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Hello, I’m trying to find out what is the best solution for some (payed) membership sites I have to build. I just found out the ‘Ultimate Member WooCommerce’ extension now works with WooCommerce Subscriptions. So what are the differences between using UM with UM-switcher or with WooCommerce extension and Subscriptions add on?

Will the difference be that with Woo Subscriptions it is possible to have recurring automatic payments (not necessarily ) and with UM-Switcher it is not? With Woo Subscriptions it will also be possible to send reminder e-mails I guess. So that is an advantage of Woo Subscriptions.

An advantage of UM-Switcher is it costs less (one time $35 in stead of $35+$199 yearly). Are there other advantages of using UM-switcher in stead of the WooCommerce extension?


Hi Sandra,

Um-Switcher does not have automatic payments, as you will need a payment provider like Paypal or Stripe to handle this.

We don’t like Paypal as it’s not a guaranteed/secured payment.

With um switcher you can use ‘any payment provider’ you like. So, you’re much more flexible. Um switcher has also an email reminder feature built-in, and you have control when it will be send. UM-switcher also comes with an email template.

With UM + um switcher you have everything you need to sell memberships. We ourselves have noticed that the combination UM + um switcher works perfect for several concepts. We’re building, as we speak, a remote job concept totally with UM + um switcher for the payment.

So, why should you buy um switcher? Well we’re just nice guys and girls and we use our own products on multiply projects. Therefore, in time we will add new features, like the update we’re working on right now. New product end-date, New Admin Panel with some insights etc.

Cheers, Mike

hey there, looks awesome! But I do have a “pre-sales” question:

I would want to use UM Switcher not just for restricting or selling content, but to sell upgrades that would allow members to access new features / functions… (for example sell Front end blogging capabilities etc…

Therefore, is it possible to restrict / sell Features / Functions of my site that may be using other plugins (buddyforms etc..?)

also, can I deploy this on a network of sites? (multisites)

Congrats for your work and positive attitude! :)


ferelmm Purchased

Hello! As I put in somewhere, the expiration of the subscription? I do not want to use the email reminder, just put a widget or a shortcode, so the user knows what plan it has, and when it expires.

Hi there, there is no shortcode or widget available at this time.

hi there! I have a pre-sales question:

I have 3 different roles, and just one is gonna have an active membership payment. Is that possible? Apply the membership settings per role?

And, can I integrate the payment in the standard Register form I use for this role or I have to generate another form?

Hope I explained myself Thanks!

Hi merloc, yes you can apply a membership per role. In fact that’s the only way as umswitcher is based on the community roles.

I think it’s possible to have only 1 form for free and paid memberships but I have not tested this so can’t say for sure. But you better can ask that question to Ultimate member, there is also a conditional logic feature on forms.

Cool! Gonna try!

Hi, I need to build a paid membership website with recurring fee. I need customer to fill the custom registration form (i.e: fill their profile, id and password), then proceed to checkout (payment) does this plugin do this job?

Nope, but an easy way is to offer a discount coupon code that you can include in the email reminder that will be send out before there subscription expired.

hi, can this plugin restrict woocommerce products, or give special discount to member group to purchase woocommerce products?

Hi nucz, please check the sales page with all the included features.

Thanks Mike

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I have bought the plugin and facing a serious problem now, I have multiple payment methods i am considering to use, Bank accounts and check payments.

When using um switcher; any one buy the product using these two methods, the order is changer to completed automatically, I don’t need for um switcher to change the order status to completed for these two type of payments, I want them to stay “on-hold” as woocommerce do usually and when I receive the money I will change its status to complete. I cannot give users the access before receiving the money.

Hi m-abuodeh,

Please first register on www.theme-dutch.com. Then you can submit your questions to our UM-switcher forum. https://theme-dutch.com/support-forums/ Our support staff is happy to help you from there.

Thank you, Themedutch

Hello, I have some pre-sales questions.

