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Very good job, fantastic work :) i wish you huge and successful sales for the week :)

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nice product dude…

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Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

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Your template designs looks like designs from 1980.

Realy, then why u waiting here, go and release your own product bcz all of item here are like 1980..

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Hello there, 1. I can’t see membership packages setting for members to upgrade and how members purchase or select package to upgrade (silver $5, gold $50 etc) then after payment confirmation it distributes comsions. Is it disabled in demo???

2. How to set level one to ten and do commissions as a percentage through out the level cant see that as well; because my plan Level 1 – 15% Level 2 – 5% Level 3 – 2.5% Level 4 – 1% Level 5 – 0.5%

Thank you great support; 1. Will you install for me? 2. Will u do customizations to have additional features at separate quote 3. Can’t see REFFERAL LINK OR CODE to be used?? 4. Can it be made mobile friendly??? I

5. Want to set commissions as a percentage??? Possible

u can set percentage from admin panel, there are referal link, yet its fully responsive. we will install for free if u need, we able to customized it for additional charges

We need to understand this script before buying. Unilevel is different from binary, and binary means two. Does that means member can refer only two, as oppose to the answer you gave above. You said it has 3 levels. Unilvel is unlimited. Please can you explain? what is the LENGHT and width.

its board matrix platform, 1board = 13 people. there are 3 board


I have a few questions before buying your system.

I have a structure wwhere one member get 3 referal as his downline and each of his three referals also have their own 3. But once a member is paid by 3 referals, he has to register again to be paid by another set of 3 downlines.

Can your plugin work with this structure? And also is the system designed to automatically assign referals (downlines) to a member?

And can a member who doesn’t make payment be deactivated from the system at a given time so the upline is assigned another referal?


its unlilevel board matrix platform, not 1:3 matrix platform. u need this one:

how to get in ,register not working?

I’ll try now

access to frontend not allowed

which page u are facing troubble, its working fine from my end. pls let me know with screenshort

In first level of any user how many no.of members can join

can you send me a manual for plugin integration

its not plugin, its an cms, installation guideline included with main files

HI can I have the demo login for frontend

you can registrared here and login

Hello Author?

Is this software words like Board Plan / Matrix Cycler? –

If not please explain the details. Please reply.

Thank you

Please check our demo and description.

I already did but no explanation how the Unilevel Board Matrix work. Where can i find the description?

That is what we have right now!

For $50 price tag, can’t you explain how this works? :(

all details are here, also demo available. u may check those


jv00 Purchased

i have purchased it but i cant install in my word press can i know the process of installing

its not wordpress plugin, its laravel script, follow documents files and install it

I have few questions before i buy,

1)what is Fund Transfer in user? 2) Do you have API in this, if i want to access the back end with mobile app? 3) Add user from admin? 4) Staff login , like customer care agent with limited access to backend?

thanks in advance.

basic qustion, check details, all answers are there

Pre-sale question: I get that a member is paid for referrals. However, does that same member get paid residuals from the sales of products/services that his referrals make? Here is my scenario: Warner, Inc. has several products/services it sells. Tom signs up as a Warner, Inc. member salesperson AND member recruiter. Tom recruits Jerry who signs up and Tom gets a referral payment for Jerry signing up. Jerry sells 5 widgets and gets the sales commission. HERE’S MY QUESTION: With this script, does Tom get a commission from Jerry’s sales directly connected to the 5 widgets?

you just copy and aste same things to several product ? what is ur requirements be clear 1st then come to ask

It’s called shopping for what you need. I asked a very specific question. There is nothing mystical about what I am needing a script to accomplish. I need a mlm script that supports residual income generated from the sale of products and services.

all we have are here, if u need customized one then we able to developed for additional charges. u dont found any readymade one u searching so u should go for custom one. more info mail us:

Pre-sale question: can i use this application with any ecom website , i am looking to sale product and want to share some of my profit portion via unilavle to my customer.

no u cant,its not samethings u r searching for. but for additional charges we able to developed same things u r seaching for.more info pls mail us: