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No more updates for this plugin??


jowelr Purchased

Please remove license for old website. Thank you


wpage Purchased

Hello, This plugin works fine but need maintenance at least for some PHP functions, if you enable debugging, you’ll be shocked on how many PHP warnings this plugin has.

Hope that help.

Hello, thank you! I will do it.


WEBkits Purchased

Hey, when is the next update? I’m getting many PHP errors! please fix it.

Your not supporting or developing this anymore?

If are selling – I don’t understand, why is there no support?

I have 20 licenses for this plugin, and I really love it. But it really needs updates! The author had a long period of non-support in the past, but then revived it and supported it for quite some time again. But now it seems he has more or less abandoned it agian. I hope he will revice it once more. This is a really helpful plugin, and it would be a shame to let it die slowly. Come on, Amino!


Ferguss Purchased

When installing the plugin this message appears in the WordPress dashboard: Warning: The non-numeric value encountered in / home / matricul / public_html / wp-content / plugins / ultimate-tweaker / admin-menu-tweaker / includes / menu / changed_item. php on line 19

How to solve this?

Looks like development is dead. No updates for almost 2 years? Will there be any updates this year?

Im not buying then unless there is an update… thanks for the heads up!!

Hi, will there be any updates?

Hello, I have plan to update it in future

There are major bugs in the admin menu tweaker now which makes menu items appear when hiding others. This plugin is useless at the moment so we do now have to look for other options for all of our client sites.