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i have a big problem with latest version , When I update the application to the version 2.6.0 , It is now showing to new visitors the ‘app has been stopped’ problem ,This problem appears to more than 30% of the new users daily

I logged into the Google Play console and found some reports that I have attached to you

I hope you help me because my app is backing down in the store because of this problem

img 1 : img 2 :

thank you,

Hi. It seems like your app is crashing. Could you please send me the crash log from Logcat? Logs you sent me don’t refer to the app so I cannot find what’s wrong. Is the log complete? There are only references to “” packages.

when i try to change version code by opening manifest.xml file it says it is read mode and i cann’t edit file

Hi. Version should be changed in the gradle file, not in manifest. Please follow the documentation.

Where it is located

Doc folder :)

how to disable drawer navigation ?

Hi. This feature is supported. Once you purchase the app, you get a detailed documentation. Thanks.

I want to purchase this full application but dont i have any coding knowledge.. am i right person to buy this??

Hi. Don’t worry about it, you don’t need coding skills to make it work. We provide very detailed step by step documentation. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks.

Hello, I have a question, you can see the JWPlayer videos in full screen, and I have to use its integrated player or I can do it with the one I already have on my site, because I made a simple app and it does not open them in full screen, and I want to know if with what he sells if it could be put in full screen

Hi. I recommend you to try our demo app on Google Play: and test if it works for you. Thanks.

I see a few complaints regarding adding MIC support. The author is referring people to a third party site to get the MIC working. I’d like to purchase, but I need to know if MIC will work. If not, author should put a note saying this APP does not work with sites that take audio/MIC input.

Hi. You are right. Mic permission is not there by default, because 99% apps don’t need it. However if you need it, you can easily add it. We can help you with that. In case it doesn’t work for you, you can ask for refund. Thanks.

is this app compatible with the latest version of android studio? or do I have to download another version?

Hi. Yes, it should work fine. Also we are going to publish a new update soon. Stay tuned!

Interestrial Ad opens again & again can we decrease the timing thanks.

Hi. Yes, you can set the frequency in the config. Thanks.


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Hi, i want to use this with my wordpress site, when user will enter their username and password your app will remember the username and password like normal browser ? thanks

Hi. Yes, credentials are securely stored. I recommend you to try our demo app on Google Play: and test if it works for you. Thanks.

Before i buy : Will it function smooth with Opencart Journal Theme ?

Hi. This is universal app. It supports basically any responsive or mobile web. I recommend you to try our demo app on Google Play: and test if it works for you. Thanks.


I am about to buy Foodomaa (ReactJS+Laravel) based PWA web app and want to convert this PWA’s user panels (customer, store owner, delivery person) into the native webview app.

So want to know from you that, is it possible to covert foodomaa’s user panels of (customer, store owner, delivery person) by using your product (Universal-android-webview-app)?

Although your item seems very promising, but what kind of native android device OS features your Universal-android-webview-app can leverage/utilize apart from PWA service worker technology?

Thanks. -MyCart

Hi. This is universal app. It supports basically any responsive or mobile web. I think it should work fine. Please see the product page to learn more about the features that this product offers: I recommend you to try our demo app on Google Play: and test if it works for you. Thanks.

does it support foodomaa facebook and google login?

Hi. Yes, it is supported. I recommend you to try our demo app on Google Play: and test if it works for you. Thanks.

how much apk i generate with this purchase code

this app does not support andriod verson 7,1

Hi. You have to buy a license for each end product. So if you are going to publish 3 apps on Google Play, you have to buy 3 licenses. If you are going to sell your app, you will have to buy an extended license. The Extended License is required if end user must pay to use end product. Please see this link for more info: Thank you.

This app supports the newest version of Android.


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Can you upgrade to android studio 4.0.1, please

Hi Kunaikun. Yes, we are working on it. Thanks.


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I think it’s time to update the source to compile with the new google AdSense privacy - California Consumer Privacy Act - European Economic Area (EEA) and the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). starting from August 13, 2020

Hi. Good point, we are already working on it. Current version of the app is compliant with GDPR so we will just update the libs. Thanks.


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when the next update will be avaliable this importante for the new gdpr

Hi. Our app is 100% compliant with GDPR so you don’t have to worry about that. We plan to release the new update during August. Thanks.

Hi, can i enable background play when i change screen or lock screen? My website is a web music and video player. I want to buy your product.

I have purchased your code because I read here that in Google sign-in error 403 disallowed_useragent

Hi. Try to override user agent in the config. You can use user agent definition from this page: See the documentation for more info. Thanks.

Hi how are you ? I would like to know if there is a tutorial video of how to configure it, I would also like to know if I can add additional pages apart from those the app came with

hi, i would like to know how to solve the page duplication problem, because when i added extra pages the application does not open, please tell me how i can add the quantity of pages i want, it will seems that it is not possible to add the desired quantity of pages to the toolbar menu

I added items or pages in the navigation.xml file but the application does not open, when I delete the pages or item add the application opens, is there another configuration that I need do off navigation.xml

Hi. What do you mean by “application does not open”? Is it crashing? Are you sure you added new items to all necessary lists? There are 4 lists: title, url, icon, share. From the documentation: Important: each of these 4 arrays below must contain the same number of items. Please double check that. Thanks.