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How do i update this plugin? I see i got an email that said there was an update for this, but when i log on my WP i dont get that “plugin needs update” warning.

Your data are saved in your database so normally you will not lose any data. This is your only option because you can not do it via filezilla.

Was there any security vulnerabilities patched in this update? if not ill just keep it as is.

No I just added new widget styles.

I found a bug, the widget “find us on facebook” doesnt work in firefox. it works viewing in chrome.

I downloaded it from my https://themeforest.net/downloads I would think it would be up-to-date their. Afterwards i even had to redo some custom CSS so im pretty sure the update went through.

It asked if i wanted to overwrite the folders in filezilla, i selected yes.

oops wrong post

No problem :)

Hi Khothemes, I love this widgets plugin :) I need to know if is possible to add a small contact form on it (something like, Name, E-mail, phone, address and small description of the job requested, I need this for a customer (widget that his customers can fill in for requesting a free quote) Thanks a million, best regards

Hello, I thought but it would be a bit pointless, there is the free plugin Contact Form 7 that you can create great form and then insert the shortcode in the text widget of the plugin :)

Great, Thanks a lot for the relpies. Just a final one, if I need help set up the contact form as a widget would you be able to help me? (at least point me in the right direction on where to get that info) I’ve never done it before, Thank you, Regards

Hi, you can contact directly the author of the plugin.

Hi! Your Plugin is great-but I have one problem. On my site: http://www.sabrinagundert.de/tagesinspirationen/ on the bottom I have a button. When you click it, you will see the problem. My picture is BEHIND the sidebar. :( How can I solve this??? Thank you so much!

Hello, enter this following css code in UW Panel > Custom CSS:
#inspiration_helper:checked ~ #inspiration_label { z-index: 999; }

Thank you so much!!! :)

You’re welcome :)

Hey Khothemes, I have installed the plugin and is working GREAT :) Thank you, I need some help please, can you please advise where to go to ask a few questions regarding how to give an editor some more choices on what he can see and do like theme options etc. Thanks, Best regards

Hi Khothemes, I really need help, can you please provide the support forum to ask questions or do you would like me to ask them here? Thanks Regards

Sorry wrong plugin ehehe :) please discard the questions, thanks

Hello, okay :)


I just purchased this and it is a beautiful plugin. I am using the contact widget. Anyway of making the phone numbers click to call?

Thanks Jen

Hello, thank you for using UW, unfortunately, if I put this possibility, this would return an error on the desktops.

setting up mail chimp newsletter form to work any help on this :0)

it looks fine in google chrome its just in safari

For the scroll up button, enter this code: .footer-wrapper-backtotop { z-index: 9999; }

For the search bar, try this but delete the other code I given you in the previous message:

body .uw_search_widget form .uw-field { height: 40px !important; }

Now, it should work :)

Still dose not seem to work

also I added my own widget and the margin at the top is too much


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How can I change the arrow navigation to remove the circles on the testimonial widget?

Hello, what is the style of the widgets you use?


piexec Purchased

Style? I’m using the testimonial widget style tool. My widget is in the footer of www.couponbutter.com. I want to remove the circles, and have just the arrows highlight in #fff on hover.

Hello, enter this code into UW Panel > Custom CSS:
.uw_testimonials_widget .uw-testimonial-nav {
    background-color: transparent !important;
    color: #fff !important;
    border: 0;

Hello, is your plugin compatible with WP 4.7?

Hello, yes :)


piexec Purchased

I’m having an issue with your widget showing in the header of my site on mobile.


Need help or I’m going to remove it and need a refund.


Hello, this has nothing to do with the plugin, you can put any widget you will have the same problem. Please contact the author of the theme.

Very nice plugin. I have a couple pre-sale questions about the Login Widget. Can you set the redirect when someone logs in? What about when they log out? Can you set those dependent on their roles?

Thank you!


Hello, yes you can define a custom url when a user connects. For log out, the user will remain on the same page. No this is not possible via the role of the user. Do not hesitate if you have any further questions.


I could not install the plugin.

I got the following error:

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot

Best regards


Hello, you need to unzip the file, and upload the plugin on your site.


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How to make this widget on horizontal? the default is vertical right

Hello, which widget are you talking about?


begoo Purchased

how to disable date?

Hello, what date?

I love how you can customize the color of the widgets! I have multiple pages on my site that need a different color sidebar/widgets per page. Is there anyway to do this with your plug in? Or is the colors site wide? Thanks!

Hello, thank you for your comment, the style is for all your site, it is not possible to do it per page, sorry.

Demo website is down.

Hello, sorry for this, you can test the free version if you want: https://wordpress.org/plugins/ultimate-widgets-light/

Hello. Is this plugin dead? The demo site is down for a while now. Are there going to be any future updates?

Hello, no problem, can you show me the url where you’ve this issue? For the lazy loading, may be it’s possible with an external plugin.

PS: In the email I received, it says that you did not buy the plugin, if you bought it with a different account, use this account so I can check if your support is still valid otherwise I will cannot help you, thank you.

Hey, I just sent you an email so you can remember me :)

Let’s talk directly by email then, it’s easier.

Hi, Is there anyway to change the color of the widgets? Blue worked great at the beginning. But now I changed my website to red.

Hello you can change all the colors via the panel.

Hello, I seem to have lost the ability to format this. It used to be lines in between each word. and they used to be more compact.

Here is a picture https://ibb.co/fyvdDQ

what happened? did i lose CSS? can you give me a code to make it better please :)

I spent the last hour changing every color option in the styling section. Can you please tell me how to change this underline blue color? I want to change it to red.

SS: https://www.screencast.com/t/HEYCYcAP7V

I can’t find the option to change it anywhere.

Do you have a code to change the title text color? I want to mess around with that as well :)

I want to change the text color to a darker grey or maybe even black.

Add this “color: #303030;” in “body .uw_widget_wrap.style3 .uw-title”