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weird but cool.

cool cool

I will be removing the under construction text and add Sale expires in xxxxx # of days.

This can be used for many things but I would not use it for under construction ;)

very nice

Can’t view the past status in ie8 inless it is run in compatiblity mode. Can you fix it?

Me too, cannot see past status in ie8, but this is super!

Thanks for the comments guys and thanks for the purchase webguy. Indeed, this script could be used for anything where you’re counting down to something!

I have fixed the “show all status updates” link when viewing in IE8 non-compatibilty mode and it’s now in the queue awaiting approval. Thanks for letting me know.


can this script be use on Wordpress?

Hi jlapitan,

I’m sure it could but I’m not a Wordpress user so can’t say for sure. If you can include php files using Wordpress then you can use this.


New version with IE8 fix approved and available for download!

Very nice :) seeing loads of these Under Construction things atm.. one of the best I’ve seen.

A good buy for $6.00!


Thanks jigowatt, really appreciate the comment.

Does not work under IE6 , no problems found with Safari 4. A better CSS would be desirable (I found 27 times “font: tahoma;” not really usefull). But it’s a good start for your own customizing.

Hi Bricktop? Hope you great, i have a quick presale question, Is it possible to have a separate time countdown timer also editable from admin, and the percentage calculated from the remaining days? Thanks, would love to hear from you.

Hi, thanks for the question, could you just explain in a bit more detail? Do you want two counters displayed on one page?

Hi Bricktop? Thanks for your quick response. I meant is it possible to have 2 counters display on one page? Also is it possible to have the percentages calculated from the time / days remaining in the countdown? Thanks

It would be possible to have two displays, but you’d need to have the script modified quite heavily for this to work.

With regard the percentages, while possible it’s not something I’d be able to do because I’m not too good when it comes to mathematics – and it would require quite a complex mathematical equation to achieve!

If you decide to purchase, contact me via my profile and I’ll look at getting something sorted for you with regard two displays.

This is a great theme. It can be used for many things :-) Will be lookin for more of your files.

Thank you!