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Hi! using Moment.js for the datepicker, is there any way to disable every monday for exemple ?


I don’t have the exact solution, sorry. But I think – yes!


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thank you for your answer! Don’t look easy but I’m gonna try few things.

ok :)

Great theme, just 1 question: how can I remove one of the sub options? I made too many.

Could you please send me a screenshot?

Ok, I got it. Smth wrong with the styles, so you don’t see it. It should look like this: So, try to find that invisible red cross and you will be able to delete suboptions.

Hello, what’s the best way to update the plugin without loosing my formulas ? Thank you


I’m ready to answer to any your question related to the plugin, but it seems that your support period has been expired. You have to renew your support or, I think you agree with this statement, it is just unfair towards those customers who has unexpired support.

Pls, also read this:


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I have your plugin on my website that has thousand products and the prices change regularly and I need to be able to change the values easily.

Is the a table behind the plugin that stores the values so I can change it there instead of having to edit every single product. Or some import action that I could use ?

Best regards, Ragnar


There is no such thing like a one complex table with everything. All data is stored as custom meta data for CPT ‘uni_option’.

Is there a way via a Function file hook to change the text “fill in all required fields to calculate the price” rather than editing uni-cop.php.

Excellent plugin I can see it being purchased again for other client sites. And maybe some freelance work coming your way.

To those considering this plugin I have tried many and none come close to the options this offers. And neither have I seen such an active contactable developer, it’s refreshing.

Well I was think something more like this added to the child theme functions.php

// Uni CPO – Change Text After Zero Price add_filter(‘gettext’, ‘uni_cpo_text_after_zero_price’); function uni_cpo_text_after_zero_price($translated) { $translated = str_ireplace(‘(fill in all required fields to calculate the price)’, ‘ (Complete All Fields To Calculate Price) ’, $translated); return $translated;

Which would also allow a css class added in the str_ireplace. What do you think?

Saving editing core files or moving language files

You would then add this to your child theme css style sheet

/—[ uni cpo text_after_zero_price_replaced ]/ p.price span .uni_cpo_text_after_zero_price_replaced { color: red !important; font-size: 12px !important; font-weight: bold; }

But why do this?) It is better to give an ability to completely customise this text via plugin’s options. The reason why I didn’t do that yet is some troubles in maintanance and.. well, I’m making a new major version and this will be there for sure.

Ok well I look forward to the new options in your next version. But for the moment it gets me over a styling issue. Thanks again for your fast feedback.

Hello, I have some questions before buying:

1.- I need to disable previous dates from the date picker, so the user can’t book dates from last week or last month. Is this feature already implemented?

2.- Is there a way to disable certain hours from the time picker? So the user can only pick from 07:00 AM to 05:00 PM?

3.- Is there a way to display the time in AM/PM format?

4.- Is there a way to translate the dates in the Checkout page? So instead of 2017/02/21 it shows “February 21, 2017” (or anything like that).

5.- Do you offer any kind of integration service with Google Calendars or something like that? So the picked dates get “booked” or anything similar in a calendar?

Thanks a lot!


1. Yes.

2. No.

3. Yes.

4. Yes.

5. Do you mean – in addition to WC order? No, there is no such possibility. But I think it can be added via customisation.

How much would you charge for this customisation? I want a date to be booked, and have it synchronized to Google Calendars so I have everything organised better.

Also, is there a way to set the datepicker so the user can’t select “today”?

It depends on what exactly you want and how it should work. You can contact me via contact form and we will discuss this.

It is possible to disable today and all the past dates, so a user will not be possible to choose these dates.


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Hello, I need to implement the tooltip but on my site it does not appear


What theme do you use?

Hey there,

I scrolled through the comments and saw that someone also reported a bug that prevents the price of variable product to show up correctly in cart and checkout page (showing 0), though the calculation of the total is still correct. I’m using version 2.0. Please let me know how to fix this. Thank you in advance.

