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Is it possible to calculate with weight * price * quantity I have a requirement such as I will put weight in kg which needs to be multiplied by price and then into quantity. If this is possible i planning to but y it


It is possible for sure if you create two custom options: weight and quantity. Or what do you mean by “and then into quantity”? You will be able to use a formula like this “weight * price * quantity” with those two options I mentioned.

I apologize in advance as this is hard to explain. This did not seem to be an issue when I first installed. I have switched themes, turned off any custom css, uninstalled and re-installed the plugin. None of that has worked.

Getting some odd display behavior from this plugin. Everything looks good on the builder screen. If you do two columns at 50% float left it displays then side by side as it should. But when you view the page it stacks them on top of each other. No matter what column width you input it just stacks them.

Columns that are set to 100% sometime show at a random width ( about 50% ). Other times they display full width. But if you try to change the column with of the ones displaying full width you will not see those changes when you view the page. Sometime the title displays about the text input area, sometime is shows to the left. It looks to not be using any of the formatting to include padding or margins. BUT, sometimes it does.

If I add custom CSS to a column that i not displaying 100% width then it works. Viewing the code its shows the setting I have inputted for padding, margin, width, ext but seems to simply ignore them at random.

I believe the problem started after I deleted a CPO option ( removed from trash as well ) or after I started changing setting in the row options.

I have also tried to create a new builder on a new product page with new unique names but the display formatting is still an option.

Do we need to clear something out, a cache of some sort. It seems to be stuck on old information.

Please help as this plugin is very important to our website. We have been looking for something like this plugin for over a year. This should allow us to add an impressive about of customization to our products and allow us to sell customized products to customers.

In this case, it seems to me that you are missing some important step. Could you make a small screencast of how you work with the plugin? From the beginning – product creation – as well as show me how you add modules and so on. Thanks!

Link showing start to finish:

At the end I show one that was already setup. It has things like borders which complexity go away when viewed. Using google inspect element its also like the CSS from this plugin is being overwritten. But I know far to little to understand what is happening. If you want to view that page use the following link with this password to view it:

Password: G9S5D4 Link:

On a side note to make sure we have the correct version:

You stated that: “only Lite version is released, not Pro. Lite version is free and has limited support.”

But we purchased this for $50. Did we buy the Pro version which just has not been released yet?

Thank you for the help. Hoping to get this fixed soon as we have a LARGE amount of products that will be able to use this plugin. I believe this plugin could be a game changer for us to allow us to take complex orders via order forum.

You’ve bought a fully features version 3.1.8. This is Pro version because there is no 3.1.8 lite. Simply doesn’t exist.

Version 4 Pro is NOT released yet. The only free version is released that is quite limited. You’d better read FAQ section here before the update. But it is also completely ok to use this version. It is up to you.


rusabe Purchased

Hello. I am using the functionality for showing the price and weight with the formulas and variables that the pluguin allows me and I can see all working togehter well in te CART.

I am using a non-option variable to calculate the volume of each item and I can show it in the individual product page with a Dynamic Notice and it works fine too.

But the question is:

Is there any way to show de sum of all volumes in the CART? And show the volume for each item in every row of the CART too?

Thank you very much!


No, it is impossible.


hain712 Purchased


I bought your plug-in when it is version 3.1.8 . I updated to version 4.0.1 and it become Lite version? How can I upgrade to 4.0.1 Pro version?


Have you read FAQ section on the page of Lite version? It describes everything.


hain712 Purchased

Ok thank you!

I have lost my product options. I was told to update to php 7.0. I did that. I now just have WooCommerce Product Options and Price Calculation Formulas Lite – Uni CPO I go to my products and there are no options. Only CPO form builder. What’s happened?

Thank you. 1. Where can I download the earlier version? 2. Will my options and calculations still be there when I re-install? I am concerned that I have lost my work? Where is the data stored?

I’ve done it now. Sorry about that. I was panicking that I had lost all my work.


ruoccopp Purchased

Hello, until recently the plugin worked fine. After the update, some parameters no longer appear on the checkout page, in the notification email, and in the order panel ( ).

The total price is well.

How can I fix it? Thank you in advance!


Please, read FAQ section here

In order to downgrade just download the latest version of the plugin from CC and install it.


doogy2223 Purchased

this was working fine.. now getting an error saying to upgrade my php to php7… and all my options are gone??/ what should I do?


doogy2223 Purchased

It looks like the update made it the lite version… I just downloaded it from here and replaced the files and are working fine now.. thanks


doogy2223 Purchased

But the version installed from here.. still gives a message to update because there’s a new version? I installed the newest version available on here.. yet this message is appearing with an update button in the plugin…


hello, i am looking for a plugin to have dynamic pricing and make formulas like {width} * {height} * {price} is this possible with this plugin ?


i want to do something like this

the height is vertical and width horizontal, so if someone types 600×600 then the price is 242 , and if 600×800 then the price is 266 , and if 630×800 its also 266 os it possible>? and hard to do or easy?

No, it is not hard to do in the new version uni cpo 4 pro. It is not released yet, but I could send it to you when you buy the plugin.

do you have an email i can contact you about this? i am very intrested and i need this function asap!

Hi, after updating to latest version of your plugin, all my products’ unicpo options disapperared and only there appeared a field called “UNICPO FORM BUILDER” and a button called “goto form builder”

How can i reset all my products to phase before updated version? This thng happens when i update the Plugin to a newer version anytime. And i am having to uninstall and delete the plugin and install again. How can i prevent this. Would you pls check up if this is an issue? Thnks a lot….