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Hi, nice work, can i add more free fonts? Thanks

Hi im purchase your code can u provide me help for adding some fonts?

Sure thing, I am writing it down. Give me a few mins :)

Please check out the updated documentation here for instructions on how to add a font: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46554421/Documentation/index.html#fontadd


Do both users need to app installed to work? So if I send text to my friend does he also need to have it installed to see the text correctly?

No, this is what is great about the app :) All the fonts/characters in the app are supported throughout iOS devices and apps. You can use them for sending messages, on WhatsApp, Kik, etc as well.

I have 3 alerts building the app: Can i resolve this???

Hi..need to modify the link for the rate but my app now isnt submited how can i do this, how can i resolve my link for rate? thanks

Reject your binary on iTunes Connect if it is submitted. You will then be able to re-submit it.

About rate link, just search ‘http’ on UniversalFontsViewController.m file and you will find the link. Replace it with your app’s link (you app’s link will be available on iTunes Connect). See this: http://i.stack.imgur.com/WJ59V.png

fine..thank you

Hello I need a link fonts   add more free fonts? Can I add Arabic fonts ? Thanks

You mean you want the download link of the fonts provided in the app?

Sorry these fonts/characters are not available on any download link. They are not True Type or Open Type fonts. They are created by hand. This is why they can be copied/pasted to any other app as well. Please try to download the free version of the app from the description. You will have a better idea of the app from there. Thanks :)

it doesn’t look good on android, have you tested on other device beside iOS ?

No, it is for iOS :) I have not published on any other platform.

no, what I mean was, the “font” or character doesn’t look good on android. the point is when people use facebook or twitter or path to copy paste the character, it has to look good / readable to other platform including android ? on android is just not readable.

Oh I see. Thank you for this feedback. I have not received this before. I guess Android does not have same support for characters then.

Hi farhanhafeez the Andoid devices doesnt Support fonts…can u provide an update? Thanks

I can not promise a date for update for Android devices support at this time. Will confirm when it is done. Thanks!

What type of fonts does the code support? Can I create my own fonts from images or vectors? It is as simple as creating a new .plist and pasting my graphics in to the mapped letters? Would that work? If that works, would there be a problem with other people reading those fonts on their devices? Do the pasted fonts post as little images?

I’ve downloaded your live Universal app. I’ve seen other Font apps that have In-App Purchases for each line. Is your code already set up for that feature? Thanks.

Here you go: http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/en/general-info/unicode.html

There are many characters of course. This might not be complete list but still it is big :)

The major task here is to select appropriate characters which is of course already done in the app. More fonts can be created too by selecting more appropriate characters but it takes time.

I understand what you wanted to do and it seems like a great idea but it is not possible to move such images between apps. They are limited to single apps, like chat apps have emoticons that work only in that app and not outside of it.

I hope I answered your question. Also, I hope your disappointment is not about the app (because I think my app is great :P) but about the fact that custom vectors can not be used :)

Thank you again for your response. I am not disappointed in what you’ve created. Your app looks great. I’m only disappointed in the limitations of font selections with iOS. You mentioned that it would be a problem between apps, but what if I used it in my own app that sent messages. Would I then be able to map vectors to the letters? How do smilie apps do it? Thanks again. :)

That would basically result in a messaging/chat app.

How it is done, I think it will need custom implementation on top of UITextView or a completely new UI class of its own that can handle both images and text.

See, in my app, when you write ‘b’, it appears as ‘?’ because I have mapped that character using a keyboard event + plist file. Similarly, in your case, that keyboard event will append an image to text instead of ‘b’. But, once again it will still be available only in your app and the person receiving that message will be required to receive that message in your app too, because only your app knows about that particular image.

I hope it answers your question.

Hello. I’m having issues with the code. When I send a text message to an Android phone, the only thing that shows up are squares. That happens with a number of the font selections. Please advise. Thanks.

I have personally not tested on Android devices. One reason it could be happening can be that Android device you are using does not support the unicode characters used in this app. Another reason could be that there is some setting to enable unicode characters on Android.

Hi Farhan, I like the idea of this app and am really interested in buying, i just had a few questions.

-How come the clear button goes to the ad? shouldn’t it clear the text inside the box? if not can you make it do that?

-is it easy to change the design look and the whole UI? like the distance between lines and use colors and images for buttons?

-Can you please add an AD platform like chartboost or Admob? And an iAP to remove the ADS.

-Lastly, I’m wondering why you used the font in .plist format. I have seen many others use a much easier .txt file that looks like this: A-A? B-B? C-C? …etc. (Can it be changed so that these type of .txt files are used instead?)

Thank You.

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ios 8 ,9 ready ?

No, sorry.

Kindly have me notified by posting a reply if this app is updated and supported the latest iOS and Xcode so I can buy it. Thanks.

Please fix crash for iOS 9

viewServiceDidTerminateWithError: Error Domain=_UIViewServiceInterfaceErrorDomain Code=3 “(null)” UserInfo={Message=Service Connection Interrupted}

Sorry I am not working on iOS nowadays. Don’t have Macbook :(

Good sales =)