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Very nice work – congrats!
p.s.: you have a typo in your items name so currently nobody will find your item if they search for “pricing” tables

Thanks. Please suggest, where is the Typo !!!

The title of your item is “Pircing Table” – it should be “Pricing Table”

Ohh, Thanks a lot for showing the typo :)

Can you add icon for block?

Which Block? Details please… :)

Before I buy this plug-in i need to know how your prices work. I need to be able to write the prices in my national currency. Meaning: I need to be able to writ for example 10.000 without making the 000 superscript (like US prices). Is this possible with this plug-in? Also, can I customize the color in the price table.


Hello dittedevoss,
Yes, you can do those changes like US Prices and you can change the colors also. I think you’re meaning that it’s WordPress Plugin, this is HTML5 and CSS3 Pricing Table. WordPress version is coming soon.

Hi, I insteresse your plugins   can work without Bootstrap

Everything looks great, it is a very appealing design. Good job.

If You Could take a look at this price list please, https://www.siteground.com/web-hosting.htm Could you do with your tooltips la même? And even better, Could You aussi allow the use of fonticons, in the tooltips?

A comparison table list would be nice also. ;)

AND, Could You make what-have you go, horizontal?


Hi hostingames,
Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Definitely it’s possible to make tooltip the example you’ve given. I will give an update by next week. Also WordPress version is coming.

Nice work! GLWS


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