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Is it possible to get the value from the text or slider field? For example, I would like a slider with options 1-10. I would like to calculate the price from the slider value.


Sure. The variable behind your slider custom options holds this value (unless you defined ‘price/rate’ setting for this option).

Hi, Great that works! I thought I had tried before but must have messed something else up! Thank you for the quick response!



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Hi there.

I change my template again, and price does not calculate. Can you tell me how to find the right “Custom selector (id/class) for a product price html tag”?. I’m still trying different templates and don’t want to bother you everytime I change it.


Forget it, I found the correct selector! :-D

Nice! Really, it is cool, now you know a little bit more about css ;)

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Why your plugin doesn’t support multilanguage plugin?

You have attached options set to the product in another language, right?

yes. maybe i can send you access to development site?

Ok. Pls, use contact form on my profile page.

Hello, on this page: there are two fields for Width (mm) and Drop (mm) which are currently select fields. However, my client would like the customer to be able to enter their own measurements and then the system work out the cost. So for example, blinds up with measurements up to 609 mm width and 1066 drop cost £74.39 for 15 mm slat width but the customer might enter 510 mm width and 900 mm drop and the system would still need to give the answer £74.39. I’m using the WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options so that I can offer the color swatches/variations – could I use your plugin as well so that I can offer the user defined calculator fields? Thanks!

Thanks for your quick reply. If I use your plugin instead can achieve the same thing that I’ve already set up? Can I include image as color swatches or do you happen to know of another plugin that I could combine with yours to achieve that? Thanks!

I think yes, you can. But it is not 100% for sure, because not everything is obvious. It is better if you send me a detailed description of how it should work and what price calculation do you use. You can contact me via contact form on my profile page and we discuss it via email.

Also, pls check the demo website of my plugin. There many different option types are shown. You will get better understanding what is possible and what types of options you can choose.

I need help, whether it is possible to set logical conditions in such a way that I set the price from the “table”. Don,t work me well, even though I try to have all ways. I have two variables: the width and height and table width from 0 to 2200 and a height of 0 to 3000 How to set logical conditions – I do not want to work.

: If width> 0 and <400 and height> 0 and <800 – price is 100 : If: if width> 400 and <500 and height> 0 and <800 – price is 120

etc .. etc ..

Please help, whether it is at all possible.

My sample table.

This works for sure. I configured client’s product with similar rules two days ago. It works.

can you help me? For me, I can not make that work properly. Can you give me the sample formula ?

I can look at the product configuration, maybe you have missed something. Pls, contact me via contact form on my profile page and send me an admin access.


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Hi, I need to extend the range of allowed file types in the “File upload”. I have put “application/zip,application/pdf” in the ‘Allowed mime types of files’ field. It works for PDF, but for ZIP files I always get “File mime type not allowed” remark. ‘pdf’ and ‘zip’ are both on the allowed mime types list: How to resolve this?


firfor Purchased

Finally, “application/x-zip-compressed” has worked :-) Thanks for help!

As I thought, many types of archives are exist and their naming patterns are also different. Luckily you have found the right one.

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We are having an urgent issue. The plugin seems to be messing up the coupon function, when I use a 15% off cart total coupon, all the prices for my variable products were discounted to 0 but the product that use Uni CPO calculation was discounted correctly. When I deactivated the plugin, the discount works properly for the variable products. Can you help please?

Here is a screen shot of the cart . You can see that the price for the variable product turns 0 when the coupon is added but the price for the tin which use the plugin to calculate price is discounted properly 15%.

I’m using version 2.2.1 of the plugin.

Pls, contact me via contact form on my profile page. Thanks!

Sent you an email. I think I found a solution but not sure if that would affect the plugin’s function anywhere else.

Thanks! Will be solved in version 2.2.2


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Hi .. when do you expect the weight function… for us it really would be verrrry cool.thx


You can hire me for this any time :) Just drop me an email.

Hi, if I “Duplicate” and “Quick edit” the name of the options set. The name is’nt visible for changing in other products… ??? is their a solution for that? Thx in advance

It is on my profile page.

Hi I’ve send you a message. Hope you received it? Thx in advance

I’ve checked it – no problems here.

Hello mrpsiho,

Hope you are doing well .I have a question if this functionality is possible with this plugin i want quantity as dropdown/select with discount. For now i can add discount but user have to input price so if i give 500-1000 (10%) discount and (1000-1500) 20% discount . If the user choose 1001 i have to give them 20% for just one product . Let me know if we can force user to select quantity either (200,400,500,) and give discount accordingly and solve my problem .

