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Hi, I was trying to access the demo, but the url seems to be down.

What I meant was on using your plugin, even if user changes the avatar in buddypress, the wp and bbpress shows the default avatar in ur plugin. This is my suggestion


Well, it’s a good idea. Will see how it can work together in the next two weeks.

Thanks !! Please make this change and I think ur plugin will have huge sales. We are tired of gravatar calls.

Can this plugin bypass the ? So onlyavatars used by this plugin is loaded.

Actually, it is exactly how this plugin works. Users won’t see gravatars, only avatars from this plugin! Please, look at this page: You may notice that even for the guest a default avatar from my plugin is used.

Super. Is on my list now. Waiting a little.

I just can use the “Choose default avatar image” (White, Beige, Green ) For some reason I can not use the “male/female differentiation”. The “Enable different avatars.” Option is enabled.

Also, I cannt use the “Custom uploaded avatars”. =(


Please contact me via contact form on my profile page. I will help you.

Ok, I will send you all the information in around of couple days. Thanks

There has been an update today can you provide more details

Are you a talking about this one: right?


Could you contact me via contact form on my profile page? I have got a piece of news for you)

Hi, i’ve bought the ASANA theme in which is included UNI avatar. I’ve tried to use it but it’s not working.. every time i click onto the “upload” button in the backend nothing happens. in the console error i get: i undefined. please let me know.


Sorry for this terrible bug. I’ll fix it today and will send you the new version of the plugin as well as will update Asana theme. Thanks for the report!

I’ve just submitted version 1.1.1 of Asana WP theme. I think it will be quickly approved. Als, I think that you will receive a notification about that. So, just remember to upgrade your theme and plugins and several erros will gone)

hey just wondering why when I press upload avatar there is nothing happening? let me know if im doing anything wrong or how i can fix this?


It seems that you didn’t buy my plugin. Sorry, but I don’t support users who didn’t buy my plugin.

If you get the plugin as a part of a premium theme – please write a comment to that item. Your question will be answered there.

Thank you!

Any plans to support Wordpress Multisite? It would be nice to have networkwide avatars. Also Image cropping would be a cool feature.

Then this plugin would be interesting for me.

Thank you very much!

Ouch. Thanks, I’ll fix it.

Any progress concerning wordpress multisite support?


No, sorry.

Hi – do I need to paste code into bbpress somewhere to get the custom avatars to show? And how do I add more than one custom avatar for people to choose from? When I try to add a second one the first one disappears and if I select multiple ones at the same time, only one shows up. Thanks

I have buddypress & bbpress installed. In buddypress I disabled the upload avatar in buddypress because I want them to only use the custom avatars I have set up. When going to the profile page it just has the Gravatar text below. I will upload some screenshots and post the url to them

What I know for sure is that BuddyPress overrides bbPress profile page. So, if you have both of them, you actually use a profile page only from BuddyPress.

And I still don’t understand what you are trying to achieve and what you did and where step by step. Maybe, it is better if you contact me via contact form on my profile page and send admin access?

Hi, again . . . I was able to upload custom avatars. How do I make them available for the site users to select one? In the profile area It just says this: Change Profile Photo

Your profile photo will be used on your profile and throughout the site. To change your profile photo, please create an account with Gravatar using the same email address as you used to register with this site.

I do not want them to be able to upload their own, or to use Gravatar. I just want them to choose from the custom avatars I have uploaded. Thanks


I have answered to you above.

Hi, I´ve just purchased your plugin mainly because I wanted to get the option to my users to select a predifined avatar.

I´m having dificulties in setting up the plugin to do so. When I upload some avatars, only one shows up on the pop-up window “Select your avatar”.

Can you help me? Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advanced

Pelase, contact me via contact form on my profile page and send admin access. I have to look at it.

It worked! Great plugin! Thanks

Please, rate it. It helps me much! Thanks!

Hello, is it possible to disable the upload for the users and just let the users chose among a predefined set of avatars (upload in by the admin)? Thanks!


I’ve purchased the plugin and I will be looking into removing the update feature.

But I have another problem right now. When I change a user’s avatar from the admin back office, it’s the admin avatar that get changed. For instance, I go to one user, I change it’s avatar (using preloaded avatars), but this user’s avatar doesn’t change and the admin avatar (which is the account I’m logged into) change then (replaced by the avatar I just chose).

