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I have uploaded the files through FTP, and moved them to /files as instructed, and added them from the the Add file as well, but when i try to issue a download link for myself, or try to directly download from the dashboard, it download a broken file,

I tried out with several type of files, and all are giving the same result, broken files.

Please provide FTP-access to folder where script installed and access to script admin area.

This is okay now, it doesn’t download broken files anymore, probably it was a server fault. Thank you.

I added it to my website, and after i enter the email, it keeps loading and loading and loading..

THANK YOU!! :) Just for the record, may you (briefly) explain what was the problem?

There was a typo in source code which can raise mysql error for some server settings. Fixed it.

Thank you for the good work

Hello, the users are trying to download a zip file of 260 MB, but when they try to download, the download is interrupted when it’s 50 or 70 MB, this is a general problem, how can i fix that?

The problem is not related to my script, but to your server settings. It doesn’t allow php scripts to be executed long time (for secure downloads it is necessary to use php). Your server just terminate script execution. As a result, not whole file downloaded. You either need contact server admin and ask him to fix this issue, or install XSendFile module and let my script to use this module (on Settings page tick relevant checkbox).

Hello, A pre-sales question about this great script. Is all about the encrypted download link, Is it possible to general the encrypted download link based on the buyer IP address? For example if a buyer share the encrypted download link in some social forum, then the encrypted download link becomes useless. Thank You

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature. But download link is valid certain number of days (set by admin). After that it becomes useless.

Hello, You missed out the most important thing in the digital download market. Thanks anyway.

Hello, i forgot the login password, how can i change that from the cPanel or FTP?

There are two ways to reset your admin password.

1) Delete the following table from database uds_options. In this case all Settings (only those ones that you see on “Settings” page in admin area) will be reset to default. So you can use default login/password: admin / admin.

2) Edit the following table in database uds_options. Find record which has field options_key as login. For this record set the filed options_value as admin. Then find record which has filed options_key as password. For this record set the filed options_value as 21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3. After that you can use default login/password: admin / admin.

You’re the best! Thanks for the assistance.

Please let me know if blockchain api is still working on your script? Now blockchain is on v2. Thanks

No. It doesnt work. Blockchain gives access to their api only for large companies now.

hey , everything is fine , script is great but when i select bitcoin it says “Payment gateway is not available now.”

Hey , i still can’t accept payment through bitcoin via bitpay .

Hi. Sorry for delay. Seems I missed your previous message. Please provide access to script’s admin panel and FTP-access to folder where it’s installed. I’ll check, what’s wrong there.

hey i have send a mail to you please look into it . :)

Does this support newest Authorize.net AIM API? Does this integrate with your layered popups, see https://codecanyon.net/item/layered-popups/6027291

Also, Are all credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) able to be processed via your script for authorize.net AIM?

Unfortunately, no. For credit cards I recommend to use Stripe. You also can not embed it into popup.


excellent item and amazing concept, just create a single plugin for those people who want to work with your script as (SaaS). question: does there any admin for this great script ?

Hi. It has admin panel, but, unfortunately, I don’t have demo.

with this script i want to buy it but is it possible for you to have an option for a modal window and eventually coupon codes as well? thanks

Hi. Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

I was wondering if i should buy this script or the Wordpress one. I will be building my site on wordpress and was going to use your script.

I actually want to send bitcoin payments to multiple addresses. I know Blockchain.info have just removed the send to many api feature.

Is all transaction data saved in the wordpress database?? Including wallet id and transaction.

Blockchain.info generates unique address for each transaction. Then it re-send BTC to your wallet. You can not attach several wallets simultaneously.

You used to be a letter to send to many but the removed it from there API late 2017.

Is there a way to edit the callback file in your script then so I could make multiple sends myself via script one at a time and if so what’s the file name


I’m waiting you so long time to update your script to use blockchain in btc payment, does it now support blockchain ?

Yes. It works with blockchain.info API. ;-)


smaler Purchased

Hi, I just left a support request. Not sure if you check that regularly. Thanks.


Hello, if i want to accept bitcoin as payment, do i have to get blockchain API by myself. And can this script convert automatically from USD to bitcoin

Hi. Plugin has integration with blockchain.info. USD is converted to BTC automatically.

does Digital Paybox – WordPress Plugin also support blockchain.info? and i check in screenshot there is no setting for perfect money as it is described?

Yes. It support. Screenshots are old. I need update them.