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I have just purchased your plugin but I could not make it work. Here it is what it tells me:

Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. Plugin install failed. Return to Plugin Installer

I have downloaded once again the file to try again and same result.

Can you help me out.

Thanking you in advance.

Hmm.. It looks like you are trying to upload the main archive. But the plugin is inside it :) unpack it and take plugin’s archive.

Hello author,

I was using the image select tool but when i add pictures in it i get a strange bar above it. I have tried it in 3 other products but in the 3 cases i also got the strange bar above it. i hope you can help me.


that problem is solved, it was beause the theme, but i have another question. i have duplicated some products but when i change one of the it change all the products i have duplicated. you have some trouble shooting for this

Please read the documentation. This is described there.

I don’t understand why you gave the plugin 2 stars? I answered your questions. What’s wrong?

Hi and congrats for the great plugin.
I am very interested in the range slider function of your plugin to replace the quantity selector in some of my products.To be clear I want to replicate this
Is this something that can be achieved with your plugin?
Thanks in advance

Yes, it can be achieved. It is 100%. You can try plugin’s demo and try to re create it.

Thank you for your answers.
Going to buy this plugin in the next few days!


You plugin was great, everything work find but there is not products option detail in my cart, and i check comments history, you said: “Chosen custom options will be visible as the meta information for each product in the cart.” i am sorry, i can not understand this, any document or guide to make this work?

Many Thanks

Hi,i find it doesn’t work with twenty-seventeen theme, here is my site: it conflicts with other plugins? Many Thanks

Your current theme or maybe a setting in WC or both use ajax for adding for the cart. This method is not supported by now. Products must be added to the cart by using regular form submit, not ajax. Please, deactivate adding to cart via ajax functionality.


Walterino Purchased

Hi mate,

Greatest plugin I have ever seen! Cheers from Australia! Peace of art I was looking for a long time! I might think of some customisation or rather adding one small feature, are you avail for that kind of work? Cheers, Walter


Thanks for the warm words! :)

We can discuss everything. Just drop me a note via the contact form on my profile page.


arthurho Purchased

Dear author,

I still do not manage to have default value for my range slider. You can see the product on You have 3 sliders, named “largeur” “profondeur” and “longueur”. The 3D models that loads is not the product configuration with the minimum slider values. So, I would like the sliders to initialize with a default value that is not the minimum. For instance, for “Largeur”, I’d like a default value of 75cm, and not 60cm.

I don’t see any option in the product option settings. Is it possible ?

I thank you in advance for your answer. Arthur


Sorry, you have to verify your purchase before getting the support. Please, contact me via the contact form on my profile page and send your purchase code. Thanks!


Is there a way to change the this text : fill in all required fields to calculate the price. ?



Sure. You can translate (and/or change) it via .po/.mo files, i.e., by translating this text.

Or you can use
filter and change this text from within php function.

mu4prem Purchased


My site isn’t showing product options meta in the backend or basket. We’ve recently upgraded to the latest version and also woocommerce latest version.

I’m happy to send admin login if required


How can I test it?

Hi, since i updated to the last version i can´t no longer create non-option variables. Everytime i try to, the screen blinks on a red color and do not save my new variable.

I´ve already tried to disable all plugins and changed theme, but none of this worked.

i recorder a video to show what´s happening:

Am i missing something?


Please contact me via the contact form on my profile page and send me an admin access. Thanks.


I want to know if price per word count in text area is available in this plugin.

Thank you!

It is possible. You can hire me for such paid customisation. Please, let me know if you are interested in.

However, whether the users buy the plugin or not really depends on the functions provided. If the function doesn’t suit the need, won’t buy at all. It’s actually the developer’s job to enhance the functions of its plugin in order to get more sales.

Right. That’s why I’m working on some other features at the moment. I cannot fulfil demands of everybody at once.

Hello There, I have recently purchased the plugin Uni CPO – WooCommerce Options and Price Calculation Formulas.

I have installed the plugin but can’t activate it. It causes a fatal error.

Fatal error: Can’t use method return value in write context in /home/simplyglass/public_html/wp-content/plugins/uni-woo-custom-product-options/includes/options/class-uni-cpo-option-text_input.php on line 316

Would it be possible to help me?

