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Important information for buyers!

We are not providing support for our items due to high load on projects. When committing a purchase you agree to rely on the documentation file we provide with the app.

What tools do I need in order to customize / edit the product?

You need Android Studio. You can download it from here

I have no pages in the right sliding menu. What is the reason?

Maybe you have some problem with the JSON. We are expecting valid JSON to parse the pages within the app.

Please open the following url address and check if everything is ok with the JSON Response. For comparison use our test JSON Response at

How to make the text in both sliding menus to be right aligned?

1) Open the sliding_menu_cell.xml file and add:

to the TextView element.

2) Open sliding_menu_cell.xml and find the ImageView element, which in fact represents the arrow. Within the ImageView look for the following attribute:


Since, the text is right aligned, you have to replace it with:


This will add free space on the left side of the arrow and the text won’t be so close to it. Adjust the value 5dp until you get the desired result.

I can’t access the plugin’s (JSON API) directory at

Please enable user-friendly permalinks in order to fix that.

How to change the package names, to my own?

Check the following reply:

There are some important steps like:

1) Step 5, where you have to update the build.gradle file with the new package name. By default Google uses com.example as basis and you have to explicitly add the item applicationId within the defaultConfig section.

2) Check the AndroidManifest.xml file for strings with the old package name. Just us the search feature.

3) Last but not least, clean the project from Build > Clean project

How can I change the color of the Navigation Bar (Header) from black to other?

Replace the bg_striped_img.png image with the desired color.

How can I change the colour of the date?

Open /res/values/colors.xml and change the HEX value of the following item:
<color name="act_main_cell_date_text_color">#4c4c4c</color>

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