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Hello, I do not see your refund request. You can do it via CodeCanyon. Thank you!

i need to change main domain ….why you dont let me ask on support section …?!

This is support site rules. But you can write me directly to and I will help you!

ok i wrote you please check my friend

Thank you!

I am a little confused regarding your Item Details page. Is this both the WordPress Tweaker plugin and the Admin Menu Tweeker plugin combined into a single bundle?

I am interested in purchasing this plugin when you release a version that is compatible with WordPress 4.9. Could you please respond to this comment when it is updated?


Hello, sure!

Hello, I have already bought two licenses of this plugin and it seems great to me. but unfortunately I can not delete some botonces of other plugins that I do not want to be seen in the text editor tinymce (clarification depends on the role I want it to come out or not) for example:

.mce-ico .mce-i-tg-metabox-icon: {display: none;}

Hello, can you write to support?

hello, do you have plan to update plugin with some new features?

hello, yes, but without big updates.

Pre-sale questions,

I tried the tested the demo feature, nice btw. I also has been reading a lot of comments.

I am wondering always say open a new ticket when each individual purchaser asking for help, or fix, or errors on their site.

It’s this mean you only fix each thing for each users’ issue only (only for their site)? But NOT to fix the same individual issue from the plugin for update?

Please advise before buy, thanks

I do not fix individually, I always do it via global update.

It would be nice to have an option to open PDF’s in a new window. I use a little js now, maybe you can use it.
$(document).ready(function(e) { $('a[href$=".pdf"]').attr('target', '_blank'); });

Thank you! Nice tweak. I will add!

I have a ticket that is now 3 days old. Any update on the same? Private Ticket #1405273

Hello, please, check the ticket. I have answered you. Get in touch there.


bruno05 Purchased

The last correspondence I have from you was on 12/28/2017. I replied to that email as well as logged into the system and replied there as well along with attachments. I have asked several times if you need access to the site to resolve the issue but nothing. Again, what does it take to get this fixed…Getting frustrated. The reason I am posting here also is because you are not responding to the ticket but replying here.

Hello, I have asked you in ticket. Can you write to email? I you can’t view your ticket. Thank you!

About your plugin, first, I like the features btw,

For the dragging image, can this block dragging animation.gif ?

I know this will block the site images…. But can it block from dragging the buddypress members profile photo and their other uploaded photos?


Hello, please write to support or request refund on CodeCanyon. My plugin never change login and password. Thank you!

I don’t need support.

The plugin have a lot of great features, this is the reason I bought it. Just that the plugin are giving too many issues already and not even half way there!

I will request refund on CodeCanyon.


when are you planning to update and fix the bugs, because people get really angry at your plugin what does simple not work !

Hello, can you write me to support? I always fix bugs.

Hi, is there any possibilities to use only “Only Tweaker”? I do have issues with the “Admin Menu Tweaker” because I already use another menu tweaker. Thanks

Hi! Yes, you can copy only-tweaker folder to your plugins.

emailed, no answer yet.

I have checked email box – can you repeat?