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its real that i am purchase firt on codecanyon 50$ and for all otions after it for pro again 50$??? and it says my licence is “free version” ??

It depends. Have you read the description on the item’s page here ? Docs? When did you purchase the plugin? I’m sure we will figure this out, don’t worry. Just give me some more info. Thanks!

we bought the plugin here, and after installation (download via codecanyon) we didnt cant activate it and id says that we get the free version… so now we have bought it two times (codecanyon and in the plugin itself)

Please, contact me via the contact form on my profile page and send your purchase code.

I noticed the Range Sliders don’t work in IE 11. any quick fix for this? (besides waiting for IE to die) :) thanks!


which version of the plugin do you use?

Hi dear, this plugin can use Arabic language website?


I haven’t tested this on my own but saw one website that was using RTL language with my plugin. So, why not?

Also, please read an important notice regarding version 4 of the plugin on the item’s description page!

I have a big problem with my client e-store after update of your plugin,

Is there any way to restore the tooltip mechanism as it worked before ? Now after hover apeears small rectangle over the image , it should be TOOLTIP with the name of the color. how to make it works as before ?I dont want those rectangles just tooltip with text (color name) how to do that ?

did you changed something to make it works ?

Yes, I deactivated all the plugins except UniCPO and WC. Must be one of them conflicts with UniCPO in this.

Ok, I found the plugin which makes conflict “AWS Price Calculator” , but on earlier version of your plugin it did not make any difference, it happens after I make an update to the newest relase or UniCPO. But anyway, thanks for your help, I have disabled only AWS Price Calculator and everything works, thanks !

Hi. I would like to know if it is possible to send parameters of fields in the url (produtct/?var1=5&var2=8) for autoselection in the field list of the product?

ok thanks

Hi. Is this addon is published ?


No, it is not. I can send you it for free if you own UniCPO 4 pro. Just let me know.

Hello, i am looking for solution: I have prices in table for example: Width from 50 to 400 Height from 100 to 300 width height range every 10mm prices looks like this if someone chose: 41 to 50 width and for example 101-110 height the price is 120 51 to 60 width and for example 101-110 height the price is 128 etc I want to import prices from excell tabell I know there is hundreds of people looking for this kind of plugin there is hundreds jobs for freelancers to create solutions, May be You are interested to build in something like this?


I think I did it already)) I believe, this is what you need: check section “Matrix functionality”.

why does the upgrade ask for php 7 when the server is set to 7.2


It seems you are didn’t buy the plugin here.

Thats true I didnt – but my sister did, and I was asking for her, as she didnt want to ask herself… also are you up for making a form for her? She’s willing to pay for it


Please, contact me via this form Thanks!


enternu Purchased

When will the ‘Dynamic Notice’ function be added to version 4?

Please, read the docs, it is here already. :)


enternu Purchased

I have seen the topic in the docs. It is also used (and working) in an example on your demo site. . But I cannot seem to find the option within the builder :-)

Make sure you are using pro version, then scroll down in the list of options. Also, please ask questions about version 4 by using the form here

ok so i bought this . what next? im lost

how to make it pro? its showing free to me

and is there a way to take the demo you used

You bought version 3 here on CodeCanyon. Please, read the documentation and item description page. You cannot simply upgrade from 3 to 4.

can we apply same build to a category so all the items in it take same effect ? or we must do it item by item

No, item by item only.

that will take ages . ty

Hey there, the plugin seems nice, but while testing the free version, anytime when I hit the ‘view saved content’ button, all the fields disappear. When I go back in the CPO builder they reappear.


These comments for version 3 of the plugin. For version 4, please, contact me via the contact form here and let me know which theme do you use as well. Thanks.

I’m using your demo ( – no idea which version that it. EDIT: it’s 4 – allright, I’ll use that contact form…