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whats the link i must input at paypal for redirecting to my page and finished the process for generating downloadlink???

Hm… not at my account. Is paypal Standart at this moment. You tested with your script with standartPaypal?

or what i must set in paypal?

Do you see any transaction on “Transactions” page in your admin area? If no, what is the status of IPN-message? https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_display-ipns-history
Hi Dear, your plugin in this link is working http://dimeh.de/fa/Sedaye_Solho_eshgh_checkout.html but in here i can not use that one, can you please solve the problem. http://dimeh.de/Die_Stimme_des_Friedens_und_der_Liebe_checkout.html


hi, thanks i solve my problem :) just can i sale product also with this plugin? not digital product, real product.

Hi. Unfortunately, I don’t think so. This script was created to sell files.

Ok tnx ????????

I’m very flabbergasted. I have tried two times to contact the author (half data) by email. So far, I haven’t received any reply. So, I am wondering if the author is still interested in selling the script? Or is there something else here so that the author won’t give any support to every inquiry?


Evry Purchased

Of all stuff I have bought here at Envato ( 100+ ) – I think this was my best buy.

High functionality & surprisingly easy installation


Quite interested to purchase your script but have some questions before I do so.

Does your script allow multiple files ordering in one transaction/order per customer?

Does your script allow mixed transactions (i.e. file-A is fixed and file-B is flexible and each have different prices?

Thanks in advance

1. No. 2. Yes.

hi, is this still working with bitcoin? I don’t see it on the demo anymore.


Hi. At that moment bitcoins are accepted through BitPay only. Blockchain.info changed their API and doesn’t allow people it use it. They approve only companies to us it.

Is 2.70 the current/last supported version as of today’s date: 2016-08015 ? Is there any further changes to this software that is available?

Hi. Yes. This is latest version. I plan to update script within couple of months.


Damasc Purchased

It no longer works, after payment user doesn’t receive an email or anything.

Is transaction registered on Transactions page?


Damasc Purchased

no, it isn’t

No, transaction doesn’t appear on Transactions page, it stopped working since September.

I don’t see that you purchased script.

I am interested in your script, but instead of downloading from my serve for selecting files from my server, is it possible to provide a http link to the file instead.

If so, let me know thanks

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Is there active development for future release ? Do you have plan for next new release ?

Hi. Yes. I keep my items updated. Unfortunately, I can’t tell exactly when next release of this item will be available.

I’m considering buying this script but would it be possible to make it so that when you click on the link it triggers a lightbox which then let’s you enter your details and select the payment gateway

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Would it be possible to add something like that

At that moment I dont have such plans, unfortunately.

Does this script work with PHP 7+ ?

Thinking to buy the product but i have an important question Is your script could work with Wix.com site builder?

I’m not familiar with wix.com, so I cant answer your question, unfortunately.

Why not working Blockchain.info payment method in this script

Blockchain changed their politics and now they work only with big companies.

bro recently i mentioned about wix and i already got a way but now i have another question about bitpay, bitpay giving only $100 daily limit so what if i use your script for a single payment of $300 bitcoin, does bitpay will refuse it or what? its not clear for me, and also i read that if i want to raise limit on bitpay it will need hard steps verification

Unfortunately, I can’t answer this question. Its better to ask them.

I did contacted them bro, but they told me i have to increase the tier to $500 and to do that is really very very difficult cuz they want a live site for products sale and national commercial tax id, unfortunately i sell products the price is higher than $100 and only bitcoin payment method accepted, i hope you will update your btc api to another one like alfacoins or gourl.io