Discussion on Universal Android WebView App

Discussion on Universal Android WebView App

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How to add our own webiste to this webview code

Bottom navigation some button can we add through app

Hi. Yes, you can customize the app as you need and add buttons. Thanks.

Hi, is there a way to hide the status bar (the one with time, battery status etc.) and make the app fullscreen?


Hi. Yes, please see this link:

Hi, Could you please let me know:

1 – When exactly does the placeholder_empty show up? Is it possible to control its behaviour or disable it?

2 – Is it possible to edit the placeholder_offline so that it automatically refreshes when the internet connection is available again?


Hello. 1) Empty placeholder is shown on error state. It is not possible to disable it. Consider it as an error state. 2) This feature is not supported, but it’s actually a good idea. We will think about it. Thank you.

Hi, is there any way for the app to open onesignal notifications that contain a link starting with “link://” and convert them to “https://”?

Hi. I am not sure why would you do that. Could you please explain? You can directly use the HTTPS link, right?

Hi Team, I think the documentation is outdated. I cannot find “Sync Project with Gradle Files” option in the latest Android Studio anymore. I also cannot find Image Asset when i clicked res->New. They had removed it or i need to tweak the App. Very confused here

Update- It was just me not importing to android studio the correct way. This is resolved

Hi. I am sorry for the confusion, we will check that. Thanks.

Hi team, Looking for help from your team, the problem I’m having is wanting to remove the following: admob, Firebase Analytics customizable menus Thirty menu icons Share dialog (optional) In-app review dialog (optional) Rate my app prompt (optional) Geolocation (optional) Location settings prompt Can you help me delete the things I mentioned above? Looking forward to your help, I look forward to getting this update, my email: Thank you.

Hello. All these things can be customized and hidden. I recommend you to follow the documentation. Everything is described there step by step. Thank you.

I have one app and one license. I want to publish one more app how to do that? can I use my other app’s old Purchase Code? or where and how to buy it?

Hi. You have to buy a license for each end product. So if you are going to publish 3 apps on Google Play, you have to buy 3 licenses. If you are going to sell your app, you will have to buy an extended license. The Extended License is required if the end-user must pay to use the end product. Please see this link for more info: Thank you.

Dear author,

My app has been rejected by google play console. how can i fix it? please check :

Hi. I am sorry about that. I recommend to follow instructions provided by Google Play. You can also try to contact their support. Thanks.

Hi I have added the run javascript RoboTemplatesWebViewApp.showInterstitialAd(); but it doesn’t show the interstitial ads. In my app I do not use the navigation drawer or toolbar. If I click on 5 different pages it shows the interstitial ad, but not not when I call the RoboTemplatesWebViewApp.showInterstitialAd().. My app is a single page web so I would like to call the showInterstitialAd(); after every 5 minutes but it doesn’t work Thank you

Hello again. Is there way of making the splash screen last longer?

Hello. Modifying the code is not that easy as you have to test it properly. I recommend you find a developer for this job. Regarding the device id, it should work properly – please see the demo app.

Regarding the splash screen – it shoudn’t block the UI so it is shown only when the app is loading. I recommend not to change it.

Hi, I want to use multiple webview on home page. Plz guide me how can i do this.


Hi. Could you please give me more details?

Hi, how can i add two webview on app main page.

Hi. What do you mean by 2 webview? Could you describe it please?

when i click on share button on Top Bar then go to webview page url, i want here show my app url. how to modify ?

Hi. Please follow the documentation: Use `{TITLE}` or `{URL}` tags if you want to insert a title or a URL link of the page. If you don’t want to share the page, keep the item empty.

In Android 13 push notification by onesignal not show

Hi. Did you modify the target API level? I recommend not to change it as it can cause similar issues. Thanks.

android target api level 32 set

Hi. Please see this guide: It could help. However it is weird that it doesn’t work for you. Could you please try Firebase notifications?

How do I remove the prompt about personalized ads? I am not using ads within my app so this notification is not required.

Hi. Just disable the ads and it won’t be shown. Please see the documentation. Thanks.

I notice, some people nulled this app code and release the app in playstore. What is your action and comment about them?

Hi. Thanks for the notice. Could you give me a link?


ondigit Purchased


Some of my clients are compling that the app sometimes crash, I am not using any special functionality only Javascript Bridge. I am not sure what I need to do to fix it.

Is there any way to fix it?


Hi. I need more details. What kind of crash it is? Do you have a crash log?


artil1 Purchased

documention to do sir

Hi. Please follow the documentation in the doc folder. Thanks.

In Android 13 you know notification permission is not automatically allowed.

So in your app, The notification is not atomically enabled in android 13.

So for android 13 it needs popup Window when someone install the app and open it first time.

How can I do It?

Hi. We don’t provide support to users who did not purchase the app. We protect ourselves against potential warez this way. Thank you for understanding.

How to add exit button in navigation menu list?

Hi. I highly recommend not to do that. Android apps don’t have the Exit button.


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