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How is your support? Look like you don’t answer question until 1 month have passed. I sent you email and no response. Not a good sign if you make a theme you should be there to help your customers install it and get the best out of it. Most techs only half way build themes with a lot of bugs and continue to send update and not respond to customer. Why sale this if your not going to help your customers?

what? I’ve just checked the email and you sent a message 15 hours ago and that’s not a month passed. the email response is up to 48 hours and I replied less than that. anyway I’ve just replied to your mail message. regards

Hi! I noticed from your Portfolio, there are various Cost Estimators you supply. I have a WordPress website and can’t decide which one would be the best. The one with the most functionality, I would expect, and one that has good formula abilities. Can you please confirm which one you feel would be best?

you can test my demo admin. check item description for login credentials. regards

In Universal Cost, there does not appear to be any captcha, recaptcha or multi step form (Wizard) facilities? Also, in Zigaform, there appears to be more Form Elements to select from. I had a good look at both systems and Ziga appears to be the more intuitive and flows better, UC requires you to go in and out of menu options.Is one of the products newer than the other and is one expected to be more feature rich in the future? Other than having the formula facility and being able to drag Field Elements onto the Layout, creating columns in the process, UC would appear to be the weaker product. Bit frustrating, since, Ziga, especially, looks really good. We are Web Designers and our clients requires a robust solution. Any idea when you will be adding the formula facility to Ziga?

there is no date but soon. just keep in touch regards

So I am looking at your tool to see if it will work for my needs. I need to create a form like the one seen in the following screenshot I want to be able to have a person enter the Unit price for an item the quantity and based on it automatically mutiplying those two things it populate a value in the Total column. I then want to be able to take sum the “Total” column and place it in a column at the botom called “Grand Total”. Can I do this with your form tool?

As I mentioned on previous, that feature is not available. but I will take into consideration for future version updates but in the zigaform software. regards

Hello. I installed UI Cost Estimator 10 months ago and have found that the widget loads the form without issue for all Windows and Android browsers and also for iOS Firefox and iOS Chrome. Recently it was brought to my attention that the form does not load for iOS Safari Mobile. On Safari, the script halts at the placeholder gif, seemingly hanging or reloading in a loop. Clearing browser cache does not resolve the issue. What can we do about this?

Update: I have confirmed that the form loads in Safari for iPad2 with iOS 9.3.5 and iPhone 7 with iOS 10.3. The issue seems isolated. Apologies for being hasty. Please delete this comment thread if possible.

There is one problem need to solve:

When I upload image, it generates automatically this link

It should be

which file should I modify to remove /index.php/ on this link

Does anybody have an idea how to solve this problem


hi, I replied to your mail. just follow the steps. regards


I am willing to buy your cost stimator buy I am not sure if I will be able to set it up.

Is there any video guide where I could see the step by step set up? I have a wordpress site and I would like to be sure before I buy it,

Thanks in advance :)

I have a worpdress version. check it out here:
you can see the video preview in item description.

check it out and let me know


Ok thanks, I will check it :)


I got some problems, I can’t use the Multiplication function & Discount function. Multiplication function – Can’t select the fields. Discount function – Can’t see the fields.

Thanks !

hello, did you created the fields, first? then you should be able to add fields to multiplication function. email me from my profile page or support tab your login credentials to admin section in order to take a quick look. regards

It works after reinstall. Thanks !

Hi there,

I bought the php version few weeks ago. You got a Php issue with php 7

Does this version work with php 7 ?

Thanks for your answer.

yes, latest version support php 7. if you have problems with it, email from my profile page your ftp access in order to take a quick look. regards

From testing, I found that “Show Field title” when its disables it does not work. The title still shows

Hello, I want to buy this (Cost Estimator). I want to set up this for Joomla template. Possible?

Current version of joomla 3.8.7

Thank you!

Thanks for your reply. Is there a word calculator here?

word cost calculator

no, that example is not available. do you have some live demo example? regards