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Hi there, any updates about the backpress bug? Getting negative reviews about that. :(

Hi. Yes, it has been fixed in Chromium v64. The update is rolling out progressively. Thanks.

i want to disable adsense ads on my website to only show the admob ad, can you help me to do that? Ads placement of my site come from adsense plugin btw

Hi. OK, we can help you with that. Let me know when you purchase the app.


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It would be very helpful if you guys make a video tutorial on how to make an apps

Hi. We used to have a video tutorial but since Android SDK and Android Studio is changing very fast, we would have to update it very often which is too complicated and time consuming. People were always confused about new changes. We rather decided to have step by step manual which is always up to date and everything is described there very well so everybody understand. Thanks for understanding.


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Hi, I’m getting this error while trying to build my APK:

Information:Gradle tasks [:mobile:assembleRelease] Error:Execution failed for task ’:mobile:packageRelease’. > Cannot create directory C:\Users\yo\Desktop\codecanyon-8431507-universal-android-webview-app\webviewapp-\mobile\release\C:\Users\yo\Desktop\codecanyon-8431507-universal-android-webview-app\webviewapp\mobile\release Information:BUILD FAILED in 5s Information:1 error Information:0 warnings

It looks like the apk folder location appears twice while building. How can I solve this?

Hi. How do you build the APK? Via Android Studio or Gradle script? Please check the path.

Via AndroidStudio. This is what I get when I try to do it through Terminal:

C:\Users\yo\Desktop\codecanyon-8431507-universal-android-webview-app\webviewapp-2.2.0>gradlew assembleDebug

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • What went wrong: Could not determine java version from ‘9.0.4’.
  • Try: Run with—stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with—info or—debug option to get more log output.

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I’m sorry for my stupid question:

But, where do I have to put my website to visualize it? I can not change the default url.

I have read the documentation but nowhere says how or where to put my website

Hi. Please read the documentation carefully. You can set your URL in navigation.xml. Thanks.


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Ohh is true! Thanks friend.

I had to change the <item>Home</item> (url). I thought that just controlled the menu links.

How to hide scroll on right side?


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Hi Master,

I have some suggestions, questions, doubts or improvements about the app:

1- I have on my website the possibility of SHARING on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, the problem is that when I try to share through the webview, I have problems, the ideal is to open the destination app and that does not happen. In WhatsApp it says “no found”, In Facebook and Twitter they open from the internal browser of the webview app and should open the native apps of facebook and twitter. (This point is very important)

2- On my website there is an option to download images through a button, and it does not work, I find it funny because it is supposed that this app can do it.

I see a mistake, that you always wind up in the answers. If I have a npo link menu, it loads the page with a loading and the screen is hidden behind. This is OK. But if inside the Webview page, I have a link, when clicking it I see the loading of the page and only one loading on top. No hiding her upload. How to solve?

My website is www.matardana.com/m , does all the function work well in android web view specially facebook login. Also i want push notification