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Would you please reply to my support ticket – 955546

yes, sure. today support is at evening. starting from now :)

Hi, just answered you, fixed the bug, uploaded new version and updated your wp with it. sorry for the gallery bugs, happends :(


Dizenjo Purchased

When you get a chance, could the change log be updated?

updated. generally done admin sorting option right now, but updated backwords as well.


Dizenjo Purchased

Thank you.

And yes, I noticed most of the updates listed were done in the last version. Which are great additions. I searched thoroughly for a proper gallery plugin and this one seemed to be the best, and hasn’t proved wrong yet.

oh, cool! I am happy to hear!


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Could you expand on the Src Output Type?

Seems like a balance of SEO and site speed depending on the Src type chosen, but I’m not fully understanding the description?


Dizenjo Purchased

Found some past replies where you already explained this. Sorry, wish we could delete our own comments.

Hi how can I upload the downloaded Full Version?

HI, you go to galleries list view, there is update plugin button at the bottom, you press on it, select the full version zip and update.

“Unite Gallery Error: The gallery can run from jquery 1.8 You have jQuery 1.4.2 Please update your jQuery library.” .... say wha?

HI, you have old version of jquery, please update to the newest version in your front end. if you want, please write me support ticket, I’ll point you where your jquery library is located in your website.

Sorry can we put it in bootstrap tabs?

I have never tried, but you can try. generally the gallery work within tabs, sometimes there is some issues because the tabs are hidden at start.

i need to have them in tabs could i try it and if it doesnt work get refunded?

yes of cause.

Hi, the site AJAX when the page is refreshed the gallery disappears ? Tell me how to fix it ? Only after F5 gallery appears.

thank you

Can you advise the gallery?

what you mean advice the gallery? :)

Hi, is it possible to get the image to appear full screen in the lightbox simply by clicking anywhere on the image?

Also can you advise how to change the navigation and zoom buttons from white to black?

HI, if you are talking about not lightbox galleries (default / grid / compact) I need only 2 themes right now, default and alexis. If you want to use your graphics you need to change css classes and upload them somewhere in your website. in Advanced tab you have a place to enter your custom css. You can write me support ticket and I’ll tell you where to write what exactly.

OK will create a support ticket thanks!

Quick question – what are the difference between the lite/free version and the paid version. The lite version keeps telling me different numbers for max number of images in a gallery… not sure why (based on file size of existing images?) but are there are other differences between the versions?

hi. no other difference, only the number of images. the numbers are: 12 for non tiles galleries and 20 images for tiles based galleries.

Are there some kind of issues with scrolling on Tiles – Justified, columns, and nested ? Since I updated the plugin approximately 2 month ago I need to re-scale or refresh the gallery to set scrolling able to in the page

HI, weird. bug may be. Please write me support ticket, give me a link to your gallery so I could look. The gallery not affects page scrolling anyhow, maybe you have another script that influence it.

Is there a way to display a thumbnail of each gallery and name like a listing of galleries for users to view each gallery versus only direct links to each gallery.

HI, there is no albums option in this gallery yet, but I’ll work on it in the future, sorry.

Not a problem just wanted to make sure I wasnt missing it beyond that love the plug in, very easy to setup and use. But a gallery list of all galleries versus having to individual link them or design a custom page and add them each manually would be an awesome addition thanks for adding it to the list for future development.

you welcome, It’s in my list :) now I”m working on ajax loading ( in tiles columns mode for a start) then I’ll move to next tasks and some day will make this one as well.

I have image 200×200px is possible resize lightbox for example 400×400px?

HI. there is no such functionality in the gallery. lightbox show images as is if they small or resize it to max size.

about to purchase. I am using Be Theme with muffin builder drag and drop page builder. Can this plugin work with it? Can I simply add a shortcode to the text module?

HI, I don’t know muffin builder, but if another shortcodes works unite gallery shortcode should work as well. no reason for it not to work.


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hi, can I create a gallery that opens with a button or link?


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you can show me how to do? the gallery has to start already in lightbox mode. So no grid.

The gallery don’t have that option, I told you. you can only do something custom using some js programmer, and the gallery has to be without lightbox, like compact mode. Generally it’s not so easy to do.

I can support only options that the gallery has. if the gallery don’t has it I can’t do much, sorry.


Alex011 Purchased

Hello. Is it possible to change the theme of the existing gallery? I have over 60 galleries that I have to change the theme for.

HI, I don’t have such option right now, sorry. I’ll work on it in future updates. meanwhile the only option is to create new gallery and change the items category from old to new. if you want to remain the settings you can export / import the gallery settings from advanced view.

Your live preview is not working , would be great to check it out before i buy.Thanks

hi, maybe was some temporary server down. please check it now. I see that it’s working now well.

Hi – Pre-purchase question…can you remove the timer on the slider theme? So that it’s just manual swipe/change of image?

Still waiting on an answer 5 days later? Cmon man…my whole transition of galleries is waiting for this problem to be fixed…taking way too long to help

HI. no way, I have answered all the tickets. please give me a link to your ticket, I’ll take a look.weird.

HI, maybe you sent email? I work with a ticket system, not emails. if you sent email please send me a ticket and I”ll answer.


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hi. when i add a gallery with tabs, is there any way to add a “all” tab so it will show by defulf all of the categores is choose for that gallery?

hi. sorry. there is no such option.