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Hi, I launch html pages from the bookPagesList.m file with this line: categorys addObject:@”file name”

Everything works perfectly, but I was wondering if I could launch a local .mp4 file from this list? At the moment I’m opening an html page then launching the video with the <video> tag. I’d rather just open the video to save the user one click. Is this possible? Thanks in advance, it’s a great app.

You cannot open video from menu, you need to add it with <video> tag to html page.

OK, that’s what I’ve done. Thanks for your response.


JCT Purchased

Great app! This is second app I purchased. Please help me to fix the Declaration and Interesting facts chapters. These 2 chapters are scrolling horizontal when I swipe to the left which I do not like it. I want them to scroll vertically like Independence Day chapter. Can you show me how to fix. Thanks!


JCT Purchased

Of course I will use my own content. I just ask you why your app swipe to the left. Anyway to fix it in your code?

This is not a app problem. That is content problem. Use html file of chapter where you dont get problem as sample to all your pages.


JCT Purchased


The app store rejected this because it is too simple. Is there any way to make it more like an app?


This is basic starter app. You should add your interesting content and design to it, add more features, etc.

Hi Quick Question – how do you add the ”>” Right arrow to the list…

So on the Chapters page it would be

Independence Day >

And the arrow sits on all the page titles… is this possible ??

If its so easy – its a pity you arent able to give a hint to where I need to look within the Xcode files… yes… I hear you I need to learn Xcode – but to just reply back with

“Sorry this is a very basic question” Is condescending and not at all helpful… If any one is reading this thread – well they may think twice about buying your App Template as the After Sales Support isnt exactly the best….

VeryPoor… thanks for nothing dedalx

Great App. Rubbish Support After you have purchased it – Dedalx – might know Xcode – but he has no manners.

You should know that all items on CodeCanyon sold “as is” and you agree with this when you purchase a license. Support and help is not guaranteed. Item work as described and have all described functions. If you need more functional your should do this yourself. We will not make your app for you. You get complete working app for price of coffee. Want more? For 200$/hour our programmers make any app for you, but not for free.

Hello, nice app. Could you please tell how can I change fonts?


Read iOS developer guide about this. Documentation links provided in item description help files.

Hi, Can we put more than one pages in each category? Can the user swipe pages within a category? Thanks for the answers.

Not in this project. You can add this features yourself.

Just a quick note to say that my app was accepted and is now listed on the app store. A little bit of design and customisation was needed but the framework provided by this project saved me a ton of time. www.katamate.com


i still cannot get imob or iad to work. can you release an update or can I pay you to get it working?

Hello, this item is starter pack for made your own app. We will not add admob to it, you can do this yourself. Items works and sold as is.

Will it be possible to have the main page of your Recipe app, which has the main categories, the the sub categories will be the categories of your Universal Interactive Info App? because the html files are much better than the sql database??

This is not possible

Would it be possible to implement a search function?

Right now in application 1 click on title goes to HTML page. I want it so that first click on title goes to a another list of sub titles and then when you click on the sub titles then it goes to HTML page. I hope you understand me.

You said it’s made but I’ve checked the application and only see titles which lead to HTML page. No sub titles have been found. Please direct me to location if sub titles exist.

As I said before you can’t have another subcat. You can have Category -> Items level only.


I’ve just brought this app and finding it very easy to navigate my way round and looks very nicely done. However, i do have few questions which I’m sure you will be able to answer with ease.

1. Where do I go to customise the category page as I want to have a logo before the list.

2. Is it possible to have 2 category pages on two separate tabs.

3. How would i add sub-categories?

Hope you can assist.

Many thanks,


Hi, sorry but we dont provide support about app modifications, you need to do this yourself.

No worries, solved all these problems now.

on iOS 8, when I play the video which is embedded in the html file, it is playing it vertical full screen without scaling it, it was not like that on iOS 7, what should I do?

We don’t provide support for iOS 8.

Will this need to be updated for iOS 8? Also, being Universal will it work for iPad too?

No, with so cheap item cost we can’t do this.

Hi, I created my own design and added unique content. So everything was fine. However. my app has been rejected due to slowness…

“We noticed an issue in your app that contributes to a lower quality user experience than Apple users expect. Specifically,

- Portions of your app loaded, refreshed, ran or responded very slowly. For example, when we tried to launch the app, it took too long until it loads its content.”

How would I fix this?



Hello, we don’t provide any support for AppStore rejections. This is your responsibility to change app to meet AppStore requirements. Our project is just a start kit for you, that you need to use as your app base. Also as you can see our app for iOS6, not for iOS 8 (current version).

I am very interested in your app, do you have plans to update this app to the most current version of IOS? When was your latest update to this app? Is it Universal?

Hello, this app will not be updated. This is iPhone application (not universal).