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What does it use, Mysql/Mysqli/PDO ?

Nothing! It’s not based on SQL, it uses flat-files, just plain text files on disk.

Documentation link?

I just added a link in the description, you can find the docs here http://goo.gl/R4OLXb


Looking nice ;-) I will probably try it in one of my future projects.

bookmarked for future project :-)

Have any testing about performace ?

Disk cache is a common way to save a trip to the database, so for reads (especially for complex queries) will be faster, I might though, make a benchmark about it.

Databases is a complicated thing, if you can use MySQL I’d say it’s the better option, but if you want to cache some complex data, I’d say Ultra DB is a nice addition, also, another use case would be if you can’t use MySQL for some reason (restrictive hosting environment).


What does a query return – a php array, json?

Might be helpful to show some queries and their results in a page or table?

It returns an associative PHP array, I could work on that when I update the documentation.


Very good work! Thanks! :)

Rating: 5/5

Thanks! Glad you like it :)


Is it possible to get a result of search to be case sensitive or not ?

For example, I have a name in my table “Pascale”.

I would like to be able to get a result for “pascale”.

In table = "Pascale";
On ->where(array('name' => 'pascale'));

Do you think that it is possible?

Thans! Mick

On $version = ‘1.0.0

That seems to function correctly for me :

// if not, just compare using ==
//if($entry[$key] != $value) {
   if(strcasecmp($entry[$key], $value) != 0) {
      $add = false;

Do you think that it is possible to apply this approach for in_array ?

Thanks again! Mick

Ah yes, you could, I added closures so you can do pretty much any comparison you want without adding complexity to the source code, but I could certanly add that to the next version!

About the new version, it should not require PHPUnit to run, it’s only used for running the tests, what error are you getting? What PHP version do you have?


Hi! If many users in one time have access to work with database file? Database file have lock for current process?

I uses PHP’s file handling so I assume it works, I only tested on Windows and Unix though!

Thanks! Bookmarked for future project… Have a nice day!

You’re welcome! :)

There are 2 errors on line 432 breaking the script.

This script is not working at all for me. I’m trying it on a fourth server. Can i please just have my money back so I can buy another. Thanks.

Sorry I wasn’t around yesterday. I see you are working on ’/data’, which is an absolute path, is that intended? Does the script have the correct permissions? We can continue this in PMs if you want, the comments aren’t quite comfortable for long discussions :p

Turns out there is an error in one of your documentation files. i copied the code above directly from the documentation file and it has an error in it. $db = new Ultra_DB(‘data’); Is correct $db = new UltraDB(‘data’); is wrong.

I am looking at another documentation file that has the correct class.

The script may work fine, but the documentation is broken.. At this point i am allready using another solution so requested a refund, sorry.

hey, is ultra db can be use to create a new database?MyHosting provider only allow me to create just one database. wht!. So I need another way to create new database.

Well you will get another database, but please not it’s not a mysql database, you cannot run WordPress or something like that, it’s mostly for custom solutions or cache.

Great project. One question i have. Can UltraDB handle backups and restores ?

Well UltraDB stores everything in files so you can just download the folder using FTP and you’ll be good. There’s no automated way to do it so far though.

I am looking to buy your Ultra DB for a custom project. The project will likely have 5-10 tables and each table could have as many as 200 000 rows. Will Ultra DB cope with this? Thanks

Amazing class! Lighting fast and super easy to use. Thanks

Looks great but I’m struggling to make it work. I’ve followed the documentation to the letter but seems to fail at:

$db = new UltraDB(__DIR__ . '/data');

cannot think why. Pointers welcome

Many thanks in advance

Works just fine now – no need to follow up.

Hello! this looks great, I have a pre-sales question. I need to give a front end to my wordpress registered users so they can upload a xls or cvs file into a table in my mysql db. Will I be able to give that capability to my users with this system? thanks!