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Hi there, I’m a web designer and my client has purchased a theme (Zenblog from Gbthemes) that came with? your plugin. I’m finding some issues with entering the social links in the widgets. For instance, with the About Me widget, under SOCIAL LINKS, there’s no fields to fill in. They’re just not there.

Please see example screenshot here:

Is it a bug or can I fix this somehow? Thank you for your help!

Hi, we need watching a demo of some widgets that we never used until now, but domain seems have issues, and the demo is no longer available. How could we solve? Thanks!

Is this still a valid product? The demo page is gone and has not been updated for a year.

Ok looks like this product is gone since there’s no response from the developer to the customer’s question above after 2 months.


How to change text of Contact Info, i want address etc to be in dutch…

Many thanks!

Your page does not load, you can not see the plugin

demo broken, pls fix

Is this item still supported? Khothemes web site is down, and I’m missing a bunch of the widgets that should be included (the Instagram in particular has disappeared…)

I’m happy to purchase extra support – IF it is available. Last comments here are a long time ago…

Is there another plugin similar to this one? This is such a beautiful set of widgets, heartbroken it’s no longer supported (instagram completely broken)

last update : September 16, 2016

any updates