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Plugin is not Wordpress Network enabled. Getting this error: “Please activate WooCommerce Plugin for Um Switcher Plugin” even though both Woocommerce and UM Switcher are activated. Please update the plugin to accommodate Network sites.

Hi golftourney,

Thats weird, umswitcher should be multi site ready as we have tested this. But would it be possible to have a quick look at your installation? if so, please send me your admin login details (mike(@)theme-dutch.(com))

Thanks Mike

Mike’s suggesting per a direct email seems to work. You need to deactivate Woocommerce at the network level and activate it on the site level.

Is there a possibility to configure this plugin to not use a time based system (such as minutes, hours, days) but rather months or years ?

Hi Candrom,

You can add per example 30 days or 365 days

is there a tab on UM account page to manage a subscription, such as being able to cancel the subscription?

Hi Candrom, no there is no tab on a UM account page. They will see the order on there My account page from woocommerce, with an order again button. But no cancel button…

Hi . does the plugin automatically switch from one membership role to another role and vice versa when someone purchase subscription ?

HI mohamedgoub, yes that’s exactly what Umswitcher is all about. It will change the UM community role after purchase an woocommerce/umswitcher product.


OK . thank you .. i will purchase the plugin soon

That’s what I like to hear, Thanks Mike

When will this plugin have the ability to do recurring subscriptions? I’m quite amazed this is not built in, because who wants to make their customers manually resubscribe every month? It’s annoying. Any plans to include this basic feature?

Thanks for your comment. Of course you have a point. However, our starting point was customer service. There are subscribers out there that absolutely don’t like recurring subscriptions. With multiple subscriptions they easily forget to cancel subscriptions that they do not want to extend, and sometimes ask for refunds.

With UM-switcher, they receive a friendly reminder to re-subscribe instead. Loyal and happy subscribers keep coming back anyway. UM switcher subscribers can also subscribe for a longer period if you give your subscribers multiple options.

Kind regards

Hello, I have a presale question. I have a UM directory with members activated only by admin. I need an expiration time for members without purchasing product. Can I do this with UM switcher?

Can I skip the subscription (product) part OR set a product from admin and asociate member with that subscription?

I need to 1) notify members for expiration and 2) demote to lower membership. Kind regards

Hi ginareante, no it only works when you purchase a product.

anyway I can show the product (20 mins access) to a specific community role? For example, its not very ethical that the members can see I am selling their contact details to clients. So online community role “client” only can see the woo commerce shop “15 minutes access” but community role member( subscriber) can not,

Hello anthonysinclair. On this forum we answer all sales-related questions, like questions about functionalities and the plugin’s features. Our Support-staff handles Support-related questions through our support forums on www.theme-dutch.com.

Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation


jussigirl Purchased

HI there – would your plug-in replace UM WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions? We have 1 year memberships that are not auto-recurring, payment by beanstream. I am using both UM WC and WC Subs on my site along with Groups for WC AND a custom function – to accomplish what it sounds like your plug-in does (?). Even with all of these my users still do not have their member level down-graded when their paid membership expires though. Would your plug-ins accomplish this without all these plug-ins?

Hi jussigirl, Yes you’re right, with Umswitcher you can replace them all. Happy shopping and if you need assistance just join us at www.themedutch.com



jussigirl Purchased

Thanks for the quick reply… I am very interested in trying it out to see how it works for us! One other question – does this allow a user to switch subscriptions mid term. For example a user with 1 year basic subscription could upgrade to a more expensive membership a few months in… and if yes – how is the amount of that membership calculated? Are there different options?

He can upgrade, just use different community roles. And different product(s). But there is no calculation of the amount. But maybe an option is to use discount codes.


jussigirl Purchased

Does the Sync with ‘Sync with Wordpress Role’ feature of Ultimate Member still work with this plug-in? If the user switches a membership will the sync take effect and move them to a different wp role at that time too?

umswitcher will not tricker to change the wp user role.


jussigirl Purchased

not sure what you mean. I will go ahead and purchase and give it a try. Thanks for all the info.

You’re most welcome