Thank you

It’s ok I sorted it. Upgraded my php version. Cheers

Hello. I can create a non-option variable but I can’t seem to create a formula for it. Is this temporarily disabled or am I missing something? Thank you

I worked it out. I turned off the enabling of non-option variables. I think it’s back to front. Thank you



jose- Purchased

Hi, this is a PRE-SALE question:

Your plugin may be used to make something like this:

I’m making variations with a Form, not with woocommerce variable products because I have many atributes with a lot of options for variations, and also have optionals addons acording the variation.

In this example neither all the options nor all the complements was included, acording the preselectd options the minimal quantity of products change and also the incremental steps in the add to cart quantity.

Some products may include options with variable amount, in some cases groups of 2 or 4, in others only one

I think that it’s possible because one of your example’s web is so similar.

Thanks in advance for your attention


It is not 100% clear for me what do you need precisely. But yes, it is possible to do something like this with my plugin.


batman277 Purchased

I wanted to ask if there is a way I could change the main image based on the selections the customer made. So if option A and option B are true you can set a certain main image, and if option B and C are true another main image appears.

Sorry, not, you cannot do this out of the box. Only by creating a custom js script for this.

Hi There. I’m getting a bit confused and would appreciate a push in the right direction? I am setting up a website similar to your demo. The user is ordering mirror – they input the width and height (this creates an area variable). The thickness is chosen (4 or 6mm) Depending on the choice, the price changes. I have set this up through ‘add formula conditional rules’. I have 4 additional options that will alter the price for example safety backing, edges and bevel. From my reckoning, I will have to set up about 50 rules to account for all the choices the customer could make. Is there another way I am missing? Do I need to use Dynamic Options instead?


Well, either way – you should use formula conditional logic or design your master formula and place it in the ‘main formula’ field. Both methods are good. Just decide what is better for you or maybe what you can use (in some cases a formula cannot be created).


arthurho Purchased

Hi !

Here is the purchase code you asked for: I’ve just bought the new version of the plugin.

I have two questions :

- how to upgrade this plugin from version 2 to version 3 without having to reconfigure all the products ? - how to set default value for range slider ? For instance, on , I’d like the configuration to load with “longueur” parameter at 70cm, and not the minimal value (here 70cm).

Many thanks in advance and congrats for this great plugin. Arthur

Thanks for your answer. Do you have any agenda for the new release ? It’s actually critical for the new product development of my business. If not, do you have a temporary solution I could implement ? Thanks in advance.

I plan to finish the next release at the beginning of August. Please, remind me about this in two weeks, ok? Maybe I will have something for you until then.

Thanks, no problem, I’ll remind you ! Regards.


labelroo Purchased

Hi, I purchased your plugin a while back and had issues with the minimum quantity not working. I need to set a minimum quantity of 10 for some of my products, but it does not work. You said you would fix this in a newer version of the plugin. Do you know when that version will be ready or how this can be fixed?

Please, update to 3.1.2. I am sure I have fixed it in 3.1.1 or 3.1.2 It works like this – you are not able to order less than the minimum or more than the maximum. Maybe it is possible to choose ‘invalid’ qty on the product page, but it will be corrected in the cart it is for sure.

Ok, how do I update it? I do not see it as an available update on my plugin page on Wordpress. Do I need to repurchase the calculator?

No, no. Just download the new version from and install it.

Hi, Thanks for your answer. Do you have any agenda for the next release ? It is actually critical for the new development of my business. Thanks in advance.

Pre Sale question.

I have products with a fixed price based Width x Length and a different fixed price for Length x Width. The Length varies between 28cm – 280 cm. The Width Also.

The visitor must be able to set his required dimensions and the plugin should calculate the price for these dimension.

Is this possible? Unfortunately i havent found a plugin which could fix this as the prices for the dimension of W x L are different as the L x W price.

Looking forward to your reply.


Are you using any kind of maths formula for the price calculation?

Well, you can do this with my plugin but you will have to create a lot of formula conditional rules. Therefore, it might not be convenient to manage this.