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Hi, does this work with Amazon S3?

Hi. Nope.

hello, i want to buy this but i do like to confirm if other payment methods still works, am not using wordpress though, i saw you mentioned, skrill and other payment gateways so i just want to find out if other payments were like skrill were added

Did you install the script? After installation make sure that you activated Digital Paybox module (click it in dashboard). After activation you will see Digital Paybox menu on left side.

I just did that and i was asked to copy a link and paste which i did but nothing good, it takes me back to this place to download what i have already pay for, here is my email you can send me a working one. i first asked for skrill and other plugins which you said are part. am sorry am writing in comment but try to understand am not happy

You downloaded working script. Please read item description to understand what it does. In admin panel go to “How To Use” page. It explain how to use it. If it is not what you need, you can request refund.

will the script work with a personal account skrill or need to have a merchant account?

Unfortunately, I cant answer this question. I tested it with personal account, but this is really old account. I don’t know what about modern accounts.

Hi What is account is required for paypal? Will premier account work?

Hi. Account which allows to accept payments. Unfortunately, I’m not strong in PayPal accounts so I cant answer the question.

For Stripe and card payments European regulation mandates Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) , which means many card payments now require a form of two-factor authentication including 3D secure, this also falls under the GDPR Card privacy. When I you going to make the needed changes?

It was added 2 months ago.

Will this work with litespeed web server?

Why not?


How often is the Admin Panel refreshed? I don’t immediately see the transactions.

Transaction added when payment gateway send notification to your script. Usually it happens immediately.

Great product – got everything working. How do I export the email addresses from download links and transaction tables?

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.

Hello, just a few questions. So this is demo, so e-mail addresses are hidden, but in real they are not, right? Will it maybe be possible to use ETH or some stablecoins like DAI or USDT? And is it possible to add another field beside e-mail address, for example – name; and also that those two fields can be accesable via URL, for example urldotcom?email=address&name=name Thanks.


Does it work with bitcoin cash?


so, as I understand, this is a Wordpress plugin, correct? It’s NOT a standalone script as in this bread-crumb menu??? Home->Files->PHP Scripts->Shopping Carts->Digital Paybox – Standalone Script

This is standalone version of WP plugin. This script doesn’t require WordPress.

Will this work on php 7.3? Php 7.x is misleading

Sure. It work with PHP 7.x.