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I would like to know if your plugin support this kind of payment plan / payment schedule model before buying your plugin. Its a woo-commerce website.

She offers yoga courses. She has 2 grouped courses. 200 hour and 300/500 hours. The 200 hour course 9 months so after the pay the deposit they pay $175.00 for each month at a total of 8 months. The 300/500 hour course is 10 months so after pay the $200.00 deposit it will be $190.00 for each month a total of 9 months.

Should i additionally buy subscription extension from woo-commerce.

No this payment plan is not supported. You better go for the WC addon.

How long it takes to get response for the ticket at theme-dutch site?

Hi Kacper, please check your email and lets continue over our ticketsystem.

Hi. Can I control which elements of my website a subscriber can access? Because I was thinking about having several subscription levels and, according to each level, display different pages and products.

Also, does this plugin offer a subscription form for subscribers to fill out? I was thinking about creating a “subscriber card” using information gathered with these forms.

Please, if any of these features aren’t available, I’d like to know if you’d develop them through paid custom work.

Thank you.

Hello aplicativosfama, Yes you can create several subscription products, and yes you can display pages based on a user role. For more details please see: +

Yes we can do paid custom work, but depends on your requirements. Thanks Mike

Hello, Mike. My requirements are detailed as such in my message. I wanted a membership form for users to fill out once they paid for a subscription product.

And using such form, I’d like to create an email template that sends back the information they filled, and customize this template (preferably using HTML/CSS) to design a “member card”. For example, I’d use their name, email, ID – which they’ve all filled in the subscription form – to design this card.

Hi aplicativosfama, please send me a message via our profile, with your requirements and your website url. Or use sales(@) and I will get back to you.

Hello, I bought this plugin but it’s not working for me… Please, I couldn’t find any way to talk to you, I need your help.

That’s what I get:

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed: host [] SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data: 550 5.7.23 SPF validation failed.

Ok will look into that, use for know:


Hi, I’m currently using another membership plugin, but I’ thinking to switch to yours. The reason is that you use roles, right? Second, and main: I have Woocommerce and want to sell access to a specific video X just for one day and to video B for one week. Will it be possible? Thank you for your response.

Hi german71,

Yes Um-switcher is the right plugin for this as you can read here

Cheers! Themedutch

Hi, are the plugin updates for life?

Hi jeremyxtech,

Yes, they are. New version coming up soon.

Cheers, Themedutch

Can you set more than one role to a subscription?

A subscriber can get a standard role (for example, access to free content). When a subscriber buys a paid subscription, he gets a different role. As soon as the subscription expires, the subscriber automatically returns to the standard role. When he renews the subscription (before or after the end of the subscription), he regains that specific role for the paid subscription. So there is one role per subscription.

Cheers, Themedutch

I’m having huge issues getting the cron job to run – on your website you mention a cron.php file that can be downloaded from the settings but all I have is a url – I’ve set this to be called on the hosting every 5 mins /usr/bin/curl —request GET ‘' and that didn’t work and I also tried this which was recommended by my host /usr/bin/curl—silent ‘' >/dev/null but neither option works. My licence has expired, I wouldn’t mind renewing if you could get this to work as reminders aren’t being sent, but if it’s outside the terms of the licence then there’s no benefit with renewing – please advise. I think it’s a super plugin, but it’s causing issues with reminders not being sent and users not being reassigned on renewal because of this cron job issue. Can you help?

Hi Charlotte, Thanks for posting. Please register on and send a ticket. Our Support staff is happy to help you from there. (maybe ‘copy / paste’ this remark in the ticket, so they know what’s going on.

Thank you, Themedutch