?

All answered by email, sorry I didn’t get the latest comments, email is usually much faster :)

I think I may have made a mistake when I purchased FlexiNav from you earlier today. Still, I might be able to get what I need out of it with some jQuery. Just in case I cannot, however, I’d like to ask about this one (“Universal Mega Menu”).

It seems to have the ability to include tabs in the dropdown, which FlexiNav doesn’t. What I’m curious about, however, is whether or not it can support just one more level of tabs.

For example, a user hovers over a menu item, which opens a Mega dropdown. There would be a dozen tabs on the left, with the first one being pre-highlighted, of course. To the right of those tabs would be two tabs (a second “tier”). Again, the first one would be highlighted by default. Finally, the rest of the Mega panel would be some long text to describe information about what was chosen in that second tier of tabs.

I’d also need the tabs to activate on hover, making the click action send the user to another page. For these, however, I see that other customers have asked how to make this happen and you’ve given them answers that I can use, as well. :~) I just need to know if I can do that second “tier” of tabs.

Hello, well that’s a lot of customization, I’m afraid I don’t know any product that would be able to handle all the functionality you mentioned. Anyway I feel like any product would fit but in all cases there would be lots of customization involved.

I do believe you are correct. I may look into implementing this in the future, but for now, I’m doing it with Fly-out menus in FlexiNav. Yes, the long text description is also in a flyout. Yes, it’s ugly. But that’s what my boss originally wanted, anyway.


You should be able to see the final result at http://americancabin.com in the coming weeks (once he approves the massive redesign I’m working on).