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i would like to translate into german language. Is there a po file? Is there a po file?

HI, there is no PO files support, sorry.

Hi, I am using the Unite Gallery – Tiles Justified – on my website. I am not sure what settings I should use to make the gallery load as quickly as possible? What “Src Output Type” is the fastest? Under “Settings – Troubleshooting” I have selected Yes for “Put JS Includes To Body”, all the other options are No.

HI, for the fastest you can make lower resolution of thumbnails. generally the justified type is not fast, it waits for all the thumbs being loaded before show the gallery. the tiles columns much faster.

Will this plugin work with other light boxes such as Social Gallery? Support seems to be extremely slooooow at the moment – is the plugin still being supported and updated?

hi, the plugin is not updated with new features, only when there is some bug (but nobody complained long time :) I’m answering support, sure. sometimes skip a day, but I try to answer all the tickets and help all the people.

it does not have support for another lightboxes, sorry.

Good Morning. I’m interested in buying this plugin but I need to know if it’s possible to add the youtube channel or if you have to add video to video. Already have some sample video? Thank you.

youtube channel no, all the videos should be added saparately.

hello! Is there a sample of video and photos mixed on one page? From the description it sounds like you can do this but I dont see any examples of what that would look like. thanks

yes you could do it. please look at, there are a lot of examples.

Hi there

I’m looking at this for a client of mine. Can you answer a few questions for me?

1. For the Tile Grid view ( in the lightbox pop up window can we have thumbnails show up below the large image? Like the compact view lightbox pop up has?

2. For the thumbnails that show up in the pop up lightbox, do these thumbnails need a specific software to be enabled on the website host’s server? I have run into issues in the past where we needed to have Imagick installed on the host server in order to have the thumbnails work on mobile devices (phone, tablet) but desktop was just fine.

Thanks Tanya

HI, there is not thumbs in lightbox, sorry.


A7lien Purchased

Hi, strange problem here, as follow: 1. We have a WP photo-gallery page already created (this includes 1x UniteGalery on it and some text). In Preview mode works perfectly, publishing it works fine; 2. We assign a menu link to it (Appeareance->Customize->Menus->Main Menu); 3. When you try to load the page for the first time, nothing shows. After you reload the page gallery appears. What the problem might be?

oh, can’t tell you must see. maybe you have some js files that layed after another js files and make some collision, and in the second time they in cache so they loading at the same time, and no collision. chrome dev tools should show.


I see that plugin is not updated for a year. Will there be any updates or will it be last version. If it wont be updated I will go with other galleries, if its still active i will choose this plugin.

HI, if it’s not updated, means that I fixed all the bugs. just didn’t added new features for a year :) but generally the gallery works and it’s a very good product.

Are you still supporting this plugin seeing WordPress 4.9.3 came out?

yes sure. the gallery will support.

I am really hoping for the Album option.

not yet, sorry :(

Hello, can we use UNITE with WPML to translate the photo titles/descriptions? And of course the album titles…

Hi, please im waiting a reply :)

HI, it’s not compatable with wpml, sorry.

How can I have the Gallery in multiple languages then? I have to create a new album for the second language and re-upload all images I guess?

Purchased it 2 months back, start getting error in Plugin. I generated a ticket #1475455 to their support team but didn’t hear back from them even after 20 Hours. For me it’s Very Very Bad Support….Just waste of time and money….

I try to answer once a day, some days I skip day, but I always help. sorry to hear. hope your issue has been solved.

Does it work with ajax site?

no, it should not work when you change page because the gallery will not be inited. in order to make it work you have to run gallery js each time the page is loading.


Can this plugin handel this:

I need a grid gallery, with no hover effect opening in lightbox. The gallery is filled with images and video ( mp4, webm or youtube ) combined.

The last part is important ( between the images there must be a video ) not a image gallery and a video gallery.

Can the grid thumb size be changed in a different size 200px x 100px.


Hi Valiano,

I am trying to make a gallery responsive. I want there to be the same number of columns no matter what size the screen is, apart from mobile. I don’t want the images to move onto 2 rows.

I’ve had a look through the comments and noticed I should not use the Full Width option. I should set width and height. But there is only a field for width :-(

Hi, I have a presale question. Can images be sorted by the filename?

Hi, plugin is working but still lots of to improve. First what I find is missing is slide option in Lightbox. I hope soon will come. Keep doing good job. Thank you.

I’m using the Unite Gallery Widget… and want to add example options…don’t know where to insert example jquery code… help!

I actually found the options in the widget settings… so all is good. I’m impressed with the features of this plug-in and plan on using it extensively. My only concern has been support has been lacking, but not because of effort… but because of a difference in language.

Hi i want to add a undercategory under a main category. Such like maincategory conventions and undercategory convention1 and convention2 How can i do this?