Unite Gallery - Prestashop Module

Unite Gallery - Prestashop Module

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Link to Gallery demo: Unite Gallery PS Demo

Another Demos in WordPress Demo: Unite Gallery WordPress Demo

  • The gallery is the same as for WordPress platform


The Unite Gallery is multipurpose gallery for Prestashop.
It’s based on the unite gallery javscript version, and has a very powerfull and intuitive wordpess admin for your ease of use.
Every gallery option has it’s description, edvided into logical sections, and the items manager is very intuitive windows explorer style.
Yet this gallery is very powerfull, fast and has the most of nowdays must have features like responsiveness, touch enabled and even zoom feature, it’s unique effect.

  • 9 Premium types
  • 120+ gallery options
  • The gallery plays 4 types of videos: youtube, vimeo, html5 video and wistia (special)
  • Premium built in media lightbox
  • You can mix image and video items in every theme
  • Touch Enabled – Every gallery parts can be controlled by the touch on touch enabled devices
  • Skinnable – Allow to change skin with ease in different css file without touching main gallery css.
  • Zoom Effect – The gallery has unique zoom effect that could be applied within buttons, mouse wheel or pinch gesture on touch enabled devices. Works in the themes as well in the lightbox
  • Special video gallery theme with 3 skins
  • Powerfull gallery manager admin
  • Intuitive gallery items manager
  • Tons of options. The gallery has huge amount of options for every gallery object that make the customization process easy and fun.

Change Log:

    24.11.15 - version 1.7.5

    -feature: added "category tabs" support
    -feature: added thumb size: thumbnail (150x150)
    -feature: added thumb resolution for the themes
    -feature: added "destroy function to API" 
    -feature: added "advanced tab" with custom styles / scripts
    -feature: added option - lightbox slider transition 
    -feature: added option - big image resolution (for tiles and themes)
    -feature: added "lightbox zoom max ratio" functionality
    -feature: done "export/import gallery" feature
    -added export / import all content function for theme in php operations class.
    -feature: added option:  "Always Show Video Play Icon" in tile design section 
    -fixed float right functionality on tiles type galleries (made rtl direction).
    -change: added more "protection" agains another type of theme content filters.
    -feature: changed tiles view - make variable number of columns
    -feature: added dynamic size thumbs.
    -change: improved show/hide controls display
    -feature: keep order option in tiles columns
    -feature: added tile text panel additional css field
    -feature: added minimal version jquery validation
    -addition: added unitegallery_force shortcode to force gallery add on page
    -change: added some protections against jquery absense
    -change: added better protection for shortcode not processed situations.
    -addition: added protection against undefined big images url's for the slider.
    -change: changed mediaelement to new version
    -feature: Added Tiles - Nested gallery type
    -feature: added "open lightbox at start" option for tiles theme
    -feature: added "open lightbox at start" to tiles grid type as well
    -protection: added protection agains lasy load
    -feature: added category tab select type
    -feature: added tile text panel top/bottom/middle positions (text outside image)

    01.05.15 - version 1.4.4

    -bug fix: fixed gallery output with https protocol