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Invalid backend configuration. Readable volumes not available. this is the messaje

oh, cool. good luck! I already refunded you btw :)

thanks.. do you have some way to create some text or some album categories?

no, sorry. it’s a simple gallery, you can only create it yourself and then put the images into it custom way.

I’ll buy this great script when you add the pagination feature :)

ok. thanks for the info. I’ll try to do this, but don’t know exact;y when

hola el pluggins lo tengo instalado en version gratuita . ¿Como deberia de poner en version de pago, porque ya lo he pagado

just refunded you. good luck!


As you can be removed from the gallery padlock link

what is padlock?

Hi, a simple pre-sale question. In the theme “Tiles Grid – Various Examples: No Space Between”, is it possible to have a preview of, for example, only 4 images each page? If yes, is it a feature I can manage via Admin Panel? Thx

HI, you can control the number of rows, gallery size and tile size. using this you can set only 4 in a row per pane.

Pre-sales question. Can you reorder the images with a drag and drop? Also, does this work on all iphone and android? How can I make the *.js smaller? It is approx 250,000 bytes, kind of large. Thanks in advance.

HI, unfortunatelly I can’t make the js smaller right now. You have option to reorder with drag and drop and from the current version you have option to order a-z too.

Thanks, the reorder is a must have. Does the unite slide work on all android and ios?

should be atleast last time I checked.

Hi, I purchased this item and it’s really cool and easy to set up. Just a question: as the plugin at the moment doesn’t support multi-language, is there a best practice you suggest to manage multi language websites? As usually they are designed with a root for main language and sub-folders for the other languages (like /en/ /it/ /fr/), is there a way to make a single installation of the UG plugin or it is necessary to make a multiple installation for each language? Thanks

hi, you can copy the image category, change names, and show another items category in the other language website. it’s all that I can think of.

Ok, in this case I need to have all the website various language files in the main root/same root, it’s correct?

I don’t know how your website is built, but the language files is not related to the gallery. you can rename the items inside the gallery items in the interface.

Hi there, can this script play m3u8 streams?

no, sorry.

any admin panel login?

what admin panel login? :) I have only options to select youtube / vimeo/html5 videos and images in the admin panel, not strams

Hi, I just purchased the script. I done the installation, an all the sql files bin saved , just not the data for the login as admin. I try it 2 times and always the same. Do you now why? and how can ad the data to login? Thanks Stephane

HI. it’s very weird. in the config.php there is one line that you can copy / paste to your password and the password will be “admin” – there is explanation there if I don’t wrong. please look at this line and replace the password field in the db. if it don’t work for any reason please write me support ticket, give me access to your phpmyadmin and the gallery cms admin and I’ll look.

Ticket send. password not working. Thanks for help Stephane

Hi where I can customize the main gallery page? thanks

HI, it’s only a single galleries, the gallery don’t have main gallery page. the customization options in the gallery is gallery side settings in each gallery settings page.

Does this allow for password protecting certain galleries so that not everyone can access them easily from general public?

HI, there is no option like this, sorry.

Nice gallery, question.. does this have, or will this ever have a shuffle feature? Loads the order of the images at every refresh.

HI, it should have, yes.

do you have social media share with the gallery/lightbox?

Hi, I don’t have social media sharing, sorry.


ryan44 Purchased

Hi, is it possible to change the ‘Front End PHP Code’ – the code that goes into the HEAD section? We need to amend this ‘require_once(‘gallery_admin/front.php’);’ to require_once(’../../gallery_admin/front.php’);


HI, I think you can :) didn’t checked.


ryan44 Purchased

Is it possible to link to an image in the gallery? So the URL changes with each image?

no it’s not, sorry.


AljazS Purchased


when i try to upload pictures to my album i am getting: Invalid backend configuration. Readable volumes not available.

How to resolve this ? Thank you. Best regards, Aljaž.

Please write support ticket, I`ll help you.

fetch error – the table ug_users doesn’t exists

Would appreciate if you could reply to my support ticket soonest possible.

Hi Valiano, can i have a refund on this? Coz i ended up not using it and opted for another script. I thought the support would be faster but i have to change to another script coz i cant get yours set up in time for my delivery.

do you have a link to the admin panel ?

pre-sale question: need to have a link to the admin panel to see if there are all options that I need or if you can add them, let me your email address thank you