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I’m looking for a calculator like the examples given below…. on For Sale By Owner sites to show “How Much You Save”

Question is, Can we use and change your calculator to be used as these examples

Examples:- 1) 2) 3)

hi, I see your examples have two and three outputs. As you can see in my example it only support one ouput (e.g. Monthly payments in the Loan payment calculator). regards


RyanT1 Purchased

Is it possible to remove the header at the top of the page which allows selection of the various forms? I don’t want the user to be able to switch through the various forms and would like the order summary to be at the top of the page.

Thanks, great script so far!

hi, glad you figured it out. regards


RyanT1 Purchased

Where can I adjust the CSS for the Style 2 you have in the custom skin option? I need to adjust the top padding or margin of the section titles as they don’t have any spacing between the previous row.

you can change it manuall on next dir:
(root dir script)/application/modules/estimator/views/forms/templateform2.php
you can add your custom css there.

hello, this plugin you offer can do something like this

this is not a plugin, this an stand-alone software but it can be embeded to any site using widget code. About your cotizacion, you can do something similar using custom formula:
check it out demo examples.

pdf can be exported in the result?

the pdf file can be exported only on the backend (admin panel) of the application.

Hello. I purchased this software last year and just installed. It seems promising. Is it possible to include two decimal places (to display cents) in the price estimate? Also, is it possible to enable the upload field to support multiple file selection on the user’s local machine? FYI, the background color of the “choose a file” button seems to remain dark green regardless of custom skin parameters.

FYI, it seems that flip toggles, checkboxes, and radio buttons are clipped or not visible when conditionally displayed by other conditionally displayed fields, making it difficult to build form complexity with conditional logic. Is it possible for nested conditional fields to display as expected?

replied to your mail. regards

With the updates you made via FTP, flip toggle fields with conditional logic linking to other conditional fields display properly. ​ But this issue continues to affect the display of checkbox, radio button, and possibly other field types.

FYI, there appears to be an issue with the multiplication function. None of the fields chosen from the “Add new field” drop down can be added to a multiplication group.


annoncy Purchased

Hello I can not upload images to start a small error page message like this

“Invalid backend response. Data is not JSON.”

hi, I replied to your mail. regards

Hi i can’t install the files on my webserver. Access denied.. What can i do?

how strange. email from my profile page or support tab your ftp access in order to take a quick look. regards


cigibee Purchased

The installation went well, but the page displays error 500, any help? Thanks:

as I mentioned on email, the error was because of writting file permission in the index.php file from root application folder (root folder)/index.php. it’s recommended to set 755, Although some hostings may require 757,775 or 777 instead. regards

We’re having an issue loading images into a field, getting an ‘Internal Server Error’. Would you happen to know what the issue might be?

as I mentioned on your email, email me ftp access and login credentials to admin section in order to take a quick look. regards


rossgfs Purchased

Please help. How would I edit this to have 2 totals? One total is setup fee one total is monthly recurring. Or how much would you take to do this for me.


rossgfs Purchased

also i get this error when i try upload bg image filemanager/elfinder2.html 404

1) To have 2 totals is not possible and currently I am not making custom developments.
2) it looks like you have an old version, upgrade it to latest version. the upgrade process is detailed in html documentation. if you have problems with upgrading, just email from support page or profile page your ftp access in order to upgrade it for you.

Very good script. Your script has been up and running until today. And suddenly … give this error and no longer works. (Access to mysql from ssh console if that works) but … And everything was working is the rare thing. Nothing has been touched.

“A Database Error Occurred

Unable to connect to your database using the provided settings. Filename: /home/aayes/ Line Number: 98 “

Nothing has been touched on the script, files or anything …. and suddenly it stops working with that error … (except that there has been a VHM / CPANEL update of the server).

Can you help me get it back on track ,? Thank you Sorry for my English

hi, how strange! email me from my profile page or support page your ftp access in order to take a quick look. regards

Thanks for your offer. But the error was not your script, which I take to recommend whoever reads these lines, if not a VHM / CPanel update.

Thanks for everything!

you are welcome. regards

Hello. We’re having issues to config SMTP mail, because our server doesn’t work well with PHP mailer. There’s no way to pick authentication SSL port 465 or TLS port 587 on settings and we are using a standard gmail account but it doesn’t work either way. Do we have to configure SSL or TLS on any file? Thanks in advance.

hi, replied to your mail. regards


stivy74 Purchased

I am setting up the UCE, the mysql database must be the same as the installation of wordoress or another?

not necessarily. I recommend you to create a new database for UCE. regards