1. Can I charge a one-time application fee? Basically this means that the first year our customer would be charged the application fee plus the yearly membership fee, then every year after they would be charged only the membership fee.

2. How many reminders can be configured and what timing can be set? For example can we send a reminder at 3 months before expiration, 1 month before and one week before? Also, will the reminders stop if the user renews?

3. If a membership expires without payment will the system disable the account without deleting it? 3.a. When re-instating the account, can we charge a separate re-instate fee?

4. Can we sell other items in an online store or will this be through WooCommerce direct?

5. Are you multi-site capable?

I’m sure I’ll have some other questions, but for now that’s it.

Thank for your time.

Best, John

Hi John,

1 – There is no product available that can handle this. But we have an end date product, so that can be set for say the 1 year and then they will need to buy an other membership plan. That’s were the email reminders kick in, just send them to a new product on your site and voilla.

2 – There are 2 reminders included for every um switcher product, you can setup the date any way you like. There is no check built in that will stop after renews. So you have to carefuly setup the dates to send out.

3 – Um switcher is just changing the community role and will not delete the account.

3a – Sure it’s just a um switcher product, you can give it a description as you may see fit.

4 – Sure you can use Woocommerce to sell other products, that’s besides um switcher.

5 – At this time yes it will work on a multi site setup, not sure for the future but for now you can use it.

Hi I just bought your product and don’t see that is working. There is very little documentation how to use it but I follow the info and set up it all. Could I send you link to my website so you can see what I did?

Hello Abgraphic,

We provide support through our website www.theme-dutch.com. Please register, login and post your questions in the UM-Switcher forum. Our staff is happy to help you from there.


I have two doubts.

1- I would like the subscriber to make the signature and put all the data to buy the package but the purchase would only be completed after a free trial of 7 days. Is it possible? How can I do it?

2- How to renew the subscription automatically? If it is not automatic how do the subscriber renew manually?


Thank for your time.

Best, Rachel

Hello Mike,

Thanks for your return.

I had “headers already sent” problems with the switcher. I could no longer enter the wordpress admin, I removed the plugin and solved.

I installed it again and gave this warning: This plugin generated 3 characters of unexpected output during activation. If you find messages from “headers already sent” problems with feeds or others, try to disable or remove the plugin.

How to solve this?

Thanks, Rachel

Hi Rachel, Add your post to our forum, there we offer support for issues. www.theme-dutch.com

( remove um switcher and upload a fresh one)

Thanks Mike

Rachel, please create a ticket and I will send you the last update. I notice that it’s not available here on CC, still in the wait list.

Hello, Just a question please. Now I only use Paypal Business and website users can pay through Paypal. Both with credit cart without Paypal account and with Paypal for single payment. It’s for annual subscription to the site. So, is it possible to use UM switcher for subscritions without Woocommerce ? Thanks for response.

Is Woocommerce required for working with UM switcher (for subscriptions) or it works independently ?
We are currently using Woocommerce with a lot of modifications and it is not possible now to use its cart, checkout….

Hi there, no you need woocommerce. Mike

Hello! If I’ve understood correctly – if I have 2 memberships – for eg.free and paid, I can restrict the free members not to view some details of the UM profile (for eg.Facebook or Skype). And paid members to be able to see it all. Is that correct?

Yes you can restrict all fields on profiles for non paid members.

Happy shopping, Mike

Hi, Do you have any demo account for testing?

Hi alexlim91,

https://www.umswitcher.com/pricelist/ You can use the coupon code “FREE” and follow the process

Cheers, Helen

Here you can watch a little video https://theme-dutch.com/um-switcher/

Hi, I think your umswitcher extension may be a good fit for my requirements for integrating a membership subscription and payment gateway with UM plugin. I have a few pre-sale queries, on which I request you to provide your inputs:

1. My website will need to have annual membership subscriptions for 2-3 tiers (medical service providers, job aspirants, and end-users), with different levels for each tier- free, silver(paid), gold(paid). Can UM switcher with UM accomplish that?

