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With the new update, where can I change the url to in the login screen logo. Also, where can I remove the wordpress logo in the login screen and upload own logo. This was there in the older version, but now it just has login form and background image for login page customization.

Hello, can you open support ticket here: and I will help you! Thank you. Have a good day.

is there a way to remove from admin bar the “yoast” plugin or the “theme options” or any other plugin that insert a label in admin bar ?

Hello, this will be available in next part of tweaker for Toolbar. Currently under development.

Hello, I’would like knows, if translate in french ? Best regard

Hello, sure – you can contribute here: I can register you if you want(write me to ) Thank you!

Fantastic Plugin , Please Can You Add These Features ?
1- Customize Admin Bar To Add or Remove Items ( other than built in items ) Like Adminstrize or White Label Branding Plugins
2- To Change the Login Page URL Like Ithemes Security Plugin
3- To Change Search Page URL
4- To Disable Comments Globally
5- To Disable Plugin Notifications like activation – clear cache .. etc
6- To Change Category pages to Pages via URL
7- To Add Custom Fonts to Theme
8- To Edit The Admin Backend Via Css
Thanks in Advance :)

Thank you! I will look and will write you!

Additional ideas can be added to the tweaker
11- Hide WordPress wp-admin URL
12- Hide WordPress signin
13- Custom admin and login URL
14- Custom wp-includes path
15- Custom wp-content path
16- Random plugins names
17- Random themes name
18- Custom plugins path
19- Custom uploads path
20- Custom authors path
21- Custom comment URL
22- Custom category path
23- Custom tags path
24- Support for WordPress Multisites
25- Support for subdomain and subdirectory Multisites
26- Hide All Other WP Files
27- Disable Archives, Pages, Taxonomies, etc
28- Replace Words In HTML Output
29- Automatically Delete Revisions or Disable it
30- Automatically Delete Drafts
31- Automatically Remove orphan Transitions
32- Automatically Remove orphan post meta
33- Automatically Optimize WP Tables
34- Automatically Empty Trash
35- Make The Admin Menu in Admin bar Mega Menu or Multilevel
36- Choose Which user roles can enter the backend dashboard
37- Limit Login Attempts
38- .htaccess Website Security Protection
39- Disable Directory Indexing and Browsing


Please Note These features included with so many plugins and I think Your Plugin with the included features and these new features would be the Biggest Tweaker , Customizing and Security Plugin in the World of Wordpress as it will make any one does with one plugin what can be done with tons of pluins and here I would help you with the plugins that contain these features so that you can see the used code and add it directly to the plugin with your amzing touches

Feature number 1 >>> included with ( Adminimize ) or ( White Label Branding )
Features From 11 To 28 >>> included with Hide my WP
Features From 29 To 34 included with any cleaning plugin
Feature 35 included with Wordpress itself or any plugin that sends its menu in the admin bar
Feature 36 icluded with Ultimate Membership pro or Ultimate Tweaker Plugin
Features From 36 to 39 Included with Ithemes Security or Sucuri Plugins

Hope Your Plugin Be The #1 Selling Pluing allover WP Platform :)

Nice! Thank you :-) I will reply you!

Hello, Can we hide all wordpress details from source code like themes and plugins.

Thanks for the messages.

I’m grad to answer your questions any time!

sooner or later i am gonna buy your plugin :)

Hi, Can we hide certain plugins in list while allowing others to stay visible?

Hi, done, yes, it is available in new release: UT 2.3.2 or Only Tweaker 2.1.1.

New tweak: Hide plugins in list – you cane hide plugins on plugins page


annamsg Purchased

Where ’s the lightweight version? i love it :(

Now is lightweight and before :-) Ultimate Tweaker do not use database heavy – only stores settings.

Hi, size reduced to 6.4mb in v.2.3.3. Please update! :-)


annamsg Purchased

Thanks you. wish u luck

I like the thinking of GalaxyMarket… I would also like to be able to create more dashboard widgets that link to a video and pop-up in a lightbox (think WP101). The ability to obfuscate theme and plugin titles completely would be awesome too. I hope I’m not being too… but this plugin has some awesome features too.

Thank you for opinion, I’ve added your idea to task. I will try implement it.

After lots and lots of search and checks.. I finally decided to buy your plugin – Ultimate Tweaker…. Real time saving… safe and easy to use, as said all-in-one. Keep the good work please up.

Thank you very much! We will continue our hard work.


bruno05 Purchased

Can you please fix your versions between envato, your release log and thej actual file? On Envato you say latest version is 2.3.3, On your release log you say latest version is 2.4.0 and when I open the php file it says version 2.3.2. This is very confusing.

Hello, update server have 2.4. I will upload this version to Envato(up to 5 days), can you open support ticket here and I will check you site. Thank you!


bruno05 Purchased

just updated and no admin menu…Come on guys…fix your update process and check your files.

Hello, restored in 2.4.2, thank you! Sorry for this bug.


SirBabak Purchased

i download many times but still show v2.3.2!

Hello, the version was approved today 2.4.0, please check and write me to support! Thank you!

Live Preview Error establishing a database connection

Please check now, Digital Ocean upgrades of networking software.

Hi! Can i hide some plugins global and show it only for 1 user (my admin account). I try do this, but it’s dos’t work.

Hi, did you buy plugin? (I do not see your badge). Please, open support ticket and I will help you! Thank you!

No, i see this plugin on 1 of my site. And i want to buy it for other my project.

Any way write to I will help you.

Your demo site is down

Restarted – please try! Thank you!

Hi, where can I find multisite functionality in your demo?

As previous poster I would also vote for multiple custom dashboard widgets in a future update.

Hello, demo do not show multisite functions. You can enable tweaks globally for all sites and manage roles. I created task for: multiple dashboard widgets and will write here, when will be released.

awesome, thanks!

Hi, where is the admin menu tweaker ? it is gone after the latest update, only the normal tweaker is there

Hello, restored in 2.4.2, thank you!

If i put in my license code can i disable automatic updates?

I think i have the same issue above. I just downloaded this plugin and it appears to be 2.4.1. I can’t find anything labelled Admin Tweaker….