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UnionThemes does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hi there, I have still not heard back from your support, can you please provide me a refund? I tried with default theme and still have issues so I need to move on to finish project, thank you.

Hi there, thanks for your response, but I had to finish the project today so that won’t be necessary, thank you

A refund would be great, thank you

Hi, we are not allowed to process refunds, but you can contact envato here for one. Thanks.

Does your portfolio plugin have widget ?

No it does not sorry…


this is a realy great WP Plugin!

1. How can I change the grid size, because I need only one Column that is 300px × 280px or 260px × 280px Maybe it’s possible to make a size option for one Column (would be great)

2. Can I insert shortcode or youtube embed in the Item Content WYSIWYG?

3. What about SVG Support in the near future?

My Theme frontend layout changes when I put the shortcode [render-portfolio id=”...”] inside the page.php is it possible to fix that? Maybe the grid size of the plugin changes my theme layout when I only use one Column.

Thanks for your help and best regards.

Michael do you mind posting your questions here for support

Thanks in advance!

Hi, Is it possible to know when you are going to update the extension to the new version of wordpress? Best regards.

Hi, I will talk with our developer!

Thank you very much.

Are you having issues with the current WP version? Requests? Thanks!

No we havn’t any difficulty. Just our template and an other premium plugin are update and we woul’d like to have the information for our planning. Thank you.

Ok we will be releasing and update in the next few days for a bug with the out of stock issue.

hi i have a prevpurchase question can an item can have a secondry image on hover in the grid like when you hover image will change


Sorry you can not.

Hi Guys.. just a Pre-Buy question. is this plugin responsive?

Yes it is, please preview on your mobile device before buying.

Hi Can you remove the categorie menu from the above the projects on union portfolio? thanks

Hi I responded to your ticket on ticksy.

Rather than having a pop up when you click on a portfolio item is it possible for it to go to a new page with the portfolio details? So exactly the same as what you see in the pop up but a new page instead?

Sorry that is not possible at the moment.

Presale question. Does your plugin (which looks fucking awesome) can handle any shortcodes within it’s editor? From the screen shots I see that to insert content it actually gets the WYSIWYG (or whatever the name for that is) editor. So I am thinking if shortocodes can be inserted. If so count with my purchase ASAP. Kind regards!

Sorry it does not support shortcodes, yes you can put them in, but we cant promise it will display the way you want it to as it was not built with that function but we will add it to our roadmap. Thanks.

​Need the URL of the porfolio item for use on a button in the revolution slider. Please check our website. On the slider we have a button VER MAIS… And when click wanna see the porfolio product. we have buyed the plugin

Hi, can you please submit a ticket here and include your WP login info:


I posted a ticket several days ago and have not heard anything back… should I be posting here? I am having issues with the CSS not working, etc.

Hi, you posted on Sorry about the delay I will look right now.

lovely work but not near customizable enough yet. It strips the WYSIWYG html out of the main content field and makes it all flat. So no bullet points or buttons, no bold. Why is it called WYSIWYG and have all the decorative options if all the text is stripped anyway?

Hi, could you submit a ticket on our support board here with a login/pass so we can take a peek at whats going on. Thanks!

Your pretty Activation section with ENvato API and purchase code does not work, already tried in multiple browsers, the “activate” button does not work

Thanks we will update it next version.

Pre-Purchase Question: I am looking for plugin that, where I can build a portfolio grid, that looks similar to this:

Most themes redirect to a new page when loading a portfolio-item. I just want a pop-up like in the example to open instead of loading a new page.

Is this possible with your plugin?

Thanks and best regards

Please see our demo, it opens in a popup and not a new page. Thanks!

Glad you solved it.

It is not the cost, it is using it on a client site that I am very concerned about. Three of the plugins I purchased two years ago are no longer support which means that the all the work as to be redone. One of those was DV Team … I just spend two days resetting all the team members 60 or so, as the code can become compromised. really love the functionality of this plugin, but need some reassurance you are planing to stay around for the long haul and it updated for Wordpress changes. Thanks

I purchase the plugin and I hate to do this, but I need to request a refund. I installed in and it has a major conflict with the theme we are using. Most of the features and editing bay are missing. I was so hoping it would work, but unfortunately, it does not.

I processed your refund, sorry to hear it did not work out.

Hi there I am wondering why the software is not filling out the entire content area when full width is OFF and I am telling 3 columns to be across and only two will go across. Thank you!!!!

Can you please submit a ticket here thank you!

Plugin does not work as expected,

Please see 1411485 ticket. I’m wait a lot of time for your response.

Sorry for the delay, I was on Holidays. I processed your refund request.

I put in a ticket a week ago and have heard nothing back. Do you guys offer support for your product?

Yes I will take a look now, so sorry.