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Hello, I’m trying to find out what is the best solution for some (payed) membership sites I have to build. I just found out the ‘Ultimate Member WooCommerce’ extension now works with WooCommerce Subscriptions. So what are the differences between using UM with UM-switcher or with WooCommerce extension and Subscriptions add on?

Will the difference be that with Woo Subscriptions it is possible to have recurring automatic payments (not necessarily ) and with UM-Switcher it is not? With Woo Subscriptions it will also be possible to send reminder e-mails I guess. So that is an advantage of Woo Subscriptions.

An advantage of UM-Switcher is it costs less (one time $35 in stead of $35+$199 yearly). Are there other advantages of using UM-switcher in stead of the WooCommerce extension?


Hi Sandra,

Um-Switcher does not have automatic payments, as you will need a payment provider like Paypal or Stripe to handle this.

We don’t like Paypal as it’s not a guaranteed/secured payment.

With um switcher you can use ‘any payment provider’ you like. So, you’re much more flexible. Um switcher has also an email reminder feature built-in, and you have control when it will be send. UM-switcher also comes with an email template.

With UM + um switcher you have everything you need to sell memberships. We ourselves have noticed that the combination UM + um switcher works perfect for several concepts. We’re building, as we speak, a remote job concept totally with UM + um switcher for the payment.

So, why should you buy um switcher? Well we’re just nice guys and girls and we use our own products on multiply projects. Therefore, in time we will add new features, like the update we’re working on right now. New product end-date, New Admin Panel with some insights etc.

Cheers, Mike