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Hi, we had this error after installing the plugin:

fetch Unknown character set: ‘utf8mb4’ after click to “Items”, and this error View (galleries) Error: fetch Unknown character set: ‘utf8mb4’ after click to galleries.

we’re using latest plugin version 1.7.43

Could you advise on the fix/solution asap please?

Many thanks


hi, weird bug. something with db. please write me a ticket, give me wp and ftp access, ill check.

Does this gallery have the ability to show an advertisement after X number of images for X amount of time before you can continue to scroll?

no, sorry, it doesn’t have

I have a problem with the creation of new galleries

HI, please writ support ticket, give wp access, I’ll check.

Hi, i want to buy the plugin but i need confirm before if is possible to put titles in: Tiles Grid – Videos

the titles that i want to put is in the cover or if is possible to show it below the video

yes, you can put the titles there. I don’t have it in the demo but you have this option.

hi how can i add a “all” labael so that i will be able to show in the gallery all categores?

I”m sorry, there is no option for “al” right now. maybe later I”ll add this option.

I’m trying the gallery before to buy. How i can put the gallery in the landing page in order to see on the galley at full screen? Thx

HI, what you mean on the full screen? Generally you are creating a gallery, then put shortcode wherever you want it in the page. if it’s a landing page, you put the shortcode it in the landing page. I don’t understand the question about full screen. the gallery size can be set to 100% width and 100% height in general. you can try it.

After upgrading to latest plugin version 1.7.44 my gallery writes this:

Unite Gallery Error: No gallery items found

Could you advised me a solution to this problem?

HI, weird. please write me support ticket, give me wp and ftp access, I’ll check (tomorrow morning).


GS1974 Purchased

Disappointing, the lite version works fine, the bought premium version gives the following error after trying to activate: Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class UniteProviderDBUG in …../inc_php/framework/provider/provider_db.class.php on line 12

HI, you installed both versions together. You should update the premium from the lite. Please delete “unite-gallery-lite” folder from plugins folder and the gallery will work. don’t worry, all ok :)

Hi valiano I am using the nonpaid version of Unite gallery and it is quite impressive how easily I can transform the native galleries into justified horizontal grids, which is exactly what I wanted. I am considering buying the paid version. Would you please let me know if the horizontal grid will work ok with lazyloading (e.g. a3 lazyload plugin). Will the images layload properly and will the gallery display correctly? (I wish I could test it but the 20 image limit per gallery does not allow me to try out lazyloading). Thanks

HI, I disable the lazy loading in the gallery where I see it. It won’t work with the lazy loading, sorry. the loadmore feature of the gallery is working on the tiles columns grids only, not with the justified. if you want, please write me support tocket to: I’ll send you the full version to test. or you can buy and ask refund from envato if it won’t be good for you for some reason.

Hi, I changed my hosting and upgraded my WP and plugins, now I’ve this error on Galleries: Unite Gallery Error: The gallery can run from jquery 1.8 You have jQuery 1.7.2 Please update your jQuery library.

HI, you have some jquery 1.7 running on your website. please locate it and disable or change to 1.8 if you want, you can write me support ticket, give me a link to your website page, I”ll take a look.


Is there a way I can change the size of the tile image resolution when using ‘tiles justified’. My gallery is loading rather slowly however when using the Medium sized (max width 300px) tiles it loads quite a bit quicker with the downfall however, that the thumbnail quality is not very good…I would like to change the max width to a higher number and see what effect it has on the load time and also quality of the thumbnails…

Also how do I implement a Lazy Load feature as this would come in handy for slower loading galleries.

Thanks in advance Jimmy

HI, the gallery uses wp thumbnails, so you can use plugins that adds another quality types and use them in the gallery, there is plugin called “regenerate thumbnails” – something like this. after you add quality types, you can regenerate thumbs using this plugin and use them in the gallery. about the lasy load – I’ll think about adding it to the gallery, right now it’s absent. I will work for make the gallery faster (justified and nested grids), after that will think about the lasy load.

Brilliant, thank you for your kind responses!

you welcome, good luck!


suyes Purchased

I want to link each category tab is it possible ?

Flowers Showcase

HI, the gallery don’t have deep linking, sorry. currently it’s not posible.

Love the Unite Gallery in WP, and it seems to work well on all devices except the Kindle Fire (silk browser). When using the thumbnail gallery with full screen options and controls, the swipe is slow to respond and the fullscreen button on photos is very difficult for silk to recognize and go full screen. Is there a way you can increase the sensitivity for silk browsers so the swipe, arrows and full screen controls are more sensitive and respond better to touch?

only if you fubd some emulatior. i dont have silk

Hi. Could you please write me it in support ticket. I am not available now. Will be free to look at it in 2 3 days


I would like to buy.. In my testing in mobile the “Tiles Grid” is not stretch to the whole width on mobile.

Is it possible to change that?

hi, it has a small gap/ tiles columns not


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Hi, my galleries have disappeared in safari, but are all fine in chrome and edge. Any ideas where the issue is? Will updating to the latest version help? Im running version 1.7.22 and its been fine for ages, until now. Not sure what is now causing the problem. Also I’m running the avada theme.


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update: I’ve fixed the problem now, so all is good. Solution was to simply go into safari options and Clear History, Cookies and Data.