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Thank you! Also any new additions that were added? Again thanks for the quick reply…

No other features were added.
It’s a special new version for you my friend :).

New version available now!


Just bought Under Construction Admin but i cant seem to log on, everything else is working fine. Ive tried the passwaord listed in the help files (test) but cant seem to log on and no errors show up, i have php set to show errors. I sent you an email but wanted to post here just incase you didnt get it.



Open the offline.php file and replace line 7 with the following code:

$admin_password = md5('test');

Now the password “test” will work.

Is there any way of allowing multiple ip addresses?

For the moment this is not possible.

Hi! Please is it possible to help me with the steps i have to install in wordpress?

Thanks in advance

I’ve created a little video tutorial so you can see how to do it:

Thanks for your time Sitebase Very Helpful Tutorial!!


I want to buy this script but I am worried it might not work in my website. I have a php script installed and I also have a “coming soon” page, will this work in that case?

It works on every PHP website! :)

Can I use this script even if I have a “coming soon” page?

Ok, I’m gonna install it now. thanks for your response. I will get back to you if I encounter a problem.


I bought this script. I installed my custom theme but the images don’t show up.How can I fix it? my custom theme has javascript

Make sure to use relative url’s because now for example you try to load this file: but that file doesn’t exist.

Please check the images are not showing up

Make sure to use relative url’s because now for example you try to load this file: but that file doesn’t exist.

what do you mean relative url? style.css is in that folder. What should I do?

You now use urls like: resources/css/style.css but you’ll need to use the full path so including the domain name.

Where will I put that full path URL ? Please explain to me how I will make my custom theme work. Thank you

In the html source of your template.

Wow! it works! Thank you soooooooo much for your kind support. Cheers!

Good job ! Working ! 5 stars from me !

I have got the script working, except that it only shows the under construction page when “show offline to admin” is checked on. Is this correct? I want to have the site showing the under construction, while still being able to edit the wordpress theme in the background. Is there something I missed?

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What index.php are you refering too? My download only has offline.php, example.php, templates folder. and it dont take me to the UC page of of the admin. So where do I put the include(“webconstruct/offline.php”) as you say in the instructions?

if you have errors (multiple alert message with Undefined) with this script . Open offline.php and at line 10 replace : error_reporting(E_ALL); with error_reporting(E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT & ~E_DEPRECATED);

it’s good with my 1and1 hosting and php 5.17