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The plugin crashed my website. Please help.

Are there any specific “non conventional” steps in installing the plugin?

Hello, no, all steps are standard, you can open support ticket here: and we will help you. Thank you! I’m waiting your ticket.

Some of my plugins (for example Memberpress, and Eonet Manual User Approve) add columns with extra info in the users page, but UT somehow prevents this info from showing, so the columns are empty. When I disable UT, the extra user info becomes visible. So there must be some conflict. I tried all settings in UT to find out if there is some specific setting that causes the conflict, but I couldn’t find it.

Hello, please, open support ticket( or write directly to I will test and help you. Thank you!

Minifier does nothing and is not working at all

Hello, please open support ticket – I will help you.


besfe70 Purchased

this plugin had a chance to gain thousands of sales, but the author does not know what is he doing!!! it used to be friendly, unique, and so simple… with every update the author keep it less friendly, he starts to concentrate on adding annoying popups asking for purchase code code and those stuff like splitting the plugin into two plugins …...rather concentrating on how to bring new features and functions, this is the way how someone kill his sales!!!!

Thank you for your opinion! Plugin is growing and now bigger than 6 month ago. Some people need only Admin Menu Tweaker and can buy it. And customers do not have problems with activation.


hushnun Purchased

Hey guys, great plugin! However, in the demo the admin menu item hover color is still the standard wordpress blue. When I change it, only the menu item icon is affected. Fix that and I’ll buy :)

Hello, thank you! I will check and will respond you here :-)

Hello again
I tested your plugin maintanence mode and was shocked as it completely lock the site for all user roles even the admin make it possible to enable admins to create this mode for other users so that admins can do works with their sites
thanks in advance :)

Hello, I have looked in code and mainenance move visible for all except: users with edit_themes capability(usually admins). Can you open support ticket and I will look. Thank you!

Hi, love how I can tweak the dashboard and prevent users from accessing certain items. But I’d like to know if I can allow users to only Edit/Access a certain page instead of ALL PAGES. Is this possible? I tried … but I can’t edit the slug? So it doesn’t work. Confused.

Is there any guide how to do this? I’m sure this is possible ….

1. But I’d like to know if I can allow users to only Edit/Access a certain page instead of ALL PAGES. Is this possible? - Not possible, you and restrict only by type.

Anyway open support ticket and we will discuss about it.


Abnerd Purchased

When is the next update to be able to hide Theme Options, Yoast etc from the admin bar? The Theme Options hide function is very needed as clients are able to dabble with it. Love the flexibility of the plugin!

Hello, thank you for interest. This plugin in roadmap in june.