2. I am based in India, and need a local Indian currency Payment Gateway, PayUMoney to be integrated with UM plugin for accepting annual payments. Now, this PayUMoney has a plugin integration for WooCommerce plugin, and I understand that UM Switcher enables integration of WooCommerce with UM. Does that mean that I will be able to easily handle and manage annual membership payments through these 4 plugins working together – UM, WC, UMSwitcher, PayUMoney? Let me know if there are any specific issues or potential expected problems in integration, or if my understanding is incorrect?

3. I am not a developer and don’t have any coding experience. I have checked with my hosting provider regarding the setting up of cron job as needed for UMSwitcher, and they mentioned that it can be accomplished by going to “Cron Job” in cPanel, and entering the Syntax command provided by your plugin. They also said they can help set it up if I give them the command. Let me know if this is what is required, or is it more complex than that. Also, is there is any other specific requirement for UMSwitcher regarding cron job, or any other specification that I need to check with my hosting provider to make UMswitcher work satisfactorily.

4. Would UMSwitcher require any coding to perform its promised functionality? I expect it to be plug and play with few clicks and settings (I have done that with another 3rd party gateway plugin for Gravity Forms elsewhere without coding, so is it correct to assume that this should work well out of the box similarly?

5. I understand that UMSwitcher License, Updates and Paid Support for 1 year will cost me USD 52.13. Do you have any discount/ promo code which I can use?

6. After 1 year, what will be the price for renewal of Paid Support for UMSwitcher. Also, will the UMSwitcher future updates be linked to renewal of Paid Support?

Request you to clarify the above aspects, so that I can proceed accordingly. Thanks in advance for your guidance and help.

Best, AG

Hello AG,

1 – Yes, read our sales info and you will get all the info you need. 2 – I have no experience with PayUMoney, but normally there should be no problem. As the payment is provided by Woocommerce. UM switcher will only create products and Woocommerce will handle the payment. 3 – It’s a normal cronjob, so if your hosting can help you out setting it up at your panel, you should be fine. 4 – No there is no coding required. 5 – A discount? No we don’t discount as we think the plugin price is already to low. 6 – The price details for renewal support are the same as mentioned above. When your support is expired you will get an email from Envato with a limited time offer. I advice you to read the guidelines of Envato about support prices/ updates.

Best Mike

Thanks Mike for your prompt response. I believe that your plugin will likely be a good fit for my needs, and I am going to give it a try, and purchase it right away.

Cheers, Ambuj

Hello AG, thanks for your purchase.

Cheers Mike

Hello, Do I need the Woocommerce extension for Ultimate Member for 35$?

Hi there, Um switcher only needs woocommerce and Ultimate member to be installed.


Andersdk Purchased

Hi, I have come across a problem with UM-S. When active, the customer cannot pay for a product because the product is “pending”.

The error code from WooCommerce is: This order’s status is “Pending payment”—it cannot be paid for. Please contact us if you need assistance.

After disabling UM-S, the error is gone.

Since my company is based on subscriptions, this is quite inconvenient. How can I solve this issue?

Hello Andersdk, please use our support forum https://theme-dutch.com/forum/um-switcher/ and we will help you out from there.

Thank Mike

Pre-Sales Question. I’m a web developer wanting to give our clients a way to customize their own monthly site maintenance plan based on their needs. To achieve this, I was going to use something like Woocommerce TM Extra Product Options which allows me to give the clients more choices before “Adding their product to the cart”. I guess my question is, since these extra variables will affect the final total of the woo commerce product, will UM Switcher bill them a subscription based off of the final total of the product? Or will it ignore the additional options? Also, I can’t seem to find much information on your form builder. Would I even need another plugin for that? I mean, do you have a form builder where I could let our clients choose which services they wanted in their subscription?