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Clean and Professional. GLWS DCSF

thanks ^^

Hi, is it only for blog or any site content from wordpress which include gallery, video any content in wordpress ? Thanks.

You need just to put your category id , and the app will get the last items even if it contains videos or images :) __ If you use custom plugin for ex : sportspress , here u should modify some parts of code , maybe next version will make it easier ^^

http://codex-themes.com/thegem/agency-one-pager/ I want to make site using this theme will it works fine with it ? and also let me know any plan for IOS app.
You can use it with thems , but with other plugins ( fo ex sportpress ) , it will not work good :) , And this app work with the POSTS part on ur wordpress not with the PAGES part So if you had items here , it will help u https://s29.postimg.org/f7yl7gd07/2017_01_03_13_57_24.png

Thank you ^^

is push notifications integrated?

will you add one signal or fcm push notification ?

demo there is no admob ads… where is interstitial ads placed..

Yes , there is no ads on my demo, but it exists with this app ( see screenshots ) And signals will work only when the is live on ur device , so i will use fcm tom make it work anytime

with Push Notification ?

Not yet ^^

The next version you will add push notifications?

Yes , i will :)

is it work with any website?

Yes , with any wodpress website :) + yes it contain admob ads

execuse me , you said any wordpress website , what about blogs?

WordPress blog yes :) perfectly

give me some screenshots of the plugin members area , to see how it look like and how it work

did you mean the admin panel of wordpress or what ? because this app work with this : https://s29.postimg.org/f7yl7gd07/2017_01_03_13_57_24.png

عندي موقع أخبار بووردبريس هل يمكن ربطه مع التطبيق ؟

شكرا لك على ردك

ومذا يجتاج للربط ؟

نعم يمكن ربطه بالتطبيق كل ما تحتاجه هو وضع رابط موقعك ، و اختيار الفئات التي ترغب في ظهور اخبارها بالتطبيق باقي الشرح موجود بالملف ،. لا يتطلب الامر منك معرفة برمجية

شكرا لردك.. كم عدد الفئات التي يمكن اضافتها؟ وهل يقبل الفئة التي تحتوي على فيديوهات ؟

يمكن اضافة ثلاث فئات ، و الفئة الرابعة تجمع كل فئات الموقع ، حتى التي لم تخترها و بخصوص الفيديو اذا كان الفيديو في المقال نعم يقبلها

this support RSS feed ?

It work with json :) , more professional , because play store doesn’t accept rss feed apps ^^

Nice work!!! When When do you think you will have push notification implemented?

Maybe February ^^

How many categories can be used?

You will just put the ids of categories

Hi. I have no experience in android programming and have woocommerce website. How can i use this tool?

It’s work just with defaults wordpress without other plugins like sportpress , i will put another app specially for woocommerce websites ^^ next month

Very nice application. And Iahbma the following things into consideration in the next version: - 1. Service Send notices with the addition of settings for activating and turning off notifications icon. browse News Saved temporary

i will ^^ , thank you

when will you add push notifications?

next month (february)

Good job bro

Hi, Can you also add Read Later option i.e. full article can be saved and can be read offline in coming updates. Thanks

Added in version 2 .. waiting Codecanyon to accept the update


هل التطبيق يدعم اللغة العربة من ناحية التنسيقات و النصوص وهل يمكن أضافة أي عدد من الأقسام

التطبيق المعروض للتحميل نسخة انجليزية .. لكن هناك نسخة عربية تواصل معي عبر الايميل لطلبها

أخي هل ممكن لي ببريدك الالكتروني؟

Hello , Is it possible to add some special features at a separate cost to the program? Does the app support Persian and English language? For example, adding a few new categories, downloading downloaded files, logging in to the user account that is available in WordPress, and changing the design of the program. After you buy the app, will support you?

Thank you