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


No, it is not a bug, it is just how the plugin works. Not very convenient, I agree. I’m going to update this plugin, but I can’t say when I’ll do this. No ETA, sorry.

Ok, thanks!


I just buy the plugin and it’s impossible for me to upload custom avatars… Please do you have an issue to fix it ? Many thanks



Can’t be. Really, it should work. Please, contact me via contact form on my profile page and send admin access. I have to test it.

I just send you a msg via your the contact form.

Right, and I have answered you ;)


Im trying to Upload/Add Avatars and pressing the associated button does not bring up any prompt or open any dir on my computer?


Pls, send me admin access for your website. Thanks!

Hi, presale questions: Its possible automate assign custom avatar by default for each sex, female and male ? Thk


Could you clarify this? What you mean by ‘automate’?

Sorry form my english

If a women registered, the BP avatar should be different by default…?

Yes, it will be different, but user’s gender used in my plugin has to be set additionally, by special setting for each user. This field is from my plugin. I’m not sure how it works in BP, maybe it has its on field like ‘gender’.

Hello, is this plugin still supported? I am interested in purchasing, but the demo link doesn’t work.

I am looking for a plugin where users can select from a list of pre-set avatars on sign-up. I am building a website for children so it’s essential that they are able to do this and not upload their own (or have it feed through from Gravatar). Does the plugin have this functionality?


Yes, it works. I’m re-designing it in favor of better performance and usability.

But you cannot disable uploading with this plugin. It displays upload form all the time and also gives a possibility to enable choosing form, as an additional feature. One (or both) forms are shown in modal window.


Nice plugin. i only can’t find the shortcodes to show this on other places on my website. can you please help me with this one


It looks like you didn’t buy my plugin yet. I don’t see such badge.

It was included with the Asana theme

I see. Ok, but pls, post a comment to Asana WP theme item and I will answer you there.

Hello, I want to implement the Upload and Delete Avatar functionality in the frontend using shortcodes but I don’t find any description in the documentation attached witht he plugin. Documentation says:

“I have made a decision to place this part of documentation online on the plugin’s demo page. So, all actual information about advanced usage of this plugin with relevant and interactive examples you can find on the plugin’s demo page called Advanced Usage”

But the demo page – Advanced Usage is giving a Page Not Found error!

Please help me get the required instructions to put the shortcodes in place. I look forward for a quick response from you. Thanks in advance


Sure. The demo site for this plugin is gone. By accident actually. Anyway, I’m working on the new version of this plugin, so there will be a new docs :)

So, in order to display custom avatar use this:
[uav-display-avatar id="" size="" alt=""]

“id” is the ID of the user; “size” – custom size; “alt” – alt attr for img tag;

And these two are designed to let the current user to open modal window and upload avatar and delete avatar:
[uav-modal-link id="" title=""]
[uav-delete-link id="" title=""]

Hello, I would like to know if this plugin has the option to be added from the client registry of my web page so that they enter their profile image along with the registration form that I have predetermined Waiting for an answer, thank you very much.


Actually no. This plugin adds a form to WP user profile page and lets the user upload their own avatar image. Or the same can be done for custom profile page by using the shortcode.

But such form (or a single field) cannot be added to registration form.

Hi, I work for a small business. I convinced them to pay out for this plugin because, according to your own description of it, it has the potential to meet my client’s needs.

However, after paying for and downloading the plugin, only then do I find that the “advanced usage” functions needed are only explained “online on the plugin’s demo page”—which no longer exists.

I’m quite dismayed at this point. Could you please just tell me the shortcodes for displaying the avatar upload form, and avatar itself? Without them, this plugin is completely useless to me and probably many others who may consider purchasing it.

Until this is resolved, I cannot, of course, recommend to buy this plugin. I hope you can help me!


Glad to hear that!)

Well, I understand this and yes, you are right, it is really annoying. And I happy to update it, but, to be honest, I simply don’t have enough time to do that. I’m working on another plugin and I have another one in my queue. Ooops))

Are you a developer too?

General dev, yes. Not specialized like you :) I understand how it is with time constraints… I’m on my own with this then! Thanks for responding anyway

How can I consider buying this plugin when the demo isn’t a demo of the plugin and there’s not enough information about it ?


Agree, you cannot. To be honest, this plugin is a bit old one and I think I will remove it at all next month. So, I would not recommend to buy it, honestly. Sorry, just do not have enough time to support it.