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Hi, is it difficult to add another country? can you add documentation to do that? also, is it possible to set a time limit for each state? so if not found then game ends with a solution displayed?

1) It should be easy. You will need to create two sets of images for another country. 2) Yes. you can set a time for each state. It is not implemented in the game but if you know how to use Construct2 it is easy.

I purchased 3 of your games ( I think they look great), but I don’t have Construct2, nor can I get it because I use a mac. Could I ask you to please send me an HTML5 versions of the following games to me at tinygradstemp@gmail.com? I tried using the demo files, but they won’t work. If you can send me the HTML5 versions that would be great!

1.) Kids Coloring Book – HTML5 Educational Game 2.) Discussion on 50 States Challenge – HTML5 Educational Game 3.) Feed Mypetdog Number – Educational HTML5 Game

I will be happy to send you the purchase codes to all these via email.

I really look forward to receiving the files from you ASAP.

Thanks! Peter TinyGrads

Sure. I will send them to you now.


You are welcome! If you like my games, please leave a review :)

pls i get this game customize.

pls i get this game customize.

I’m interested in adding a sound for correct answers and a level 2 (or a separate game) to have kids learn the state capitals. How would go about that?

Add sound is easy. A second level will require a knowledge about Construct2 in order to do it.

Interested in making this game? Where do I reach you privately?

You can reach me out at my gmail. thiagoisremarkable.

Hi- I’m interested in your customization services for a game similar to the United States Map game. I would like to create a game using a historic map of our town where students have to use mapping skills to find specific intersections. Is this type of service something you can supply? Please let me know.

Yes. Please send me an email with the details for your projects and I will reply with the price and time to get it done. Thanks

sorry Dexterfly but I must give you a bad review because you hide some aspects about this game: first of all, I’ve purchased this item because I thought I can change the country (as you’ve allready answered to Mailnike) and all I have to do for that was just to change some pictures (png that represent the regions/ states).. BUT this is far from the truth. if you want to buy this, to customise for a different region/ country, think twice: ....you have to install construct2 (it has a free licence but it won’t help you so much – it put a watermark and a preloader if you want to somehow modify this game and to export it again) second, if you want to adapt this game, you have to have more than basic knowlege about programming and stuff.

bottomline… I am very dissapointed, and I have some knowlege of js and html! I’ve only bought this game because I thought I could somehow change it and adapt for a different country/region. It’s not worth it! trust me…

Hi Xlvasi,

I am sorry you feel like that. Here is my response:

When I answered Mailnike saying “It should be easy”, I stand right. You just need two sets of images and change their position inside Construct2. Even the name of the states can be changed in the XML file. Because of the position and number of states it does require a little bit of work but nothing that you would need to reprogram the game, just make some changes. If you had asked me, I would be glad to help you. Another important thing, Codecanyon requires the authors to have the software used to build the game. So, the source code is from Construct2 because that’s what I used it to build the game. The game has less than 100 events, so anyone can use the free version to make edits. The fact they include their logo is just why they can offer the software for free. Unity does the same thing.

If you need help reskinning the game let me know. I will glad to show you how to do it.