Yes. :)


Hi, thanks for the fast reply. After upgrade I did notice one display issue on the backend, see screenshot This happens in FireFox, Chrome, and Safari. Do you know what this is?

Hm… Maybe it is a conflict of css styles?

Hi! I just bought your plugin. It works great.

Can the plugin (slider) update the actual height and weight of the woocommerce products? These values are needed for choosing the correct shipping method.


Sorry, no. Such feature isn’t here.

Is this on the planning somewhere or are you going to focus on the weight for this?

Sorry, I don’t plan to add such feature soon. I’m working on visual form builder.

Hi! I can’t figure out how to add extra costs when a size (height x width, coming from 2 sliders) is above some value. Do you maybe have an example for this?


1) create non option variable that calculates area

2) use formula conditional rules – add a rule with this your formula with condition when area > 10000

Ah now i see. i wasn’t sure where to place this conditional rule, since it is stated to be applicable for the child options, but i can place it in the ‘general’ conditional rules. Works, thanks! is it possible to display a message when this value is reached?

Not out of the box, but it is possible by adding custom js code.

Hi! I noticed updating the colors ordering is not working well. It keeps loading when you change a lot of positions and when you do it one by one it doesn’t save the new order a lot of times. When i make some more changes besides the order it is saving correctly most of the times.


Where I can test it and how? I’m talking about your website)

Also, what version of the plugin do you use?

Hi. I am using your plugin and I changed my theme after price update function not working. I am changing variables but main price area not change. If you want to test web page please visit this link:

Thank you

How can I disable ajax function?

I found ajax setting and problem solving. Thank you.

Nice! ;)

Pls, rate my plugin if you like it. Thanks!


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In my price calculation options I’ve added a field ‘Length’. The product price depends on the (variable) length of the product. But also the shipping cost depends on this length, normaly calculated by the dimension options in WooCommerce.

Is it possible to use a custom field as WooCommerce length-field?


The plugin doesn’t have such feature yet. I plan to add it, but I’m working on visual form builder first. Also, another customer – his nickname “dvanrossum” – already asked about such possibility

Sorry, guys, but such feature is not available yet. Unless you want to hire me for adding this feature. Try to understand, I believe that visual form builder should have a priority, it is a number one feature. Also, I have regular projects for clients, because I have to have the money for living :) So, in order to work on your suggested feature I have to either stop working on visual form builder or stop working on clients projects. But the first one is priority and the clients projects give me the money. I just cannot stop working on them because every customer wants something else. I repeat – all the suggested features are equally important! It is just not possible to do them all at once because… see above.

PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function is_sold_individually() on boolean in /home/webcodsolutions/public_html/client/packers/wp-content/plugins/uni-woo-custom-product-options/uni-cpo.php on line 277

I am getting the above error please help


On what page you’ve got this?

Hi there again. First of all, sorry for been so annoying. :-D

I got a problem. I can’t see options in product page.


Hm-m… well, you have to investigate the problem and fix it.

any clue where to start?. WP and me are not really good friends ;-)

Start by looking for smth that may cause this issue in functions.php. I cannot tell you what is that can be or it looks like, it is too specific to your theme and how it is programmed. But most likely it is an action or a filter that overwrites smth on single product page.

Also, you can hire me for this if you like. Just let me know by contacting via contact form on my profile page.


On the product page there is a price of € 0,00. Is it possible to view the price (without extra the extra options). I am a webdesigner and a client of me, purchased the Uni CPO plugin. Thank you!


Pls, contact me via contact form on my profile page and send your purchase code. Thanks!

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When a customer uploads a file, I see the link on their product meta in their order. But when I click the link, it just reloads the order page.

The only way to find the file is to go dig for the file in the media library. Is something broken here?


I’m ready to answer to any your question related to the plugin, but it seems that your support period has been expired. You have to renew your support or, I think you agree with this statement, it is just unfair towards those customers who has unexpired support.

Pls, also read this: