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is there a list wich tld are included ?

and why so much false results at your demo

Hello, Thanks for reporting it. It might be due to non responsive tlds or slow connection to whois servers, we will take a look on demo install.

i want to purchase your script (Ultimate WP Domain Search) but want to verify if your script have the ability to check whois of .ng etc domains.. please let me know if it is possible before i go ahead to purchase script. because from your demo i can not see such things. thank you

Hello, Our support is available on It is ticketing system, where we are very active.

As long as .ng provides an open whois services on port 43, it will work. You just need to add the whois server to it.

You may also consider WHMpress instead of this plugin, reason being WHMpress is more actively updated with whois server list.

You may write to as on for more active response.


i have written a mail to for 4 days now and not response, it is very frustrating… and i opened a support ticket,

update: your ticket was replied.

I installed WHMCS on the main domain. I want to offer to sell to my clients subdomains instead of domains. If I will use your plugin they will be able to find and to select the subdomain which they we like? I found it on WHMCS settings that is an option to offer subdomains to clients. This plugin can make the search for availability for subdomains? Regards

Hello, This is not a built-in option into this plugin, we have replied your email with the alternate solution.

Hi there,

.de Domains-Whois don’t work? When I make a test on my domainnames it shows only “No match for”


Hey there,

I have all other WHMPress-WHMCS products from you : ) and I know about the domain-search. The main focus why I asked was the whois function.

When I tried the WHMPress domain-whois I got just a “Status: connect” on a .de domain-check, so I thought the ultimate wp ds can do more.

Thx for going into this,

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the purchase. We will look into it with .de search and get back to you.

It will help us to support if you can open a ticket on

Regards, creativeON

Hi there,

thx for goin into this. I’ll open a ticket later.


1) – When might this have WooCommerce functionality ?

Hi, it is planned for version 2.0. ETA is not available at the moment.

can you add some features like referral pages to multiple domain registration sites?