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First of all this is the best php chat that you can buy, I have bought the pro version from your site. * Five stars for secure.

I use it even in wordpress multisite without any problem ( I have inserted the php with a free plugin ” Insert headers and footers ” that works great).

when the update? I bought the pro version, it will be great have the possibility to:

1 send a link (it’s very important)clickable by the users directly, right now we must insert the link in the prepared messages, cause the directly paste open a modal window, that do nothing even when we past the url inside and get ok.

2 imagine and even a pdf via chat.

3 when the app in the playstore?

Hi, and thanks for the great review! Much appreciated.

1. Sending links should work. If there is an issue, we’ll take care if it asap. Please open a support ticket here: premiumscripts.site/submit-ticket.

2. At the moment file sharing is disabled because of potential security issues to clients(their visitors may upload harmful files) but we are planning an update that will allow sanitized uploads (selectable from the chat admin panel) in the very near future.

3. Mobile apps are in development. Hope to release them soon.

Best regards


I need a plugin like:

1. User can access his chat page on particular time. (Ex: 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm – once his time will finish this chat page lock. It only works on certain period of time exactly.)

2. They have access to transfer their files to each other.

Is this plugin helps for my requirements. In case if your answer yes. I am ready to buy this plugin immediately. I am waiting for your answer.

Hi, this script is not designed for what you are asking. Best regards

no problem. is this script helps to solve my problem

Hi, I just sent a pre-sale question on the contact form. Thanks

If I want to move forward, I would be more interested by the Pro Version ($25). I don’t see it in Envato website. Is it on a different link? Thanks.

Sure, you can get it here: premiumscripts.site

Please remember that you’ll need more then one license if you plan to install it on multiple domains each with an independent admin panel.

Alternatively you can have one admin panel (one license) and connect all your websites to it without limitation. It’s quick and easy with a simple copy/paste of a javascript code and allows you the comfort of chatting with clients from all of your sites from one admin panel.

Best regards

Thank you so much for the reply. I will be purchasing soon! Regards.

when admin login with backend on mobile browser the sound notification works or not since it works in web browser on desktop but in mobile ping sound does not come in apple phone. can you tell me whether it comes or not in your chat.

Hello, please add pro version on codecayon, thank you

Hello, this is a presales question: Is there a chance to integrate your chat with automation softwares like Zapier, Integromat or others?


Not familiar with these software. Best regards

Hello, this is a presales question: Is there (or will be) a possibility to create personalized proactive chat greetings based on visitor URL or the time spent on a page? Thanks!

Hi, proactive features are planned for future updates to the Pro version.

Best regards

Pro-Version / SMS Notification: Are there additional costs or requirements for SMS Service?

SMS service fees if any are related to your location, your country, your phone carrier, your monthly plan etc…, they are not related to the chat.

Best regards

Hi i really like your chat application, but can this be trigger via links, since one on our requirements is that it can be trigger by one of our banner or text link. If not is there any way to do this?


The pro version has an API and it can be used to do a lot of things including to trigger the widget by any link, image, banner etc.

Best regards

where can i view the pro version

You can view it at premiumscripts.site

Hello, I just purchased the “Ultimate Support Chat” and tried to install it. When prompt to insert info regarding database name, etc.. I have this message “Database connection failed. Please check the credentials and try again.” All the credentials are ok. Permissions 0777 are ok too. Do you have an idea of what could be the problem? Regards,

Hi, I am NOT confused. I know how to install a database. On the setup page it says: “You database name:” and “User name with access to the database:”, when typing respectively the credentials, it is NOT working. I get a message like: “Database connection failed. Please check the credentials and try again.” But when I reverse the credentials using the database name into the “username field” it’s working. No big deal, just wanted to mention and it is working fine. Anyway, this is a GREAT product!

Thanks. I will check this and reverse if needed then.

It is on the Pro Version.

Is there a way for a visitor to save the chat? I don’t see it in the docs. Regards.

Hi, Is there a way for you to make the user able to download the chat on its own without asking for it? Which would make more sense. Thanks

Good idea. I’ll add it in a future update. I guess it could be added to the widget menu as a ‘email transcript when chat ends’ and show this option only if the user entered his email when starting the chat.

That would be great if you can do that. Can you let me know when this is done and which file(s) I will have to switch out instead of having to re-upload everything and have to modify my changes? I’m working with the Pro Version. Thank you. Regards,

Pre sales….

example i have 3 diferent websites, and i want to asignate diferent operators to every single site, without see another site chat.

1.- i can install this in a subdomain? 2.- work with nginx? 3.-how many websites i can handle? 4.- ¿i can have 3 websites and in site 1 10 operators, in site two, 18 operators and 8 in site tree? 5.- I can asignate and admin of each website or supervisor? 6.- can i insert a text like powered by <website name> always show in open widget?

thanks and sorry about english.


You can assign as many websites as you want to a single installation of the chat admin panel but they wont be separated (you’ll see the traffic of all connected sites with in this one admin panel)

In your given example, if you want separation you’ll need 3 admin panel installations (requiring 3 separate license purchases). You can have these installed on the same domain (in 3 different folders), on subdomains, on separate domains/ subdomains, even on separate servers it’s up to you and your needs.

1. Yes – but keep in mind it can depend on your server configuration.

2. Yes – it works with ngnix.

3. As many as you want but keep in mind you’ll need a strong server if you have a lot of sites/traffic.

4. Yes – as long as each site is on separate installation as stated above.

5. Yes. You can assign an admin to each installation.

6. No. ‘Powered by’ is not allowed under copyright. You’ll need an additional licensing agreement with premiumscripts (1 year contract). If you’re interested in that option please contact us at premiumscripts.site for more information.

Best regards

Thanks, and f i use all in one single installation, same questions but only one single installation, 5 and 6… and additional works in php7?

have a great day

It does work with php7. Answers are the same for single or multiple installation. With a single installation you can’t separate the connected websites or the operators from each other. ‘Powered by’ is not allowed under copyright if either case.

Required: PHP GD2 >= 2.0 is required , what does it mean? i have version 2.1.1dev , but i cant install .

It means you don’t have authorization to use the software. Please buy a license!