Umbra Webticker & Carousel | JQuery

Umbra Webticker & Carousel | JQuery

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Umbra webticker and carousel is a unique Jquery content slider with a creative design that will make your news and content stand out.

Customize over 40 options for infinite possibility to make amazing unique tickers and carousels.


  • Fully responsive using CSS3 Flexbox grid
  • Unique and amazing animation [by item, by word or by letter]
  • Support all languages including RTL.
  • 100% vanilla javascript version is included (work directly without any other Javascript plugin requirement)
  • Infinite sliding animation options (basic continuous, slide by item, slide by offset, custom animation).
  • Drag and drop.
  • Very smooth sliding animation with CSS3 transition and CSS GPU Animation.
  • Customize everything with over 40 customizable options.
  • Multiple ticker or carousel with different theme is allowed in the same page.
  • Each item can be any size and have any HTML content
  • Typography based on Google Web Fonts
  • RSS Feed Support.
  • Custom template for feeds.
  • Cross browser support
  • While this item is not built on top of Bootstrap but it’s fully compatible with it and any other grid system.
  • Will documented and easy to understand comments
  • Clean code

Change Logs:

Version 1.1 Release Date 11.08.2020
 Added vanilla JavaScript version.
 Fix typo.
 Fix stutter animation on linear sliding mode by changing the way we animate the ticker and the result is more smooth animation.
 Fix a bug where ticker return to start before all ticks finish its animation.
 Fix bug where the "on hover stop" ignored when "show navigation" is set to false.
 Auto play now start immediately on mouse leave if the ticker in linear sliding mode.
 Improve and change the way of how spaces between items is calculated.