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Thanks a lot PreScriptZ :-)

good job, very nice work ! wish you lots of sales ;)

Thank you Eric! Yes we hope it does :-)

Heey rednumber, thanks my friend

Love the sound of this and feel you have addressed the need of something many users UM users have been looking for.

Before I purchase I’d like to know if I could set this up so that once someone purchases a membership it places them into a category that allows them to fill up the profile for admin approval before going live. This way I can monitor who and what people are uploading in order for consistency.

Thanks in advance for any help on this matter.

Hi mimmt, That’s exactly what I was hoping for At first we have created this extension for our own website and concepts. But soon I realized that this would be nice for the world to. But okay, your question. There is no feature built in for that in our extension, but with the default settings of Ultimate member WordPress plugin you will be able to accomplish this.

A client purchases an um-switcher product. His community role will be set to whatever you want. Say active, and that role has specific settings. For example, you can only show members with a specific community role. Add a Admin approval and your there. On purchase your client will get the normal order emails from Woocommerce, so your covered in any way.

Hope that helps, if not we can use our forum to discuss this.

Thanks Mike


You don’t have a live demo website for use or see this plugin?

Many thank

Hi, nope sorry not at this moment. Basically it’s setting up a woo commerce product like any, so that’s why we don’t have a demo for the back-end. But if you want to see the front end, I can make a quick demo account. Let me know

Ok, I understand.

Yes, please I would like a demo account for see the front end.

Many thank.

Can you charge a recurring fee? I’d like to charge a monthly fee but have it renew every month automatically rather than having them repurchase every 30 days..

I don’t think so, but not sure. um-switcher is based on community roles, and for example woo commerce subscriptions works with the default user role.

So what is the purpose of this plugin if the Ultimate Member Woocommerce extension (https://ultimatemember.com/extensions/woocommerce/) already accomplishes the switching of community roles? Especially, if you cannot automatically get it to charge a customer periodically. This is disappointing.

I’m totally aware of the Woocommerce extension by UM, but Um-switcher provides a way to change community roles based on time, days, hours or even minutes. By adding a new product, besides that it also includes an reminder email option.

If you want an automatically re-subscription, you need for example Woocommerce subscriptions and a suitable payment provider that handless the auto-re-subscription like PayPal or Stripe. And that’s exactly the point why we created this plugin, because we don’t want to work with PayPal because of the easy way of fraud.

And we like a more friendlier way for our clients to re-subscribe that Woocommerce by default is offering when they visit their My Account page. Also you can include a link in the email reminder to your subscription product, so from my point of view there is no need for a automatically re-subscription that forces clients.

But anyway, sorry to hear that your disappointed but there are more suitable plugins for you out here.

Just purchased the plugin. Looking forward to using it. Quick question…

Do I need to setup a Cron Job if I am having email reminders be sent out after a 365 day (1 year) period?

Hi redesignedweb, thanks for your purchase hope you will love it. No not really, for a year subscription you can use the built in cronjob from WordPress. But you need to upload the cron.php like in our manual description. A cronjob is more accurate then the default one, but in your case it’s not an issue.

Thanks Mike

If you don’t mind lets continue this on our forum, www.theme-dutch.com just register and post your question on Um-switcher.

Thanks Mike


Got some information for you regarding your question: how it works when someone needs to subscribe again.


I’ve just go around to installing and trying this plugin but with the lack of documentation I’m getting lost.

When someone completes the checkout process it is not directing to the UM account setup. Also, it is not clear in WooCommerce that they need to create an account as it just takes them through the payment process.

Just tried to register on your site and then form is not submitting. Can you please respond via this forum.

Hi Mimmt, I see indeed a issue with our form and were looking into it as we speak.

1) When someone completes the checkout process it is not directing to the UM account setup.

That’s normal as it’s controlled by Woocommerce. What you can do is let your clients register via Ultimate member and they will land on there account setup or any page you like. And then they can purchase a product.

2) Also, it is not clear in WooCommerce that they need to create an account as it just takes them through the payment process.

Please read the manual of Woocommerce as this is not a feature of UM-switcher.

If you like for more in depth details, register just select Themeforest for now untill we have fixed the Codecanyon form: https://theme-dutch.com/helpdesk/.

Thanks Mike

Hi, I bought your plugin but I can not install it by the dashboard wpadmin, here is the message: “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.”

Many thanks

Yes I used option “2” of manual but not working.

Hi CedricB2K, just a follow up on your issue? I assume you have found it?


Yes it’s ok with FTP.

Many thanks.

I’ve just purchased this. Only one of the users who registers displays in the subscribers page, and there is no time, start or finish. I’ve set the product to last 365 days but it is not showing start time or end time. Can you please advise?

Hi agjstewart2,

We will help you out, please visit https://theme-dutch.com/forum/um-switcher/ and add your remark on our forum. Can you also add some screenshots, from the subscriptions list and your product. So I have a better view.

Thanks Mike

Thanks for your reply. I’ve now done so. Thanks, Alastair

Hi there, there is many their party payment gateway offered such as iPay88.

Does it mean that UM-switcher allow subscriptions only and all the payment will be still handle by Woocommerce. In another word, it can sell through any third party plugin?

I am plugin to implement iPay88 payment gateway.

Hi there, what do you mean with add a status to the profile? And sure hahah, this is Brian https://themeforest.net/item/brian-a-multi-business-marketing-premium-paid-listings-bbpress-and-store-concept/15603903

And, after they purchased the subscription, the my account page will show what they have purchase am I right?

yes when they purchased a um-subscription, that order as it’s handled by woocommerce will show up on there my account page. Including a button re-order.

