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tvc73 Purchased


Pre-sale question.

I have a site with UM and Woocommerce. I have multiple (4) roles as follows… Standard Member A which can upgrade to Premium Member A and Standard Member B which can upgrade to Premium Member B.

Standard Members cannot use private messaging however Premium Members can.

I want to use UM Switcher to allow Standard Members to upgrade to Premium Members for 1 month at a time. At the end of the month I want the Premium Member to be downgraded back to a Standard Member again.

Does UM Switcher allow for this?

Hi tvc73,

Ultimate member have there docs with all the info about roles, and how to use them.

Um switcher is just a connection between ultimate member and woocommerce, its just a product that give (time-based) access to specific users based on there community role.

Once your subscription product to premium membership is set to: for example 30 days. then it automatically expires after 30 days, and they are a standard member again.


bofori Purchased

Hi i bought your plugin. I have a question. So i’m using UM and woocommerce. I set up my registration page so first time sign-ups can select one of several member communities (ie ‘roles). i already set these roles as um-switcher products in woocommerce. But when user clicks register the page is frozen and does not take user to woocommerce payment page. i’m i getting something wrong. Also please dont ask that i go to your forum to post question. i went there and realized i had to create a full member profile with bio and all that as required fields just to get support.

Hi Bofori,

Thanks for posting. We provide support through our forum via theme-dutch.com. You don’t have to create a full member profile if you don’t want to.

Please post your question there, and our support staff is happy to help. Thanks in advance,


Hi !

I am interested in installing UM + UMswitcher to manage memberships in a society website I manage. However, I wanted to confirm a couple things:

With your product: - Members can sign in, chose their membership & pay with paypal ? - We have installed on our website the PDF invoice plugin for Woocommerce https://woocommerce.com/products/pdf-invoices/ . Will this be compatible with UM & Um-swithcher ? If people pay through UM-switcher, will the PDF invoice plugin still work ? - Can we export the full list of members as an excel/ csv file ? - Can we send automatic welcome emails & payment reminders ? - Can members login to check their status, membership expiry date?

Thanks Maria

Hi Maria,

UM-switcher is an add-on for Ultimate member and Woocommerce. When you install Umswitcher you can create subscription products under WooCommerce. And also can send email reminders when their subscription is about to expiry. We have also included an Ultimate member field with the expiration date, so you can add it if you like to the profile of a user.

Yes, members can buy a membership via WooCommerce/umswitcher product and pay by PayPal and basically every payment gateway. Because that part is controlled by Woocommerce.

PDF invoices: this is controlled by WooCommerce, and has nothing to do with Umswitcher. So no worries here.

Export members as an excel sheet. There is no option build in umswitcher. But there are many plugins and options for that.

Can we send automatic welcome emails: yes, that a feature of Ultimate member.

Can we send payment reminders:? When you setup a umswitcher product, you can instant add a email reminder on the time you wish.

I advice you to read the documentation of Ultimate member and Woocommerce first before you start with UM switcher. Because most part of your questions are related to UM + WC.

Here are the links:

https://www.umswitcher.com/manual/ https://docs.woocommerce.com/documentation/plugins/woocommerce/ http://docs.ultimatemember.com/

The combination Ultimate member + UM switcher + WooCommerce makes it possible to create a full blown paid membership site. We’re UM switcher is just a small part as it’s an addon that fills in a cap between the two plugins. So you need to do some research on UM + WC first.

If you need assistance, please visit our forum and add your question: https://theme-dutch.com/forum/um-switcher/

Hope that helps, Mike

Hi Mike !

Thanks so much for your reply. It is really helpful !

One last question: At the moment we already have members which have payed their membership to our society NOT using Ultimate member or any system (we have about 100 members). Is there a way for us to add their details to UM-switcher (eg. create their accounts/ membership roles for them)? or Once we install UM & UM-switcher, does each member need to come back to our website and directly sign up ? If so, would we need to create some roles without charge ($ 0) so the person can sign up without having to pay again ?

I am just trying to figure out how to best transition all of our old members into your system..

Thanks again for your advice :) Maria

UM-Switcher is a connection between ‘Ultimate Member’ and ‘Woocommerce’.

Pre-sale Question: Can you use Um-Switcher without Woocommerce? We want to block our blog posts for a duration to certain members, but not sell products yet.

Thanks! A

Hi mandiemayus88,

Unfortunately this is not an option. UM-Switcher needs WooCommerce to function.

Kind regards, Themedutch


EliketGrp Purchased

Hello how to create price lists like on the demo site of UM-switched. thx

This is something which you can create with your wp template using Visual Composer page builder

Hi there, pre-sales question if that’s okay :) So, what is the process? A user signs up with UM as usual, and then purchases a membership through Woo, and then that user’s profile is automatically upgraded to a paid membership if they sign up with the same email?