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I have just submitted the Facebook integration. The minimum SDK requirement for the new update will be iOS 6.

The Ultra Cam has been updated for Facebook integration. The minimum requirement is iOS 6.

Two questions about adding in code:

1) Is it easy to implement ShareKit in this project? 2) Is it easy to implement GPUImage for the filters? (From my understanding, this is multiple times faster for image processing)

Thank you :)

Hi Josh,

I have not worked with ShareKit but I don’t think that it will be complicated.

Since the app is based on Core Image API ’s you can easily expose GPUImage processing filters as additional filters to be used by the app.

I’m struggling with learning the fundamentals, but in the last few days I think I’ve gotten a better handle on what’s needed (still working on how to get there :) )

From what I understand, GPUImage uses a pipeline to do effects; bring the image (or camera feed) > apply effects > output it to screen or save.

This seems to imply that to use it effectively, you would replace Core Image with GPUImage (I’m willing to be wrong on this) instead of piping Core Image through GPUImage.

Can you get this to work for appcelerator?

Currently there are no plans for appcelerator support!

Hello, excuse the silly question but to share a video with the procedure is the same. thanks

The app does not take into account for the videos. I believe that the procedure will be different since the app only works for images.

Hello you would have something similar to the video?

I am noob , and is it easy to make that app working for me ?

Absolutely easy! When you download the app first built it on your Mac using xCode. Then plug the iPhone/iPod USB and run it on your device. The app comes with documentation which describes how you can easily add more filters to your app.

The code is well structured and documented. I am sure you will not have any trouble.


I was curious how difficult it would be to modify the code to allow the final images to be sent to an email and/or a folder on a server with a high resolution?

I believe if you do not scale them or crop them then they will be high resolution images. The problem is that when you apply filter to high resolution images then it will take too much time.

Would it be easy enough to add Aviary effects to this? (I don’t know what effects you have built in, it might not be necessary)

Is there a way to offer the option to upload images to Instagram with an automatic hashtag (ie one that is sent to Instagram with the image without the user adding it)?

Effects are created using the Apple iOS 5 Core Image library. Core Image is nicely documented by Apple which will allow you to create any desired effect.

Currently, there is no option to send to Instagram! However, you can send the images to Facebook and Twitter.


This software work with ios 4 ?

Do you can customize for my website integration?

UltraCam requires at least iOS 6 to work. It uses features from the iOS 5 and iOS 6 framework.

Hello, it is possible to take a picture and add a frame in this photo? out instead of applying these filters?

Currently it is not possible. Thanks!

Is it possible to have a predefined hashtag so that when the user tweets or posts to facebook, it’s already in the text field each time?

Hello, This app compatible to ios9 and iphone 6?

Can you do it for compatible?