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Hi – When are you planning to add date selection and other options in the new version of the plugin? Also, I am waiting for email instructions to update existing plugin setting to the new version.

Where is a date picker? Also in upgrade section, you mention that related instruction will be provided post email and site related information – where are they?

I am sorry, what? Please, read the documentation, it describes specific steps which you should do in order to upgrade.

Also, the docs describe which features are available in version 4.

I have just purchased and added unicpo after removing the free one but its an older version? what do you mean you dont support newer version? how do i upgrade? following the documentation it leads me to in-plugin upgrade page which only asks to buy again? what did i just buy? is it not the version 4? why use the same name if the newer version isn’t supported by you? whats the difference in free version of uni cpo 3 and paid version?

should i mention it here, its a testing site for now, will need to change the domain later as well, but since we’re still developing, here it is.

I should mention that this case is also described in the docs! :)

ty so much!!!

hi! when I calculated price for tiles (parket) and click “buy” what will be in a basket? Single product or calculated amount of product? Can your plugin add to basket calculated amount so that client do not need to type 2 times amount


There will be custom options for each cart item, like this: Those options and their values which are chosen by the customer

Actually, I do not understand what do you mean by “need to type 2 times amount”. Could you clarify?

Hi is there any way to add a formula so that the calculated price shows without decimals in the shop? See example: {uni_cpo_price}1.252.196*{uni_cpo_option_quantity} Here is a link to the product and what happens when you add 1 pcs.

I think it can be configured in WC itself.

Of course it can, but is there a formula for this in your plugin? That was the question.

No. My plugin uses the same WC settings in this case.

How can i change the Product Image with an Optional Image from the Calculation? the main image on the Product side change, but in the cart he only show the old product Image. – We use Version Version 300.1.7


I do not see a badge that you are my customer. If you would like to be fully supported, please, use this form and fill in your Envato purchase code in the form!

Your question can be treated as pre-sale actually. So, I can answer it. The functionality you are asking about is not available in version 3 of the plugin. It is available in version 4 PRO though.

Hi. I ordered the plugin settings. Now when updating, all settings are lost. What can I do to be saved?

What do you mean by ‘ordered the plugin settings’? Could you clarify?

We ordered the configuration of the plug-in as an option separately from you. Now when you update all the formulas disappear.

Please, read the documentation.

Latest update NUKED all my formulas :(. Site is completely busted…

Just install 3.1.8 and it works again.

I’ll do that. Thanks. How much does upgrade cost?

It depends on the type of the license. You’d better check it here


We had configured this plugin to calculate a price of a roll of vinyl based on height and width inputted by the customer via a slider. This was working perfectly, but have just noticed that it is no longer showing on the page.

I have tried to re-add it using the new ‘Builder’ but cannot work out how, slider is not an option on the left. I tried reading through ‘Uni CPO 4 Documentation’ but under range slider it just says ’... the content will be added soon.’

Need to get to the bottom of this asap.



You have to upgrade to version 4 PRO first. Please, read the documentation.

Wordpress says I have Version 4.0.6 (must have automatically updated?), do I need to remove this and start again by downloading v4 from wordpress?

Please, read the documentation.


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HI, I have an issue on upgrading to a pro version. I did all that was written in documentation but still can not upgrade and the only answer I got from support is to read documentation! That is not support at all


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hi i am using 2.1.6 and sundenly the options lost although i havent update to the latest version of the plugin. is it because of the wordpress update ?

I would suggest you start using version 4 of the plugin.


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i will restore all the lost options ?

It is a complex question.

But still I suggest switching to version 4, it is better.

Pre Purchase question

With this plugin, is it possible to add the option as toppings for Pizza and then the toppings to have different prices according to the SIZE of the pizza? for example when selecting 9” pizza, per topping cost is £1 but on when selecting 15” pizza, set it £2 per toppings?


It is not straight forward, but I think yes, it is possible. But buy version 4 here instead of version 3 here on CC.


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The price doesn’t change when I use the calculate button on the product page. But it adds the right price in the shopping cart. How can I fix this problem?

Please, consider switching to UniCPO 4.