Thank you, Sameer Humagain


Sorry, but I don’t understand how it should work. Could you clarify?

Hello Mrpsiho ,

No worries i made it work with jquery . I was looking for functionality like this where i can add fix quantity option with select/dropdown or range slider.

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Hi, please let me know if I can make a color picker with this tool as a product option? (not exact colors, but color picker) If yes, please let me know how.



No, there is no color picker type option. I haven’t find an apropriate – nice, modern and fully functional – js version of such picker yet.


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Aló, you think you can help me configuring it? Please (: It’s just one product and I think it’s very simple but I’m not getting it work (cuz I’m a dummy)


Yes, I can help you, but it is a paid service.


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Hi, there in no detailed description of the “Custom JS Option” in documentation, and I would like to use some variables like {uni_cpo_price} or non-option {uni_nov_cpo_myvar} and put them in the script. Is it possible (and how) to access the values of these variables inside the script?


Right. There is nothing to describe. It is just a possibility to add your own any js code.

These variables exist only in the back end. There is no access to them in the front end.


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Well then, is it possible to show these variables (or at least one non-option var) in the product page? May be in form of a notice or by a custom shortcode? That would make my job complete :-)

Unfortunately, such possibility doesn’t exist yet.

Hello. Your plugin seems pretty close to what I need, but I’m still not sure. Here’s the thing. I need to calculate formula where a customer enters dimensions and plugin take another value from product attributes and multiplies those three variables. The result isn’t the product price but just a number.

Can I do that with your plugin?

So, I assume you use WC with custom template for single product page, right? So, you do some customisation anyway and may use my plugin as well.

Unfortunately, I’m not really versed in js. And also I need something flexible and easy to use later. Even for non-technical staff working in my client’s office.

Ok, I understand.


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Nice work. I check documentation and before buy i want to ask you if i can have in (uni_cpo_notice_size) some variable result, for instance (result price/2)


Why you need it?


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I have some product (stones) that have calculation per sq/weight and customer want to show also the weight of ordered product in product page.

You can add custom js code and display such info then.

Hi, is it possible when the total price is greater then for example 1000euro the visitor gets to see “ask for a quote”? Because otherwise… the totalprices of my custom products gets to high


It is possible to create a custom js code and do this with such code/ I mean – to display “ask for a quote” sign instead of the price, for example.

Where do I put the custom code? Do you know someone who can help write this code for me? Thx in advance

Such custom code can be added as a new small plugin or via your child theme or aybe even via ‘custom js’ option of the plugin (basically, it is not the option, but a possibility to print any js code right on the page).

I can design such custom code. I do modifications and customisations. If you want to hire me for this, pls, contact me via contact form on my profile page and we will discuss the details and the cost of this customisation.


Worked before, now it just says ““This plugin requires WooCommerce to be installed and activated””

Multisite wordpress latest install woocommerce active

I was able to take these lines out

if ( !in_array( ‘woocommerce/woocommerce.php’, apply_filters( ‘active_sitewide_plugins’, get_option( ‘active_sitewide_plugins’ ) ) ) ) { wp_die( esc_html__(‘This plugin requires WooCommerce to be installed and activated’, ‘uni-cpo’) ); }

And now it works..

For those of you experiencing this issue in multisite, simply follow the same edit, and your installation will resume proper function


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I experience UI issues with a range slider. If we have a small range between 100 and 500 it works perfectly. But if we have a range between 100 and 1500 the slider begins to skip steps and it makes impossible to set a needed number.

Can you add an option with number input which the slider will listen so a user could manually set a needed number in the input.

Thank you.


It is not an easy task. I suggest you to make your form wider, it will solve your problem.

Also, please, renew your support in order to be supported next time. Thanks!

Hi there. I’ll try to explain myself ;-). I’m using your plugin for an online printing store. Depending on the amount of “books” you want to print, the page price changes. Let’s say that if you buy 1 the price is 0,1 if you buy 5 price is 0,05…. is there a way to calculate the final price with those variables with your plugin?.

Pls, rate the plugin if you like it. Thanks! :)

I did the same day I bought it ;-)


Hi, Stock management is a key proces for most webshops. If stock management is not possible in this plugin is it an idea to make it work with variations? This way the plugin is more interesting for a lot of shops because it can also be used to have variations (color, size) with stock AND extra add-ons for certain attributes. Now everybody needs 2 plugins to make this work.


I plan to such functionality. But it is not an easy task and will not be soon, sorry.

It’s good to hear you are going to do this. Thanks for your reply.