Universal Interactive Info / Book application

Universal Interactive Info / Book application

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Create any interactive informational / book application within few minutes, without hard programming skills, Sell it in the AppStore and earn money!

This is universal working iPad application sources for building any informational application with unlimited interactive pages with text, images, video, audio, JQuery, JavaScript and CSS features.

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Your will get XCode project file with sample “USA Independence day” application (complete working application with all graphics) and complete step by step newbie userguide how to create your own unique application from it.

App is ready to be approved by Apple with no adding new features or hiring developers – just add your content!

Project features

  • Complete working iPad application with all graphics and files
  • Complete detailed documentation
  • Step by step user guide “How to create your own informational/book app from this sample project and publish it to AppStore” without programming skills!
  • Works on iOS 3.x – iOS 6.x
  • Project for XCode 3.x – 4.x included
  • App will work on iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad
  • Unlimited interactive pages
  • Portrait and Landscape mode support
  • You can create pages in HTML format
  • Add interactive elements to your pages (images, video, audio, HTML5, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, etc)
  • Your app will work offline – internet connection is not required!
  • Easy to change everything
  • Excellent support, I will answer all your questions
You can watch demo application video preview on YouTube.

Sample working apps based on this XCode project in Apple AppStore:

Just small list of examples what apps your can create:

  • Learning cources/books with video lessons
  • Interactive books
  • Company information application
  • Guide books “How to do..”
  • Recipes book with video and images
  • Products catalog (for your shop for ex.)
  • YouTube Video galleries with categories
  • Jokes catalog
  • Poetry books
  • Songs lyrics books
  • Games cheats books
  • ...what you can create is based on your fantasy only! You can create thousands of variations!

How much you can earn?

Well, when your sell apps in the Apple AppStore you will get 70% from the price when users buy your item. Applications in the TOP 20 USA rating have around 5000-15000 downloads per day. So if your app cost 1,99$ and your app goes to USA TOP Paid apps list your will get around 15 000 $ profit per day! Of course your app must be excellent to be in Top. But even simple apps can earn tens and hundreds dollars per day.

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