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Does your plugin offer the ability for a tool tip show automatically once the visitor clicks on the cell of where they would input the information? Instead of a typical icon for a tool tip.

no, that feature is not available. regards

“Holes” closed?

thanks for reporting it. I’m sending the update right now

the update is available to download. the bug was fixed and closed. thanks for letting me know. regards

Hello, thanks for this effort, does it have the option to save the data for later submission ? And isn’t there a management tool, like to browse the entered data and check it and some authority matrix for users ?

hello, no, that feature is not available. regards

Hi! are the records stored in the data base? and, is there a editor for view, edit or delete each record? Thank you.

hi, the records are store in the database but only html is stored. you only can see it and not editing. if you are interested, I have another better Form Builder which you can view, delete not editing yet but the data is stored in database as a json (better way to manage information )
check the live demo first.

Hi, please answer the ffg questions: 1) does this form builder provide analytics, 2) does it accept payment 3) can you send the form via email

hi, 1) it has its own analytics. check demo live example first. 2) no. check my other item which accept payment. 3) the form is sent via mail to recipient email or even the client. regards

Will this export a HTML code? Instead of having to use a CMS.

no, that feature is not available. regards

Hi, we have a pre-sale question, our client wants to have an application and a scholarship form where she prefers the applicants to have the option to:

1. Come back and finish the application at a later time if they needed to.

2. Download the application, fill it in, and mail it via regular mail, if they so prefer to.

Is this possible with your form?


you can create forms. check the live demo examples first.
on the other hand, I have another better form builder application. check it here:

check item description to see differences.

Yep! I think this is what we need. The link to your WP version is this: It is, as it says, the same thing, right?

yes, that wordpress plugin version has the same features. if you have a wordpress site, I recommend you to choose the wordpress plugin. regards

Hello, i install UFB here:

I have this error: Error! Form formbuilder was not sent. Try changing mailer type.

I try to change settings but nothing happend when i press Save, the form display Settings was updated but nothing is change in settings form.

Login: - sent in message -

Mail Settings: - sent in message -

Please help

PS: the form suport captcha field?


look what you said two years ago: SoftDiscover – over 2 years ago- yes, if you have php skills you can do it at your own risk. but I will add this feature very soon. best regards. —soon = 2 years?

first of all, captcha field was not offered on this item. it clearly says on the item description -> fields supported: Text box, Text area, Check box, Radio button, Select list, Range slider (two modes), Flip toggle, Date, Upload, Custom HTML

So you don’t give us support for inserting captcha code…

Greetings, I bought this script, but I stopped working when I try to install it again, and when the installation is successful when trying to enter the admin first or front end, I get the following error

"Internal Server Error

The server Encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator to inform them at of the time esta error occurred, and the actions you just Performed Before This error.

More information about this bug May be available in the server error log.

Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error Error was Encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the reque “

I have made several attempts on different servers and always gives me the same error, could you give me an idea of how to correct it? because I can not find any information in the guide!

how strange. email me from support page or profile page your ftp access in order to take a quick look. regards


Please answer these Presale Questions before we finalise.

We want to create a Online Registration Page.

1. Do you have <Admin Page< (To check EACH submitted forms for print & download) if not, Can you customize Admin for us? And customization charges?

2. Option to upload files. (JPG…. to incude photograph for print in the form)

3. Fields & Radio Buttons to calcualte & submit the results in database, the number of total points achieved, visible to Admin area only.

e.g:. – Siblings (5 points)
– 5 km (10 points)
– 15 km (6 points)

4. < Sequence Form Number:< Can it Generate auto Sequence Numerical Code (FN.:001) for each user/form, And USER is able to PRINT the Submitted form in A4 paper after submission. ( if not, Can you customize for us? )

5. Admin is able to *Search, View, Print & Download (Individual Listing), as well all listing in CSV & PDF Format from Admin pannel

6. User IP cannot generate more submission once Submitted.

7. Form Should able to print in A4 Size paper with photograph from Admin page

1) yes, it includes an admin page. you can check it on my demo site. and also you can export the record into pdf.
2) yes, you can upload files with upload field.
3) total points? you are trying to calculate something? if so, this is not supported by this item
4) it has internal sequence form number according to database.
5) searching is not available. I have other item that has that feature.
6) that feature is not available.
7) summary of the form is available to print. A4 size is possible.

well, I have other items that make this better. I think you need this:

Thanks for replying …i am checking your other Item “Zigaform” and will contact you.

Hello, i am try to install in magento but give me always error 500, can you help me to fix it?

it looks like you didn’t read the html documentation. all steps are detailed there. even there is video reference for form creation:

Hello, do you have the option to multiple receptions? for example if i select the option A send to email A if i select the option B sent to email B, this it possible?

no, that feature is not available. regards

Can I add users in the software and the users can generate forms and uses in their websites?

the software can create users but all have same priviligies and forms only can be used under one domain. if you want to use on another, you will need another license. regards

hello . Please help me Script installed but appears Not Found The requested URL /uiForm-Universal-Form-Builder/Upload_Application/index.php/default/intranet/authenticate/ was not found on this server.

got it. now it’s solved. it was because of ssl mode. you activated the ssl mode when installing and your site doesn’t support ssl mode at all. I have to disable the ssl mode in the software and now it works fine. I tested a form and works fine. regards

I have a problem After clicking send A message appears : Error! Form formbuilder was not sent. Try changing mailer type.

I sent you a message via your profile .You have details details cpanel my website

Is this script standalone or is it tied to an outside domain or site? I would like to purchase this for use but I want to make sure it doesn’t connect to any other site or domain.

It is an standalone acript and it is not tied to any other domain. Check item description for more details. Regards

How to change the font ? How to Add bold the font ?

Regards Friend I have this script and it is excellent, however long ago I did not install it, and now that I install it when I try to modify the options of the field, I get the following message: “Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /index.php/formbuilder/formbfields/index on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request”.

Help me please I need to use the script

hi, email me from my profile page or support tab your purchase code and login credentials to admin section in order to take a quick look. regards

when install I get this message “Warning! Database is processing. just wait a minute and try again” Please help!

hello, your support has expired and you have to renew it. then, email from my profile page your ftp access in order to take a quick look. regards

Hello Dear Can I use your module in magento 2? If yes Let me how can I use this? Thank you

hello, you can embed the form inside your magento. the documentation is detailed on html documentation. also if you are interested I have another better form builder which can be embedded into your magento site too, check it out :