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i did use that code and my app got approuved 8 days after i submitted it its featured on the first page of that code

i guess you didnt make that app really usefull as it supposed to be and aslo hope you didnt submit it as default they wont accept it you have to work on it and create something unique

I am trying to use more characters in my recipe’s but the app cuts them in half. Like the previous comment i set the max_heigt to 1500 but only the canvas becomes longer and not the text.

Any way to fix this?

Well it does have scrolling but when i reach the end of the text i found that a part was missing: http://andrewho.nl/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Schermafbeelding-2013-01-06-om-22.57.16.png

The text is longer in the database

And scrolling does not work? May be this is some UITextView limitation by apple. You can try to change UITextView to UIWebView.

scroling does work, but not the whole text. The text just stops when i scroll down

do i need to change the actual “icocktails” file name before submitting to the apptsore?

Of course. Apple does not need dozens of similar apps.

How do you add more items to the catalog? Also is there a way to use both the internal as well as an external list of items?

You can add items by provided Documentation, by editing app local database. No, you can use only local items.

Hi. In the comments above you mention some updates for iAd or AdMob integration and ShareKit. Have these been added now? Thanks. :)

No, but Documentation have links to tutorials how to do this

Thanks for the quick reply. Also, when the list (recipes, cocktails) is displayed, is the mini icon to the left of each item set by category or can each recipe have its own mini-icon? Thanks.

Of course can if your know how to work with UITableView. Read Apple Documentation about Cells in UITableView.

How can I get in touch with dedalx? what is your email?

Send email from my profile page

Is there a way to sort the items alphabetically? Thanks again!

No, you need to implement this yourself.

I do not advise anyone to buy this code, and this is not because it is bad, because you will never get a single proper support to it, I mean if you notice from the previous buyers, the answer for all their question is check documentation, refer to x website,...etc. Even sometimes it just needs a little push to let you move on, but the author will only stop you and let you down. I regret that I have purchased it.

We have thousands of customers and cannot answer for basic questions, that completely described in Google.

for example I made the scroll view and created new buttons, but my problem now, how to connects the scrolling buttons to your database i got stock, in this case I need someone to help.

In this case you need to read about Interface Builder, UIScrollView and sqllite on developer.apple.com. I can’t explain in two words how to do what you want. People learn how to do this for months.

By the way, the guy who created the app won’t support any of you, therefore I suggest that you find a better code with its owner.

This items sold as is. For a price like a Cup of tea you will not get any support with code anywhere. This is not our primary market on Envato marketplace.

anybody can help in how to change the font size of the top of the app where it is showing the recipe title?

Will it support iOS7/Xcode 5.0?

App will work in ios7 without problem (with compilaltion for ios6 with ios 6 style and design). It will not work with ios7 design automaticaly.

Hi, Do I need a Mac to edit the files?. Is there documentation on how to upload this to the Apple Store? . I just got a developer account and starting with this

Full documentation provided. You need a Mac to develop and distribute software for iOS.

does this app works with xcode 5 and iOS 7 and 7.1 ?

As you can see in item description: Works on iOS 3.x – iOS 6.x Project for XCode 3.x – 4.x included

you’ll make update for xcode5 and iOS 7 soon ?

Hi there , I want buy your app but does your app support admob ? Is there any documentation to add admob or iad ?

Hi, if you want to add it you should read admon/iad developer documentation and add this yourself.

hello , With the titles I have problems when I use special characters. For example: ” Jus d’ananas ” in french ( Pineapple Juice ) , problem with ‘ Does anyone uses the identifier, rather than the title of the recipe?

I would use , 1.jpg NOT jus d’ananas.jpg

Thank you for your help

Hello, we don’t provide support for iOS items modifications, you need to do this yourself. This is very low cost items and its sold AS IS.

I understand dedaix , I asked especially to those who are downloading this application :)

Check http://stackoverflow.com/ you can get fast answers here.

Working on ios9? Does it comes with default cocktail details? Thanks.

Hello, as you can see by app name it working on iOS 3-6 only.

Kindly have me notified when there is an update. Thanks.

This app will not be updated, sorry.

is this app written in Obj C?. How much changes for the new IOS version or xcode?.

okay how many recipes provided with the app?.

what type of cuisine’s it has?

App have just sample recipes that you need to replace with your own, check app description and video demo.

Hi nice app but is very old version if ubdat to new version i want buy

Hello, sorry this is old application and it does not have new version.