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The continue bottom disappeared. How do I fix it ? http://www.ivybridgegroup.com/admissions-advisement-services-contract/


Hi. I didn’t catch exactly what you mean. I visited your page – everything is there. The only thing, I’ve noticed that your theme’s css affects on plugin’s css. Please edit file “css/front.css”, line #191 which is:
background-color: #5bb75b;
Replace it by:
background-color: #5bb75b !important;

Thank you, that solve the problem

hello, I can with this plugin only one side of selling, with various links to this page? If not, please help me- i understand

create one site or many different payment pages?

You can do one of this:
1. Create many different payment forms using menu “Payment Pages >> Add Page” and put generated shortcodes to any real WordPress pages.
2. You can create many different payment forms using menu “Payment Pages >> Add Page”, then create real WordPress page and put shortcode [paymentpages]. Int this case your real WordPress page will be as a template for payment forms.

ah ok, thx for Help – I thought, this funktion is the same we your great tool – Paid Articel. – i love it ;)

Hi I have a few questions before I buy the plugin!! But before let me tell that I love other plugins yours ;)

1 – Can I insert a shortcode for payments in differents posts of my blog? 2 – What are commissions for payments with Paypal an credit card

Hi. Thanks for interesting in the plugin.
1. Yes. You can insert shortcodes into any posts/pages.
2. I don’t know. As I remember it depends on your country. But it is better to contact PayPal about this question.

I would like to activate the “paypal pro” so I would like to know if the payment system works in the same way as standard paypal, or I have to do some implementation, in this case could you explain me, how to do this please?

Plugin uses standard payment workflow.

Could you also integrate “2checkout gateway” as you did for the “Donation Content Locker” plugin ? - 2checkout is available in Europe, while “Stripe” is not available in all countries, so I ask you to take into account this. Thanks in advance for your reply

Unfortunately, I don’t have such plan.

Can it be for PHP sites ?

Hi. Unfortunately, no.

before I purchase I want to be sure this is what I wanted, product description a bit confusing. I need a product that restricts access to specific pages on my WordPress installation, so that pages are only available after payment. And secondly do you intend to add perfectmoney to this gateway, I’m pretty new to WordPress thanks.

Hi. Unfortunately, this plugin doesn’t fit your requirements.

does it supports affiliate plugins or api

This plugin will send confirmation email after buyers have paid from there ?

I need this plugin

Fast response :-) I need this plugin with unlimited session or transaction of payment seems like this plugin support my plan. I have tried and redirected to skrill website looks like page title as purchased item so I have question about it. Is it possible to add more than one payment shortcode (at one page) on each different conditional terms (ex: 3 membership option) ?

Unfortunately, it is not possible.

Ok then thank you for your time and information

Hello, i have probleme with interkassa

“You are using a new checkout Id from Interkassa 2.0 over Interkassa 1.0 protocol. Please, use new Interkassa 2.0 protocol (https://interkassa.com/technical-documentation)"

Please update your script for interkassa 2.0 API please!

Hi. Thanks for letting me know I’ll include it into my todo list.

lo tienes disponible en español y en php o html?

I don’t speak spanish


1. I would like to have a permanent payment page, where the client will enter his email and the amount and then proceed to Skrill. I do not wish to create payment pages per case. Is it posssible?

2. I have two Skrill accounts. Can I have two payment pages, one for each skrill account?

3. Is there a problem if I use a subdomain? (payments.mysite.com)

thank you :)

Hi. 1.You can create page and put shortcode on that page. 2. There is no such feature. 3. Plugin must be used on the same domain where WP installed.

Is there any known reason or fix when the plugin is not saving page title or the descriptions on creation of the page or editing of a page. This is an issue I am having with the plugin and I must assume it is cause of a setting or configuration issue. None of the unique data is being saved.

My review of this plugin shows that the code is not compatible with either php v5.6, MySQL 5.6 be cause the plugin returns a PHP error.

PHP Warning: mysql_real_escape_string(): Access denied for user ’’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) in /home/tiginc/domains/terryinvestgrp.com/public_html/wp-content/plugins/payment-pages/payment-pages.php on line 1047

PHP Warning: mysql_real_escape_string(): A link to the server could not be established in /home/tiginc/domains/terryinvestgrp.com/public_html/wp-content/plugins/payment-pages/payment-pages.php on line 1047

Are you releasing a fix for this issue and making sure the plugin is compatiable to the latest version of WordPress?

Hi. It was fixed long time ago. ;-) Just update plugin.


Can I add other required fields, for example text input?

Unfortunately, no.