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Is there a way to show results from protected sub domains?

some subdomains are public and anyone can visit them, some subdomains are not public and require a password. passwords a d user names can be made available to your script so that it can search across both type of subdomains

WPDS searches through whois servers available publicly. It have no options to authenticate before whois query at the moment. But we will surly build such options based on user demand in up coming versions.

I will immediately buy it at twice the price if you can accomplish this. You can write me privately

hi, I love the script, but I see an error that you may fix it. you may see here:


Thanks for mentioning it, it is being updated today with the fix.

Hi, nice plugin! :)

What’s the different between “domain name” & “domainname” its produced different availability results. Hope you can fix this.


Hi “Domain Name” is not valid, and is being excluded from searches now. (update will be available shortly)

Will this be included in your WHMCS Integration plugin, or is this completely separate?

This is completely separate plugin, but will detect (from v.1.5) presence of WHMpress and read WHMCS domain information from there and work accordingly.

I looked at the Tabbed Options, and those pages are not working. There are no tabs under the first, and the results are borked under the bulk. I assume you know this and are fixing them.

Here is an example of a tabbed domains search interface that works with WHMCS:

It is very nice that the search can be filtered both by tld type and tld category. This would be a great future update.

Also, Please add an option to select all tld’s on each tab. Looking forward to this working with WHMCS.

Hi, This works with WHMCS, you just need to enter your URL in settings section.

I want to get this, but since the demo is not working, I will wait until that is fixed.

Hello Austin, Demo has been updated.

Hi, Many errors present. Updates are released when?

Hi, We are updating on codecanyon, it will take a day to get update approved over there. Please write on, we will send it instantly.

Hello, I want to know before buying the plugin if I can show the .es extension in the result of search. Thanks.

.es results will do work if your have got your IP authorized. this is a limit by .es domain whois servers. Here is a short from message that is returned when queried from unauthorized IP.

Conditions of use for the whois service via port 43 for .es domains

Access will only be enabled for IP addresses authorized by A maximum of one IP address per user/organisation is permitted.

A maximum of 10 queries per minute can be made by each registered IP address. Should this limit be exceeded, the service will be blocked for two hours, after which a new query may be performed.

Purchased, downloaded and installed with no issues. Thanks for the great work!

Hello, I installed but not running plugin. I just want to research the following extensions. You can see the link.

com, net, com, org

You can contact support for further assistance on

or use email

hello, you will help us? I sent e-mail.

Hi, replying shortly.


Can I use your script to resell domains from any registrar including Namecheap?

RC and Namecheap and a few other are planed in version 2.0. ETA 2 months.

It’s been 4 months now, is Namecheap and RC now supported or NO?

Hello, Version 1.5 is being released today with many bug fixes, tweakings and some performance issues.

Version 2.0 is delayed, ETA is not clear at the moment.

I see you say you will include namecheap will you also include godaddy? Plus is there a list to be notified of release?


Thanks for your interest. There is no mailing list specific to this plugin only, but we announce major updates in our general newsletter. You can signup to our newsletter here.

Hi, there is really tooo much errors in this plugin to be used for any serious purposes. I tried for example some searching with .si TLD and get all wrong results. I also tried with some newTLDs and nothing works correct. It would be really nice if you could repair this plugin or not to propagate that over 5000 TLDs are supported. I’m really curious which are these TLDs or at least which of them work. I would really appreciate if you could make some repairs or improvements because I would then bought immediately.


Thanks for pointing things out, we have added these to our todo list for next update. Thanks.

And when this update would be done? Is it really worth to wait for and will all this bugs be improved? I’m sorry for such questions but I really have bad experience with developers of such domain search plugins, as all of them are usually promise a lot but all you get is lousy working plugins which could not be used on some reputable webpage. Thank you in advance for answer.

Our intentions are to make this plugin (and this is how its core is designed) to make it a must have plugin for any hosts who uses WP and sells in bulk. We wish to keep same standards for this plugin as we have for WHMpress.

Please discard. I did oversee it’s a plugin and not a theme

HI I get this error: How can I resolve it?

Plugin = /home/admin/web/jxxxxxx/public_html/wp-content/plugins/WP_Domain_Search/templates/shortcode Active Theme = /home/admin/xxxxxxx/public_html/wp-content/themes/classipress/wpds/shortcode [Folder doesn’t exists]


Can I sell my own domains through this? How would it work?

it works with WHMCS

what is whmcs? Please use language i can understand.

WHMCS is a software that is used to manage hosting/domains. The plugin can be used as domain search, but for selling domains through it, you need to have WHMCS.

Hello Creativeon….

I have a question about this plugin…

I have a wordpress site, and i plan on installing my WHMCS on a subdomain…

My wordpress site is

My WHMCS install will be on

This plugin will be on – is there a way for me to link the search to the WHMCS installation? It will be on a different (sub domain)

Hi, Thanks for your interest.

I will suggest our other plugin, WHMPress. It also include domain search. and with it you can have WHMCS and WHMpress on different domains/servers.

1) – Can this plugin be integrated for Blesta ? ( see )

2) – If we use WooCommerce, the process would be that customer finds availabilty, they pay us, then we buy and register for them ?

Correct ?

3) – Can the customer select multiple available names before “checkout” ?

4) – In the demo we only see 4 TLD’s . Can we display more ?

5) – Can the customer select how many years they want the domain via WooCommerce ?

6) – Will the WooCommerce use ReCaptcha ?

7) – Is there an option to just “add to cart” instead of “order now” ?

8 ) – Is ther an option to “Keep shopping” when in the checkout area ?

9) – Can we assign our own unique prices for different TLD’s like $13 for .com’s and $10 for .org’s ?

If you like, I will be happy to test out your plugin on our end for any “bugs” or missing functionality when you are ready.

Feel free to get in touch.

That would be great!, please mail me your contact info here. farooqomer (at) gmail

Glad to assist.

Just emailed you.

We are using Blesta. ( )


As a stand-alone plugin….

1) – How would we integrate this into our Blesta install ?

2) – Do you have a user manual that we could read first ?

3) – How many TLD’s does this handle ?

4) – Can we add our own TLD’s ?

5) – Is there a way to get the “Recommendations” to show up automatically ?

6) – Can we customize the “Search” buttons to go to a custom URL ?

7) – Is the WHOIS functionality free ?


Concerning #6….

We were looking to re-name the “Search” button to something like “Buy Now”, and to create a custom URL to a page of our own where people can make their purchase of the domain name.

Can we do that ?

And please supply a demo of how this looks on WHMCS just so we can get an idea of how it might look for Blesta .

In current version: you can label the buttons as you like but custom URLs are yet to come as explained. We will be able to share demo just after holidays.

My customer bought this script and told me it has problem…seems your plugin repeat some tld in results … I test your demo and for 3 time fetch result some tld repeated in result as the same like .abogado


Please open a ticket on, we will look into it.


Hello, good morning. Is this plugin accepts TLDs and other country TLDs? Because i tested the demo version and didn’t work with

Is there anyway no implement other TLDs? Can you do the job? For how much

PS: Didn’t work because when we try to bulk search for a domain with TLD, the website retrieves that they are already taken, but in fact, it’s not. That happens for every single request with TLD


Please check if WHOIS server for exisit and are correctin plugin settings, you can also contact us on for detailed support.