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Petr_dr Purchased

Hello. I installed the Unite gallery plugin. Activated. When I click on the created new gallery. Nothing happens. I can not create any gallery. Please, give me an advice.

HI, I see that you wrote support ticket, answered there. if it was not you, please write me support ticket

Hey. Does the gallery work only on pages or in posts, too?

Thanks, I figured it out. I’m thinking of buying your plugin.

ok, cool! good luck!

Please, please create Album support so we can organize the gallery by album. You should also add the option for each image, to open in a “new window” or not :)

I’ll think about that, meanwhile the updates are going very slow :(

now I”m working on gallery in post, when I release it (very hope that sooner then later) it will be easier to organize

Hello,can this plugin add images from Urls not wp media library?

hi, no, sorry, only from wp media library for now.

Does it work with Avada Themes?

yes. sure.

duplicated question

Hi! Can I have photos and videos on a single gallery?

yes, you can use mixed content in every galleriy types (except the video gallery type, there only video).

I’m trying to use the following shortcode on my page, but it doesn’t seem to work as intended. Instead of displaying the corresponding gallery I created in the “Unite Gallery” section, it just displays the default WordPress gallery widget.

[gallery unitegallery=”projectgallery” ids=”6104,6103”]

I need a way to display my custom “projectgallery” I created but define the IDs for the images manually. Is that possible?

answered in ticket system

please add Album support, and in Edit Item, an option to “Open link in new window” for specific items only.

wrote it, some day I will


I have a gallery with category tabs. I noticed every time I click a category tab, it scrolls instantly to the very top of the page, which is quite distracting.

Is there a way to prevent this behaviour?


yes, because the gallery is dissapear and appear again. the time it dissapear it scrolls.

anyway, please let me see in ticket, I’ll look, maybe I can advice.

The plugin has security issues, it has been hacked multiple times. We need a new version.

hi, answered you in the support forum. I don’t know about any security issues with the plugin.

Hi, great plugin. But for me, and now, there is a critical problem. We used Grid Gallery in more than 500 photo galleries, but the mobile view is really .. wrong :-) because the main image don’t open in lightbox, it appears cropped. Gallery are in fullscreen mode. The “really” wrong in mobile view is the vertical one.

It’s possible to assign at the mobile view a different template? Other templates different from Grid Gallery seem working better or fine.

Hi, how could I make text from description field appear on enlarged images?

HI, you have the lightbox description field, please turn it on and it will appear there.


1) sorry, but what is different this plugin with essential grid ? is the function mostly same?

2) IF i want grid style video and feature image from posts, also with caption like this page:

see also we can mix landscape or portrait style on 1 section

possible ?

HI, this is not portfolio plugin, this is a simple gallery plugin. essential grid is portfolio plugin, it works with posts and has many portfolio related features. but the gallery has more visual settings and more gallery types, so you decide, if you need a gallery use this plugin, if portfolio use that.


VRDPE Purchased


I have used the gallery to create a row of 5 banners on a homepage. But on mobile the whole gallery shrinks and the images do not sit on top of each other.

The banners are too small so see properly. I want it to work like your demo here

HI, please write me a support ticket, give me a link to your website, I’ll check the issue.


isphttp Purchased


that plugin makes problems with WP-Rocket

Which files need to be excluded so that there are no problems?

Many Thanks.

Best Regards Andreas

HI, it should not make any problems. what problems it make? anyway, please write me support ticket, I’ll help you.


fionaintl Purchased

I purchased the plugin few weeks ago and need to communicate with the plugin author. I am logged in to my account in, clicked on “Support” tab, then clicked on “Go to item support” and got “Bad Gateway” error. Cannot communicate with the plugin author post-purchase. Can the plugin author look into this and fix it so I can communicate with the author? Using FireFox to access the Support and Comments.

HI, I”m sorry, the support system makes problems lately. you can write me email from my author page in codecdanyon, I”ll answer.

How do I arrange photos from recent to oldest? I read on the comments 2 years ago the plugin doesn’t have the automated sorting. Was thinking what php file to modify to sort photos from recent to oldest. Thank you

HI, it has sorting from a-z only, no other options right now, sorry.

hi there i like the look of the tile however I’d like to know. 1. what order do the images load in, date, a-z or random load 2. can i select the category option plus have a visible title and image enlarge – image link option ?

thank you