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Thank you

I need video tutorial How I can build app and explaining all Features plz.

Hi. We used to have video manual, but since Android is changing its API very often, video become obsolete very soon and it’s confusing to developers. We decided to rather focus on the documentation which is very descriptive. There are step by step instructions so you shouldn’t have any problem to set it up. Thank you.

When I build APK, it’s stop processing and show this message

"cannot find symbol class actionbardrawertoggle"

Hi. Did you change anything in the code? Could you please provide the full error log?

Can you do facebook ads & admob mediation? in both banner and interstetial

Hi. Our app supports AdMob ads. We will consider Facebook, but it doesn’t make sense to have 2 ad providers. Thanks.

Now I have error “return WebViewAppConfig” and show my Item Purchase Code . and stop build APK.

Adding the missing “o” as I mentioned in my previous message. Thanks.

Ok, Great Now, I Can build APK app . but my website now run in app. it’s open in your defaults screen like your video explaining app . so where can I add my website link to open my website automatically when app in opened ?? Thanks

Hi Ali. Did you read the documentation? Please go through the documentation to setup your app. Everything is described there. You can set your website in the navigation.xml. Thanks.

we have a google sign in our wordpress website.. and it’s not showing in your app… please guide..

Hi. You can fix it using a custom user agent. Please purchase the app and we will help you with that. Thanks.

Pre Sales Question: I want to port my music website to mobile app, will this have background support? i.e. can it run the app in the background as well when minimized? Thanks

Hi. This is tricky, because the process might be terminated by the system. I highly recommend to implement music playback natively – not using the webview.

Does this fully supports Woocommerce?

Hi. Yes. This is a universal app. It supports basically any responsive or mobile web. I recommend you to try our demo app on Google Play: and test if it works for you. Thanks.

I need to buy this script but need confirm will my website support this apk, because its private, where’s i can contact your email? Thankyou.

Hi. I recommend you to try our demo app on Google Play: and test if it works for you. Thanks.

Already sent messages thanks

In the case of a fleet of cars, can I use this APP to follow they movement around the city? Thanks.

Hi. This is a universal app. It supports basically any responsive or mobile web. I recommend you to try our demo app on Google Play: and test if it works for you. Thanks.

Hi, since the app take all information from website how to disable Adsense in app and enable admod and allow adsense in website view only?

Hi. You can easily achieve this using a user agent. You can find more info in the documentation. Thanks.

Thanks, soon one of staff will buy. I hope when we implement ad mob in application and AdSense in standard browser website, for the same website google won’t banned us?

Yes, this is a good solution and should work fine. Thank you.


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Hello Sir, I am trying to hide a specific div having the id “hide-in-app”... how can I do? Please help me by sending a short video or some photo… I was suggested to use user agent string… but I am not familiar with some features… please help me.

I need a short video clip or soms photos which can guide me well….

My email Id is

I hope you will help me. It is very urgent for me to hide that div in the app…

Hi. You can do that using a user agent. Just set a user agent string in the config, something like this “MyAwesomeApp”. Then retrieve the user agent string on your backend and if the agent is “MyAwesomeApp”, hide the DIV on the website. If you use PHP, you can do it this way: Thanks.

can I use this on any WooCommerce extensions, does this work properly on the app?

I use SMS gateway and WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Message Notifications plugin on my site, Is it going to work properly on the app?

And can you please tell me what’s the difference between this Universal Android Web View App Vs Universal – Full Multi-Purpose Android App By sherdleapps?

Thank you! also if you like, you can mail me on

Hi. This is a universal app. It supports basically any responsive or mobile web, including WooCommerce and WordPress. I recommend you to try our demo app on Google Play: and test if it works for you. Thanks.

Hi, I already bought this template, I ask, can I from an page that is viewing offline read a file or a local database that is on the android tablet

Hi. Yes, this app supports offline pages. Please see the demo for more details. Thanks.

Hello, is there an online documentation I can examine before I purchase the product ? like how to install, how to use etc ? I want to make sure it’s easy for me to install and I can pull it off. Thanks in advance.

Hi. The documentation is a part of the package, but I can send it to you via email. Could you please give me your email or contact us here: Thanks.


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Does this have landscape??

Hi. Yes, both portrait and landscape modes are supported. Thanks.

Hello, we found your app template Universal Android WebView App listed on CodeCanyon and we’re very interested in the features that you offer.

We have a specific question about a particular feature: We are building a chat-style application using Bubble and OneSignal and we would like to be able to send push notifications to specific users (when they receive a new message). Is this kind of use-case possible using push notifications on your app? Specifically, we would like to send push notifications to a specific user based on some action they take on our website, rather than to all users.

Hi. Yes, this is possible. There are 2 ways how you can send user’s id to your backend: via URL or using a JavaScript API. You can find more info in the documentation. Thanks.

Hello there. I need help with the package name. I made a typo entering the package name, thus, it can’t update my existing app. Kindly assist on this. Thanks.

Are you sure you are talking about our app Universal Android WebView App – the best-selling webview app on Envato?

Yes, am not mistaken, that’s the reason am requesting for your email so I can send you all evidence that I make the purchase. I only noticed that I don’t have the purchase label after your response.

The username I use on here is the same I uses on your builder, or do I hack into your builder?

We don’t have any builder. We try to make things as simple as possible so not builder is necessary. Are you sure you are talking about our app “Universal Android WebView App” from Robo Templates?


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I save the onesignal userid for special notifications to my users. But after the last update of your app, I started to encounter a problem. When we first open the application, ONE_SIGNAL_USER_ID returns null. but when we close the application and enter it again, userid comes out normally. I couldn’t understand what is the problem. When users first enter the application, I need to reach the userid. Please help me.


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Logcat: com.robotemplates.webviewapp W/OneSignal: appContext set, but please call setAppId(appId) with a valid appId to complete OneSignal init!

The onesignal.xml file is fine. This error is show on the first login to the application. When we exit and re-open app there is no problem.

Hi. I know about this problem. Unfortunately this is how OneSignal works. User id is returned asynchronously so it is not guaranteed that you gonna get it on the first run of the app right away. Please consider this behavior on your backend. You can use JavaScript API to ask the app for the user id. Thanks.


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hello, where can i deactivate the AdMob ads? thanks

Hi. You can do it in the config. Please follow the documentation. Thanks.

I am getting an error while building apk ,check this screenshot

Please tell me the solution

I don’t need any ads…how do I disable all admob ads

Hi. It seems like auto generated R class was not generated. Did you modify the layouts or code? Something is wrong with your resources. Check them out. Thanks.

It’s working… the error occurred,when I change folder names to change package name