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i need a counter that simply totals button clicks. countertotal + 1. Ideally i’d like to have many button/counters on a page. Another need but isn’t absolutely required, i need to save daily totals. Am i looking at the right plugin?

The ‘Click Counter’ is a part of that plugin and counts a clicks and save their total in the database. Considering to a specific of that functionality – it can’t be placed more than one counter per page. The next release will be available soon and there it will be possible.

Please check the DEMO site for more details: http://www.wpcounter.ortusit.com/

Thank you.

Pre-purchased questions : is it possible to create an infinite counter? Let’s say my website is selling bread and I’d like the counter to add 1 sold bread every 30 minutes indefinitely? Other question : Is there a trial version to see if I can custom the counter to match my website design? Thanks for your time.


First Q: Yes, that’s possible to do with ‘Step Counter’.

Second Q; No trial version at this moment, sorry.

You may check all the features on demo website: http://www.wpcounter.ortusit.com/

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Hi there, what events are possible? page scroll up and down? basically, I need a scarcity counter which will change on page scroll and on timer, possible or no?

Hey, Isn’t your bet. Sorry…

Is it possible to “randomize” the update frequency? So sometimes it updates with 1 next time with 3 etc.


Please describe your question more detailed or open a ticket for our support team.


how do I make this thing go backwards? need the date/time to go in reverse?

Hi There That’s link doesn’t work :) Is that the same plugin? If not then please arrange for a refund as I thought at least the most basic features would be possible and if not then its useless for all my needs. Thought I would at leaaty be able to create a counter which goes backwards with it… Thanks

Hi again,

The link that was provided – works fine, check again and see there an examples and read documentation.


ok link is working now, it wasnt when I tried it, gave server error. Anyhow I dont thin you understand what I am wanting. I need to create a timer for say 5minutes which needs to remain 5minutes on every page visit, so not a time in the future or a time specified just simple 5minute count down. I do not find the option for that. I am forced to select a time in the future. I dont find any information in your documentation for that as every time is time/date specified. Same applies to days if I want to add a timer for 2 days on every page visit it doesnt, only day specified so if i visit the same page tomorrow it will be 1 day less. Again I am forced to add a full date. If its possible then please show me where, I have already read thru the content on that site since buying as of course I have tried to set it without a date or time specified…. and it doesnt do anything unless I add that… should be a basic feature no? If so how? If not refund me.


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How can I increase the size (heights) of the counter box?


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To understand what I mean have a look here: http://i.imgur.com/SpIf8Dm.png