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I am unable to import products into the system, I have created an xml file as the example showed. Could you please assist me with how to upload the products please.

hi , Kindly open the support ticket at so that we can your issue. Regards Tean Nexthon

i have problem after purchase and install

i opend ticket yesterday i hope repy

thank you

support is very bad i want refund this product

No time for support and the script doesn’t work

hi, Please open a support ticket on so that our team sort out your problem


Nexthon Team

does that work?

Your demo does not says please install :) try it if it works

Installation problem. Script get stuck on …install/database.php I am getting an HTTP ERROR 500

“I think I am regretting my purchase’’ teh script won’t install. I have SUBMIT A TICKET. (#1001442)

still haveing problems loading

Import xml doesn’t work on demo so its impossible to test before purchase. The structure of the script looks very good but if it doesnt wok 100% ,i think it is an incomplete solution.Can you send a screenshot of the database structure? Can i use a direct mysql imprort without using the admin panel?

I would like to buy, but without support gets complicated.

yep. I think they left for good

no supports

Does anyone know how to resolve this? (HTTP ERROR 500) Think it has something to do with the server path and .htacces

why u r not reply my ticket no. #1037402 and #1007019

will it be easy for me to import items from ebay, cj, and what not?


sh4f1e Purchased

PRIVATE TICKET #1085752. read it. thanks

hello i want buy this script… your demo is not working.. having error… please set correctly… i will buy it…

1. No demo? = No buy

2. What affiliate feeds can you add? Your description seems vague

Hay, i Already raise ticket in your support PRIVATE TICKET #1150346 on 27th Still there is no any reply & we have enter 2 product but showing no Product found Please help..Its URGENT

Hay are u sleeping ??? Why are you not resolve my issue

Please don’t buy still no any support

”./config/config.php is not Writeable Please CHMOD 777” ... where is this fking config folder ? :) You mean /include/config.php ? If yes, why is Config.php not config.php ? ....

hard to install, anyway, but is hard to understand how is working. I try to add support ticket on your site but the “send” button don t work…

my site have 1 product and don t show … cache disabled, I don t make another products if the 1st isn t showing…

what`s up ?

the product is now showing in admin too … but is in databse … whatsup ?

there are 8 days since I bought this script and is not working, no one answer and envato support don t want to refund. I quess is a mistake to keep this page open and let others buy from this author. Please give my money back, you don t need print screens or anything else if is not working and I am not the only one who say this: IS NOT WORKING, DON T BUY !!!

Hello! The script does not work when I select HTTPS. I setup HTTPS and it works (the URL works), however, the coding gets all screwed up when I use HTTPS. I also tried to edit the .htaccess file to do it manually; it didn’t work. I tried to manually edit the HTTPS via SQL and no luck, unfortunately.

The author has not responded to my requests for a few days now, if you plan on using SLL, I won’t go with this script. The SLL setting, if you manage to enable it (button doesn’t work), will screw up the coding. I had to manually enable it via SQL and also .htaccess. Even after manually enabling it, it wouldn’t work!

Firma SEO, ai cerut in mod oficial banii inapoi de la autor sau de la envato ?


GLSS Purchased

Hi, please help: Sorry, Please create /home/strato/http/premium/rid/98/44/54349844/htdocs/..//fidgetspinnerkaufen/ and SET Mode 0777 or any Writable Permission!

Do you have demo admin?

Is it possible to set-up ad rotation using this software? I need to place clickbank ads inside an ios app.

Demo doesn’t work, can you fix it? Thanks