Unblock The Ball Sliding Puzzle

Unblock The Ball Sliding Puzzle

Unblock The Ball is a game like Slide Puzzle Games.
This is a complete project targeted to the mobile platforms. Puzzle Editor is included – no code required for creating or modifying the levels. The project includes two game modes with 200 levels.
This project can be used for reskining or as a tool for creating any sliding puzzle like plumber puzzle, unblock puzzle, jigsaw puzzle.
The source code was built in Unity cross-platform game engine.
Unity is free to download game engine, you can simply download Unity and import the source code into it.
Monetization: the app can get revenue from ads (Admob or Chartboost). If a player stuck at any level, he can use rewarded video ads to get free hints.
Documentation includes a video tutorial for Level Editor. You can easily change any puzzle or create a new one just in a few clicks! No coding requires for creating new levels!

Updated to version 2.0:

  • Puzzles now support any board size (5×5, 6×6, etc.)
  • Puzzles now support rotating tiles
  • Rotation game mode was added with 40 new levels

    Key Features:
  • Ready to publish, no programming required
  • Level Editor is included, you can edit or create new puzzles without coding
  • Supports any puzzle size (4×4, 5×5, 6×6, etc.)
  • 200 pre-made levels (you can add even more)
  • Standart Mode. Player has to slide tiles to complete a puzzle.
  • Rotating Mode. Player has to rotate and slide tiles to complete a puzzle.
  • Simple Control. Just move the puzzle with your finger and try to create a path to a goal.
  • Hints System which player can use if he has stuck with any puzzle
  • Mobile-friendly. Supports both phones and tablets
  • Monetization: Admob, Chartboost

    Download and test apk: Unblock The Ball APK
    Vide of a gameplay:Move The Ball gameplay
    I can provide reskin and launch service for this source code. I will change music, graphics, Admob ads id and upload it to Google Play. Feel free to contact me via my profile.