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Have you updated this app to work with iOS 7 & upcoming iOs 8 ?

Hello, no, this app will not be updated to new versions.

Can the single end product be found and downloaded from APPLE KIOSK? (magazines, books, etc).


Hello, I don’t understand how your questions about Apple IOS Applications related to Brands Plugin for WordPress.

Sorry, now I understand you. This is application, not magazine and book. It can’t be in KIOSK, however you can add this functionality to app yourself.

Hello. I like this app.

Has anyone tried to open it in iOS 8?

Will Apple accept the 6.0 working version?

Thanks for your response.

This app for iOS 6. It may work on iOS8, with old iOS6 interface, but we don’t guarantee this.

Got it. This was and could be again, a money maker. I hope you will come back again and try an update. The format can be used for a variety of things and suits my purposes well. Simple layout, chapters, etc.

I may work on it in the latest xcode version and submit it when I have time, to see if it will be approved. Any thoughts on that? Any reason it wouldn’t be approved by Apple now?

Thanks for a good app, in any case. Myykk

Nobody will say you will you get approve or not, only Apple know this. Wait for reviewer messages.