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Is this compatible with CSBlog ?

No, sorry

hi, i use the 1.5.6 version of Prestashop, any chance that it work with it ?

Hi. I have 1.6 version. Did not tested in 1.5. Please write me support ticket, ill send you version for test

Hello, It’s possible to add a link on each image please ? Thanks :-))

Yes. This feature is present.

Hi, is it compatible with Smart Blog?

Hi. You can put it with shortcode only in info pages, or by hooks. I guess that you cant put it on blog. Never tried.

Info pages are CMS? Also is there any demo to see how the images are added to gallery?

if you want, please send me a ticket at and I’ll send you a test version.

Hi, does your module can display the gallery into categories ? For example, clicking on the link on the Home Page, and then get to the Gallery, from there they have an option to view by Categories ?


No, sorry. The gallery cant show categories. Only category tabs (you can see it in wp demo)

Thanks, I see it now, does this option available for Prestashop also right ? If so I will buy the module

Yes. Its available

It is possible to include 2 video gallery in one page? I set Gallery Position : “DisplayTopColumn” in page category for both. For one i set margin top 600px but only one appear.

Hi. I never tried but i think its posible. Anyway, could you please write me support ticket, give me a link to your gallery page so i could look? Ill check the tickets system today

Hi, I’ve just bought your module – it looks good thank you! I just have a little a issue. I have created a gallery and copied/pasted the shortcode into my CMS page but on the front end it just shows the shortcode and not the gallery? Thanks

HI, I”m sorry, didn’t worked on weekend. I’ll check your ticket later today and we’ll continue from there.

Hi, have you found a solution to this yet? It’s been going on for 5 days now. The shortcode just doesn’t work. Thanks

HI, I”m on the support right now. will answer you soon. sorry for long time taking.

Dear author, does this script works for product detail? I mean can I create diferente galleries for all my products? Works with lattes prestashop version?

hi, no, sorry. its only works in cms and main pages

Hello, i try to find a stetting that makes all Pictures fit in to the showed frame. For example a portrait is always zoomed. i want it to see complete and zoom in after. Can you tell me where i find it. BTW nice work!!!

HI, there are several settings for the fitting. Please look for “scale mode” in “slider area” I hope that some option will be good for you.

I have a improvement suggestion: Could you please add an option to put a category description and then display this on top of each gallery? This could be added to the box “Edit Category” where you can enter the title of the category.

HI, the gallery has “category tabs”, maybe you didn’t noticed. The category is not a displayable object by itself, it’s not related to the gallery. I’m thinking on something related to the categrories display, maybe I’ll do it in the future.

Hi, yes I was taking about the category tabs. It would be nice to have a description for each category, just above the gallery, underneath the tabs. I really hope this will get added by you. Thanks

oh, thanks for the suggestion, right now the categories don’t have any description, sorry. I’ll think about this feature in the future.

Does this work with the latest version of Prestashop?

it’s weird. Please write me support ticket, give me access to your prestashop and I’ll take a look.

I have already sent ticket 21 hours ago –

I’ll have time for the tickets today evening. today is holyday and it’s hard to find time. hope to check it today.


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Hi, when I try to upload images to gallery I get error: Invalid backend responce. Data is not JSON. It started a few days ago, any idea what is wrong?

HI. please write me a support ticket, give me your ps access, I’ll take a look.

HI, most of the chances it’s because some file that has some chars that php json could not hold. Please try to find those images in your system and rename or delete them.


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Hello – is there an option to add slider in category description field? When I add shortcode [unitegallery myslidername] to category desciption I can see only code on front office (not my slider)...

Maybe there is a different method to display sliders above category descriptions?


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Thanks for reply


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Note for the future – this feature would be great… :)

written. thanks.

Hi, Is your module multilanguage?

i.e. possible to have the module on the english homepage with english videos and the module on the swedish homepage with swedish videos?

you should create 2 galleries for this and put each one on each homepage

allright, thanks!

Hello, Bought the gallery last week. Works very well and easy to set up. However, is there a code I can add in the backend or another way I can make my images load progressively (lazy load) because it’s a bit slow with a lots of images like on this gallery Thanks Charles

HI, your website generally slow for me. even when I request the view source, that is only one html page, it takes too much time. The “nested” tiles type is slow. I have to wait all the thumbnails to load before show the images because I don’t know their sizes before. For speed it up, please use “Tiles Columns” or “Tiles Grid”. those themes are showing image right after it loads.

Thanks! I used Tiles columns and it’s much better now. Still, it would be nice if you would add a lazy load feature eventually because your galleries are so awesome!

HI, with tiles columns you don’t need lasy load, it’s the same as lasy load. images are loading all together but browser loading them one by one. I’ll try to speed up other galleries soon too.

This module will be functional on Prestashop 1.7 ?

yes, should be

You can estimate a release date for version compatible with Prestashop 1.7?

its compatable now no?

Does the plugin work with the prestashop product images on the product page ?

no, sorry, only in custom page.

Hello team,

Do you go make a version for Prestashop 1.7?

We like to add on our footer hook, a gallary with a 1 or more Youtube playlists. So we can offer our customers, a or a few different play list(s) to navigate into, with ””Top 40 songs””. These playlists we can easy find on Youtube. We like to add 1 or a few playlists, so that our customers can choose wich playlist to chooce to play while he/she is searching the webshop. When it is standing at the footer area, then the Gallary is always available and can keep playing the media when customer is also goning to other webshop pages?

We look forward to a version for Prestashop 1.7.

Kind regards, Alex,

HI, the gallery should work for 1.7, but it doesn’t have youtube playlists.

Hi, I am wondering how to apply this gallery to the tabs area like your live preview shows. thanks

HI, the tabs area is a custom page, it’s just some html that I put in the wp editor. it’s not exists in the gallery.


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Hi ,

Does it has shortcodes? Can we show a text under the image?