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First where do i set the default url to load my own url second how can i add permission for to allow webRTC to access the camera for video recording because my website uses the webRTC for video recording. Thanks.

Where are this people… You didnt answer my questions… Why?

Hi. You can set the URLs in the navigation.xml file. First URL is the default URL. Please read the documentation. I don’t have much experience with WebRTC, but I don’t think there is a permission for that. Did you try to google it? As you could see on this page and on our profile page, we had a vacation. Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks.

The time to share From the application This application predetermines The application How to do Forever Always Choose with The application.

Hi. I don’t understand what you mean. Can you please describe it again? Thanks.

I have bought the Application but it has a Issue please Fix it. When I open the WebView and click to upload an Image from Device it ask for permission. After I click allow and click again upload Image button nothing appear. Please Fix this Problem as soon as because I want to Update my WebView with this.

I tested it on Samsung Galaxy s7 and s8. Issue is on both Devices. I am frustrating about that. This is definitely not a Device problem. I have test other WebView App’s and there is not such a Problem.

Hi. Did you try to refresh the page?

Hi, I would like to implement a “SMART_BANNER” at the end of each screen. The one that appears by default is a “BANNER” and it is very small. How could I do it?

Thank you very much for your support.

Hi. Try to change it to smart banner. It should work. Just search for the constant in the code and change it to SMART_BANNER. Thanks.

How to create dropdown menu? And expand when click, in your code?


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I have new version for my APP but when I try to release it on google Play see this error: Fully shadowed APK Could you please help me to solve this issue? I already change the APP version but problem not fixed.

error: cannot find symbol variable ENABLED

Hi. Something is probably wrong in your code. Check for errors. Thanks.


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Hello, I have a doubt, the version of the app is how to change it, but the code of the version in which file can be modified, since in its day when I uploaded the app I created a code version 20500000 thanks in advance.


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for example if I have: app version: 9.0 version code: 9

How should I do for example: app version: 10.0 version code: 10

Hi. You can override version code and name directly in the /mobile/build.gradle file.


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How can I change the size of the admob la banner in the footer, I found it too small!

Hi. I recommend not to change it. It is designed for all device sizes/densities. If you still need to change it, you can do it in the layout file.

How to delete firebase push notification code ?

Hi. Delete all the related code. I recommend to check all the FCM imports and delete the code related to FCM. Thanks.


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I am unable to send the token to a mysql database on my php server. Would you help me? I tried to follow the links you already sent here in the comments but none worked.


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Yes! I had already seen this page but could not resolve it. I need that as soon as the app is installed, the fcm token will be inserted into a database on my server. I saw that it is available in logcat, but I don’t know how to throw it to my mysql database or get it in php.

Can you send it as a part of the URL?


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Admob banner does not work. I added everything according to the instructions, but the banner or white empty space is not displayed. Previously, it always worked. Everything is fine with the account, I registered a new one, with a new application and a new banner. The application has not yet been published.

Hi. Please make sure that you set up AdMob correctly. See documentation for more info. Also check for errors in Logcat. It might help to solve the problem. Also make sure that ads are actually available in your location. Sometimes there are just no ads to show. Thank you.

Is it possible to integrate the Facebook SDK into the template? If so, is there a tutorial published by you for it?

Hi. What specific feature do you want? Facebook SDK is not supported, but you can add it on your own.

hello, i stuck in generating apk file, getting error while generating sign bundle apk plz give the solution for that.. thanks

Hi. Can you please give me more details?

Need monthly purchase billing subscription, you have on this ?

Hi. This feature is not supported, but you can add it on your own.

hello i want to buy this. Before that i have a question. I want only web view. No nevigation menu needed. Is it possible.

Hi. Yes, it is possible. You can easily set it in the config file.


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Can I generate some apk?

Hi. Sure, please follow the documentation. Thanks.


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hey dear is the application support new norme of google android app 64 bit compliance

Hi. Don’t worry. Our apps don’t use native code. It means that no action is required. It will work. Thanks.


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Thnks for reply


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Got this Mail from Google. Implement your app-ads.txt file correctly before enforcement. What i have to do?

Hi. You don’t have to worry about it if you don’t use IAB. See this: Thanks.