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Is it possible to run Zxing scan from webview? There is option to add link zxing://scan/?... that works great in Chrome, but doesn’t in Webview – it says Barcode scanner can not start.

Hi. I don’t have any experience with this, but I think it should be possible. Maybe you will have to modify the app a bit to handle the zxing intent. Thanks.


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ho good app how can i remove the share button right side of the header?

Hi. Please see the documentation. You can remove it in navigation.xml. Thanks.

Hi, great app and we decided to use our amp page as target, because it is more mobile optimized and loads faster. Our amp plugin also supports whatsapp sharing under every post, but this does not work in your app. Any idea? The App says,” nothing found”, all other sharing options works fine. It works also, if you use our amp template in a standard browser like chrome.

It is calling whatsapp:// URI. You can handle URI in MainFragment.java in shouldOverrideUrlLoading() method.

Thx, can you give me a code example? I found something like this, but a specific variable don´t fit ..

public boolean shouldOverrideUrlLoading(WebView view, String url) { if (url != null && url.startsWith(“whatsapp://”)) { view.getContext().startActivity( new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse(url))); return true; } else { return false; } }

Hi. Customization is not a part of our support. It is a paid service. If you need the customization, please contact us via e-mail. Thank you.


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Now that Material Design supports splash screens, are you willing to reconsider adding it to the template?

I think it is not necessary for this kind of app since we don’t load any heavy resources.


This code works very well, and the documentation helped me building an app very fast. For me this was worth the money.

But one ‘bug’ is holding me from finishing my project. My website is using JavaScript, but this is not loaded the first time. Only after a refresh of the page, the JavaScript is loaded and the page is shown as I want it. How can I resolve this? I can reproduce this on my phone and the Android Studio emulator, both running Nougat.

Forget about my baseUrl-question I sent earlier by email, since that doesn’t seem to be the solution for my problem.


Try to fix the error – TypeError: Cannot read property ‘prepareToSelect’ of undefined.

Do you have any idea why this TypeError does not exist in any other browser, of within this WebView-application after a reload?

Has this error got something to do with it as well may? E/chromium: [ERROR:interface_registry.cc(104)] Failed to locate a binder for interface: autofill::mojom::PasswordManagerDriver

It is there before every failed load, but it is gone after every refresh. My app/webpage doesn’t require a password, nor is it asking for one?

hey, i have a one question before i buy this. it is possible to upgrade the regular license to extend or must try first regular and then buy extend Version? thanks for answer

Hi. I am not 100% sure, but I think you cannot upgrade the regular license to extended. I recommend to ask Envato support. Thanks.

how to install html5 games on Universal Android WebView App? Can you make a guide for me?

Hi. Just set up the app as usual. Please see the documentation. Thanks.

I have a website that has popup, but when it opens it is not possible to close in the app, is there an option to close popups?

Hi. You can close popups with popup button. Thanks.

Hi, Please update to show the “Progress Bar”. Without the progress bar, the app is showing as Idle even after clicking any link. This is annoying many users. Pls update the progress bar soon. Thanks in advance.

Hi. We are working on a new update of the app. It seems that SwipeRefreshLayout now works differently. You have to edit showProgress(boolean visible) method in MainFragment.java. Please use this code: https://pastebin.com/220dy00u Then find inner class MyWebViewClient in MainFragment.java. There is a method onPageFinished. Please rewrite it to this: https://pastebin.com/HsXkCmiv Basically you need to add 1 line of code. Hope it helps. Thanks.

Hi, Thank you so much. It is working now. We are waiting for the update.

Where is the documentation for this? I have no idea how to get started and after a dozen times clicking around, I’m still lost.

Hi. The documentation is a part of the app. You can find it in the doc folder. Thanks.


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how I can make the minu start shown under the main toolbar not on toolbar?

Hi. It would require some changes in the code.

tell me to change it .. how ? .. just I want when I open menu I want toolbar shown not behind menu

this code activity_main :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>



            <include layout="@layout/toolbar" />

                android:layout_weight="1" />


            android:visibility="gone" />


        app:itemTextColor="@color/global_text_secondary" />