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hi i have a problem with mgwoocommercebrands-widget-brands-list.php on line 14: “PHP Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP” I have the last version of plugin

Its compatible with PHP7. Your message is not a error, this is PHP notice, and it should not be displayed on frontend. Your server incorrectly configured, you need to disable PHP notice display.

but if i set PHP 5.6 don’t show PHP notice.

This is how configure your hosting. I recommend you to use PHP 5.6.


Is this plugin work in Avada Theme? Can we use logo in Product Category and Single Product Page? Do you have link sample show the logo brands?


Hello, our plugin works with any themes, for themes that changed WooCommerce layout a lot you can specify custom brand position selectors in plugin settings.

This comment is currently being reviewed. is not your site? If not, I apologize.

No, this is not our site. Our site is

My humble apologies to you!

Hello, I am not able to edit the number of products displayed because the Visual Composer doesn’t load the “Products by Brand”. I use the theme Wizestore and this started to happen after their last update. Even if I want to add a new “Products by brand” item on my page the visual composer wheel keeps loading and nothing happens. Please help.

Thank you, Emilia

I have made special brand pages where I add “Products by Brand” with Visual Composer. I was able to modify them before I updated the theme, but now I can’t change the ones already added nor I can add others because the circle for Visual Composer keeps loading and loading. The WIZESTORE theme came with Visual composer and they are saying they are not visual composer developers, but i also don’t have access to Visual Composer support because it is not purchased. It is definitely related to the updates from Visual Composer, so how come you are not able to fix it directly with them? I would really appreciate your help with this, otherwise paying for this plugin was a waste of money and I will need to ask for a refund.

The reply I get from my theme support is this: J. Clarks (GT3 Themes) Sep 25, 10:28 BST

1. We support Visual Composer plugin. But we don’t support conflicts with the 3rd-party add-ons that we don’t use in our theme. The Composer is added to build pages. You added absolutely another plugin that we don’t use. Please contact add-on developers and ask for support.

So if they are saying to please contact you, are you going to tell me also to contact them?

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Goodmorning, I want to purchase your plug-in since it works with my theme Goodstore, but I need to display the description of the brand in the brand single page (I wanna use it as “Authors” for the books so I need to add their biography. Would that be possible eventually? Thanks

Hello, your theme developer need to add support for this in theme template files (theme should have taxonomy page template that show taxonomy description on taxonomy listing page).

pre-purchase question; does your pro version enable the export & import of brands values (terms) via woocommerce built in export/import feature? Thanks

Hello, no, WooCommerce import/export feature works only for default WooCommerce data and does not support any other plugins.

Hi dedalx, on line 155 of woocommerce’ class-wc-product-csv-exporter.php there is a filter for 3rd parties. I was thinking if I utilized the custom column code they supply on their website & could then extract the terms of the ‘product_brands’ taxonomy as $value, it would then trigger that filter?

You need to ask WooCommerce support about this, we does not have any relations to WooCommerce plugin and its code and can’t help you with this.

Why this Brands plugin does not support any other languages (like Cyrillic)? Instead of first letter (П, З, etc.) in nav filter it shows 0-9. Not good to buy until you fix it. thanks!

Hello, currently plugin filter support only latin characters.

hello, I just downloaded the light version to check if it works with shopkeeper theme. The brand doesn’t show on the category page “shop page”, I would love to buy the pro version but I need to make sure it works with my theme. Do you have a fix for that? or integration method?

Hello, PRO version allow you to add custom jquery selector for custom CSS position for brand element, so you can configure it to work with any theme.

awesome, thank you for the quick respond.