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Hi there, I’m searching since 1 1/2 years for a great gallery plugin and it seems that I finally found it :) Before buying it, I have some questions: 1. Are there any limitations (e.g. period of use, number of pages) 2. I have 400-600 pictures in my current galleries. Will this also work, what about the loading time? 3. I’m selling my photos, the gallery should give a preview on the final product. Am I right in buying the extended License? 4. Are there options to share a pic from the gallery in social media? Thank you

HI, the “tiles-columns” theme has a “load more” button. other themes don’t have meanwhile, but it’s on my update list. there are no limitations on the number of categories, but if you put many pictures in the page it could be slow, but the “load more” feature solves it. you don’t have to buy the extended license, because you don’t build a theme for same with the gallery. it don’t have any link to socual media for now, sorry. I’m planning to biuld it later, but right now dont’ know when exactly.


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I’m interesting by this plugin, but i wish to know if it’s possible to combine this Gallery with easy digital download so that when one clicks on a picture of a gallery one falls on the page of the photo to be downloaded.

For example, I would like to create a gallery with all the photos bearing the same tag or the same product category.

I hope to be clear, Thank you for your answers.

there is a “link” attribute. you can use it. there is option: “tile as link” where you can put your link and link to your products.


Soln39 Purchased

Thanks, I found it, it’s perfect

ok. cool. good luck!

Presale question. All of the images in the sample are the same size and proportion. What happens when they are different sizes? Vertical verses horizontal in the same slideshow?

HI. if they are in different size, the gallery will fit them to the borders, there are 3 fit modes that you can choose and it will fit them accordingly (I assume you are talking about default / compact / grid) themes.

I am using the free version and have some questions about the full version. 1. Can I add text/title over the top of the thumbnail images? 2. Can I manipulate the zoom of the content in the thumbnail? – I want the thumbnail to be super zoomed in, only showing a portion of the slider image. 3. Can I change the location of the text overlay on the slider image from only top or bottom to the left third of the image.


HI, sorry for late response. 1. yes you can. 2. you can’t manipulate the zoom, sorry. 3. you have 2 lightboxes type. in the “compact” lightbox type you have the text at the bottom, and on the wide on the top. on wide you can change text direction. it’s all the options for now. you can try the “unite-gallery-lite” free plugin from wp directory if you want.

Hello, I really like the Unite Gallery for Wordpress. My question is I am using either Tile Column, or Tile Grid and with those theme I am using a link to each item to link to a page with my site, and I want the link to open the page in the same window not a new blank page or tab, I saw on your documentation that there is an option for “Link open in = Same Window or New Window”; but my Unite Gallery don’t have that option in the edit item.

Thank you for your reply, when I turn on the “Tile as Link” yes it gives me the option of Same or New; but it turns off the Zoom lightbox option when I hover on the thumbnail. The option I am referring to is when you edit the item in the gallery on your documentation you have that option for each item not global, I don’t have that option. I can send you a screenshot of what I am referring to on your documentation; but right now it not allowing me to attach one here on the comment.

For now I changed the option for Same and turn off the Tiles as Link and the zoom and link icon is showing and when I click on the link it show on the same page but that is global I would like to have an option of individual items is that still possible like it show on your documentation. Thank you.

HI. for individual items it’s not posible, sorry. only global.

Hi! I’m looking for a way to adopt the theme font into the plugin. Any way this can be done through custom CSS?

yes, sure. the gallery has custom css fields, and you can write there the font you want. you can write me support ticket, show me what font you want to use and where, and I’ll try to help you.

Great, thanks! Where would I make this ticket?

oh, sorry.

Hello my favorite gallery. Is it possible to create a Gallery loading an existing album but showing a limited number of images? For example, I want to show the latest 6 photos on Homepage from a certain gallery that has a lot of photos.

oh, I’m sorry, there is no option like this. maybe will be in the future. Meanwhile you can duplicate first 6 photos from some category to new category and put it there.

ok thanks!

Is there a way to have the category tabs in a column on the right or left of the gallery? Rather than on top? Thanks!!

HI, there is no option like this, sorry, only on top. of cause that you can change the css customely, but I can’t support it.

Is it possible to add an image to multiple categories? Or do you have to add the image to each category separately?

HI, you can duplicate item and copy it to another category.