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Hello, how i can change text when i click Share? and how i can edit Get Gold Squares? Thanks

Do I need a new regular license for porting it on iOS?

The game is not prepared for iOS.

What if I will port it for iOS?

Hi, i can’t see the (import non android studio project) option. I am using 1.5.1 version and when i try to import, it says sdk dir does not exist. Help please!

Hey. I was thinking of buying this template and in one of the comments a saw you mention documentation which explains how to change the program “” . Unfortunately when I checked that out I got a blank page. Is the documentation included in the app folder itself or is this a fault on your end? If the documentation is present I’d be happy to buy the app source code straight away.

i can not import this project Android Studio

Error:(72, 0) Gradle DSL method not found: ‘android()’ Possible causes:

All my games have been updated today!

Can you send me only the android studio project or help me using team viewer? I’m having problems compiling

Can you send me only the android studio project? I’m having problems compiling. Thanks

Give the documentation file. URL not working anymory.

It is already updated!

Documentation URL isn’t working… Please provide one.

Hello. Just bought the game . Can you tell me where i can find tutorial for reskin this app ?

no answer ?