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where can i get an item document that gives an instractions for this item?

Hi. Please read the README file. Documentation is in the doc folder. Thanks.

how to add it on android studio? i am using android studio 3

Hi. Please read the documentation. Thanks.

no gradle file. how do i get an app gradle file

Hi. Please read the documentation. Thanks.

hallo, i have bought this Universal Android WebView App but when i try to import it on my Android studio it says project does not use gradle. this means gradle is missing in this project. so how can i be able to get it? i am using Andoid Studio 3.

Hi. This project includes all Gradle files. Make sure you are importing the project correctly. Thanks.

There is no gradle files i tried to import project three times by following your instructions from the document

There are Gradle files. Please take a look one more time. Which error message do you see? Please send me a screenshot.


Both of my websites are not working in this UNIVERSAL Android WebView App https://skyedesigns.nl and https://pcenkhuizen.nl

Need Fixing

correction .. it doesn’t open on galaxy tab4

Have you resolved this? Did you sign the APK with your certificate?

Yes solved it

i want create a android app of this website template - https://themeforest.net/item/mobix-html-mobile-template/11093274 ....please tell how can use these html template convert in android app ? can your app support this template for converting android app??

Use the newest version, currently 3.0.0. Thanks.

at 3.0 your project is work ????


binmossa Purchased

Hi , thank you for the amazing app. My web App is ready. and I already handled the authentication part on it. my question is : can you give me some hints of how to show the Main Menu only on certain URLs and hide it on the login / sign up page ?

Hi. This feature is not supported. It requires some changes in the code. Customization is not a part of our support. It is a paid service. If you need the customization, please contact us via e-mail. Thank you.


hostmeus Purchased

Hi, does it have splash screen ? how can i set splash screen? and how can i remove header menu?


hostmeus Purchased

i want to set a splash screen image instead of white screen when the application starts, how can i do it?

Hi Again Fixed everything build it totally new .. only 1 thing remains revolution slider doesn t show images.. text is oke.. buttons are oke 2.. did you know about this ?? i didn’t touch your build only added my purchese code and again Revolution slider didn’t show images like i said..

Wordpress plugin it doesn’t show images in the slider only text and buttons

I updated everything (on Wordpress Site) to new version still no images in revolution slider wordpress plugin :)

Hi. This is a bug in the Revolution slider. You have to report it to the creator of Revolution slider. Thanks.


ash1177 Purchased

is there any splash screen included ? While app loads can we put our logo into it ?


ash1177 Purchased

hahaha, nice explanation.

Hi, I made a mobile app on bubble.is and am having a hard time getting it to show up correctly on different phones. I want the page to be full screen where there is no scrolling at all. I have formatted it for a large screen and it looks great, but then on a smaller phone the user has to scroll to see all the content, which is not my intent. Do you have any solutions for getting the content to fit correctly to whatever screen is being used?

Thank you!

Hi. I am not a web developer so I don’t have much experience with this. Try to make your web mobile friendly and use mobile/responsive design. Also see this FAQ link: https://codecanyon.net/item/universal-android-webview-app/8431507/faqs/22759 It might help. Thanks.

Hello, can I Add so many website link in the App. Like an App with so many Blogs in it?

Hi. Yes, it should not be a problem.

can we call current geo location from your script??

Hi. I recommend to use HTML5 geolocation. Please see our demo app how it works. I recommend you to try our demo app on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.robotemplates.webviewapp and test if it works for you. Thanks.

hello i heard web view apps are not legal in google play and might be restricted is that right ?

Hi. I am not aware of this. Keep in mind that many frameworks are based on webview, for example Xamarin, PhoneGap, Cordova. I think they can’t restrict it without any reason. I recommend to read Google Play terms.


ajay15190 Purchased

sir i have purchased your app but its not open in android studio 2.3.3 it shows corrupt and not synchronized

Hi. Please use the newest version of Android Studio, currently 3.0.0. Thanks.


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I need a BIG help !! I need to know how I can block popunder in the application, Example player : https://openload.co/embed/Tf78XgDdFUg/Saudem_Todos_o_Rei_Julien.HDRip.Dublado.avi.mp4

There is one person who bought your project and managed to block, demo apk/image : http://sosfilmes.com/appfilmes/


zendaya11 Purchased

This person here who succeeded, but she doesn’t want to explain … https://i.imgur.com/KHMqls6.png

Hi. You have to modify your web or use some proxy. I am not sure how to do it within the app.