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where we used to add this code,i forgot the path ?

<script> ulp_add_event(“onload”, { popup: “OBJECT1_ID”, popup_mobile: “OBJECT2_ID”, mode: “every-time”, period: 5, delay: 0, close_delay: 0 }); </script>

Hi, what’s this code? It is not related to the chat. I think you may be confusing it with another purchase you had made. Regards

yes sorry :) i send wrong aria…

No prob :)

Hello, I bought your pro version. I tried using my iphone to login to see if I could chat from there. It really is not working. When are you going to come up with the IOS/Iphone app. I would like to recommend this to other businesses, but without the app, it is a big minus to you. Who sits on the desktop computer waiting for a chat these days?

Hi, the application works perfectly on all mobile devices unless your site is very old or using a non-responsive layout, or there is some issue. Please create a support ticket here: premiumscripts.site/submit-ticket and we’ll be happy to help you sort out the issue. Regarding the mobile apps, they are in development and will be released when ready for deployment.


Hello I am getting the following issue with normal version:

supportoff_inc.php:1 Refused to execute script from /widget/jsonp.php?callback=detectClient’ because its MIME type (‘application/json’) is not executable, and strict MIME type checking is enabled.

Anyone faced this problem and have a solution? This issue happened in google chrome.

Hi, please contact me by email via my profile so I can help resolve the issue. Regards

I was able to solve the issue by editing a line in jsonp.php file. Thanks

Great. Some servers need (‘application/json’) to be set as (‘application/javascript’)

hi i purchased this a while ago from your website directly the pro version.i lost the files and i need to reinstall it because my hosting company made some changes in the cpanel.the link in my e-mail sais invalid and your support page has an error can you help?

Hi, sure no problem. Please submit a ticket here: premiumscripts.site/submit-ticket

hi, is this chat Pro version? if this is not Pro version, then why do you not sell here? to bye from codecanyon is a security for your customers.for that security I can pay 32 usd for you script.. no problem. thanks

Hi, we currently offer the pro script on our website. We do offer a money back guarantee, unlimited support and free updates to your email box, so rest assured it’s money well spent.

i try your Pro, and it shows my ip-address is from france. but I live in a other country. so please check your demo.

Hi, this can sometime happen if your server has a FORWARDED-X-TO setting, or using a proxy forward setting. In both cases this can be easily adjusted from the app config file


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Hi, is it possible for the chat to show a notification to a operator as soon as customer starts a chat by entering their name and email? We are loosing chats because customers are confused that they have to enter that, then enter a message before the chat actually starts. Does that make sense? If your pro version does this, let me know and we will upgrade. Thanks


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Hi, I have tried that however it means they still have to write a message before the notification comes through. I want the notification to come through as soon as they click on the start button.

This behavior is by design. The idea behind not actually triggering the chat is to save server resources and minimize load. For example – in cases where a website visitor clicks the start button out of curiosity but then closes the widget without actually writing anything. This actually happens quite a lot, and because of this we designed the code to not trigger the chat protocol unless something was actually written by the website visitor – this way allowing your server to better perform and better handle the load of multiple website visitors and chats.


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Ok, we will have to look at the wording to make sure customers know the chat hasnt started until a message is written.

Out of curiosity how much would a custom version cost that does initiate a chat on them clicking the start button?

Do you offer free installation

and where to buy the pro version and what is the cost?

Click on the demo