I enabled the woocommerce and UM plugins. BUT Why is the UM Switcher plugin not enabled?

For reference, my website is multi-site. Does not work at multi-site?

I enabled the woocommerce and UM plugins. BUT Why is the UM Switcher plugin not enabled?

For reference, my website is multi-site. Does not work at multi-site?

I enabled the woocommerce and UM plugins. BUT Why is the UM Switcher plugin not enabled?

For reference, my website is multi-site. Does not work at multi-site?

I ask you a question using Google Translator. Even if there are awkward sentences, thank you for your understanding.

Do you want to do a db backup and web backup of our site?

If so, where should we transfer that file to you?

Or would you like to send us a wordpress admin account and an ftp account with password?

Whichever way you are, we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to solve the problem.

Be happy, and in 2017, you will be more happy. And I hope you enjoy the world with a better project.

Yes, I installed the plug-in as an un-zip. Through formal purchasing.

Hello there, This forum is just for sales related question and not suitable as a help-desk. However we offer support and premium services via our support forums at www.theme-dutch.com were our support staff is standing by.

We usually respond within 24 hours but sometimes in just a few minutes. Just register and post your question in the related forum.

Thanks for your understanding,

Themedutch Mike de Leeuw


canbeav Purchased

I’m not completely sure what this does.

My goal is to have users pay a subscription to have their member profile shown, if they do not renew the user’s profile is removed. Can this be done?

Hi canbeav, YES this exactly the purpose of um-switcher. And I’m more then happy to help you out with some advice etc. If you may need it, just register at www.theme-dutch.com and create a post on our um switcher forum.


hi. themedutch. I tested in my site. i set 15 min but does not changed original role again. Is a cron required? thanks.

Hi honeybang, Here you will have more info: https://theme-dutch.com/um-switcher/manual-um-switcher/

If you need support please register at www.theme-dutch.com

Thanks Mike

The idea behind the plugin is a good one, unfortunately – and despite the designer’s original efforts at help – there are just too many issues to make this a viable option for a website. It’s incompatible with WP Timezone, it works for some products and not others and it has no ability for users to change their product for a new one without re-registering. On the whole, it would seem best to wait for the ‘official’ UM extension, whenever it appears.

What possible motivation could I have to be lying? You’ve already been paid; but the deficiencies with the product should be brought to the attention of other users or they should be fixed because the plugin does not work with core Wordpress features.

As for our having installed the cron job – we did, and we do and I asked you specifically how to install it your way as the instructions again did not make it clear as to where the files were going.

No, it never worked – it worked only when WP Timezone was deactivated, a point which has been raised previously. Yes, I emailed you again because the plugin was re-activated as we needed to begin publishing new members’ work beginning in the new year.

I’m not asking for any further support, I am however making it known that the plugin doesn’t work with certain features. Your response to this is to say I’m rude – you are the one who has wasted my time and money; that of my developer all because you intransigently refuse to accept that the fault could be with your product instead of my site. It has been tested repeatedly with and without every plugin and yours is the one that does no work with any timezone that uses UTC+.

The fact that you have an arrangement whereby you charge €75 for installing the product is a case in point.

Alistar, You did upload the cron.pho however you or your developer did not enter the required login details. That’s the first thing, and when you look at our docs you also see a screenshot. Besides that if you had taken the time to open the cronjob.php witch you did not, you had seen that you had to fill in some fields. It’s on our manual, it’s also noted in the cronjob.php file. I don’t believe I can make it any clearer as that.

Second we can not be reasonable for other plugins out there, especially when your using a free plugin that has not been updated in a year.

(The fact that you have an arrangement whereby you charge €75 for installing the product is a case in point.)

I don’t see your point here, but we do offer a service for clients that want us to setup their server. Look fairly normal to me when clients don’t have the experience or want the hassle that we charge for that amount of work. But that’s exactly the point here, you purchase a extension for 35,—nothing more.

But you think it’s a normal thing that we sell a plugin for 35,—and spend few hundred on fixing your problem.

So to all clients out there to make it clear. The price of our plugin is not included with endless support, setting up your server, uploading and entering your server details. And checking your 49 plugins if they all work with um-switcher.

Alistar, this discussion is now closed.

That is not true – we uploaded it with the required login details and, again, this is unrelated to my point that it does not work with basic Wordpress features, namely having the timezone as UTC+ or using the WP Timezome plugin.

I think it abnormal that for such a simple plugin, as you say, that it takes 10 days to get it working, that the documentation is limited and it is still not working correctly.

You also seem determined to mention the 49 plugins, of which we’re a multi-site and, for the tenth time, have nothing to do with the issues I’ve highlighted.

Additionally, I find it extremely unprofessional that you cannot spell my name right despite having been dealing with this issue for, as you go to pains to say, ‘hours of support’.

Shocking, from start to finish, and my only regret is not demanding a refund.

Hi, I have installed the Ultimate Member plugin and locked my site for the members only but when i use to double click on a menu item then it displays the locked content also. what can i do so that the locked item can not be displayed.

Please help!

This forum is for um-switcher only, but for question about Ultimate Member visit http://docs.ultimatemember.com/


prettywp Purchased

There is an error with your registration site. Therefore I am posting my question here. When I send myself a test email, it is cutting off the last letter of the site name. As in it is entered as domainname.org but it is showing up as domainname.or Any idea why this is happening?

Hi there, thanks for your post, we have fixed the issue and an update is on it’s way. (in review at CC)

And please don’t forget to rate um-switcher :)