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Good day, sirs. I have next question: what, if I’d like to make not only with customers, but with operators? Is your chat support chat between 10-15 managers?

Hi, no. It’s intended to chat between operators and unlimited customers.

Hello, I install the script in the subdirectory https://site/chat But I get an error about incorrect redirection Help please solve the issue with the installation


Assuming I understand what you are asking correctly – you should be able to see the same results providing you had set the chat admin global settings to track all traffic (instead of just chat requests).


Yes, I would like to see all the traffic, js chat is called because together with the page code of the site


Click on global settings in the chat admin and then click track all visitors.


Hello, Does this chat feature trigger where I can schedule chat to start automatically for visitors to my website? Thank you.


Yes. In the PRO version you can set the chat to be triggered after a certain amount of time, for example 15 seconds. In addition, you can use the API to do anything you want. For example start the chat after a certain link is visited, or show a popup after the chat ends, the API lets you tap into the chat engine and do what ever you want.



That’s great! Is there documentation to help me with this setup? Will the script be installed on my server? I noticed that there are some images about App for Android and Apple on your site but the links are not working. Are these apps included in the value already? To buy the PRO version I must do for your site, right? Thank you.


The script is installed on your server. You need to have basic skills with mysql database setup to install it. The admin panel is very easy to navigate and should be easy to figure out how to set up what you need. The mobile apps are in development and are not yet included. The Pro version is only available on our site at premiumscripts.site

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I installed the Live Chat on http: //site1.com/chat

And add widget on the site httpS://site2.com

But the widget does not appear on the site

What is the problem?

The fact that on http: //site1.com/chat also must be SSL


All web browsers block ssl to non-ssl connections. This means that the chat admin must be installed on ssl if you want the widget to be on ssl. Please note that when the chat admin is on ssl as stated above, then it can connect to ALL protocols including ssl or non-ssl.

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After installing the SSL for the chat everything worked perfectly!

Great. Happy to hear everything is working.

hi you not make mobile app ?

No at this time. They are in development for the PRO version.

Hi, I bought the pro version from https://premiumscripts.site but I don’t receive email or whatever. Can you help? Since it’s the same plugin company?

Sure, to get support please submit a ticket here: premiumscripts.site/submit-ticket

Hello, I just installed the script but every time I try to update something the page goes blank saying… Secure Connection Failed

Hi, can you please email me via my profile page – the url where it is installed? Thanks

i need run this script on php 7 … is it possible?

Yes. It will run on php7

Hello, does the API allow to select specific operator automatically, according to the page visited or other specified condition?

Hi, no.

Can I add a chat button anywhere on a page or does it have stay attached to the edges of the windows?

Great I did purchase the PRO version. Where can I find the documentation to add a Chat button anywhere I want? For example, I want one in the body section of my Contact page.

Hi, it’s very simple to do. For API documentation,:log in to the chat admin and click API on left side menu. You can also click on the ‘Launch API demo’ to see it in action. Additionally, there is an example file in the chat folder you can open and see exactly how to set up the button you need. If you need further help please feel free to contact our support team at premiumscripts.site/submit-ticket

Cool. Thx :-)

Hi The scripts Author,

Very Nice script, a few months before i purchased this script, but not installed, as i was a little bussy, today itself i come to know the power of this script. it is very impressive and smooth in operation ,tested in shared hosting with 3 sites , what i feel as a user it works perfectly satisfing me , i need to know few things at your end.

1.can i disable submission of email of the user at client end?

2.How to use a prepared massage by an agent?

3.what is the diference between pro version and this?

i am satisfied with this scripts, because many script that i purchased from Envato are having diferent deferent complicated issues, that we cannot solve at user end as a normal user. and are not supported well. but in this script ,in terms of smooth operation , i hardly find an issue other than what i feel as an issue mentioned above.

good luck. have a nice day.


kind regards


Thanks for the feedback. These are very simple to do. You can find the instructions in the included documentation.

In a few words: (1) Click on widget design, click on module 1 and disable the email field from there. (2) Click on prepare messages and enter a new message/s. (3) The pro version has many more features. Details of these differences can be found here: premiumscripts.site (scroll to the button of the screen).

Best regards

Hi The scripts Author,

Again, Can i upgrade to pro version.Is it responsive for Android? I want to see it through android App .Is it possible?.

kind regards

Hi, the PRO version works differently. Upgrading is not possible from regular to pro. The android app is not ready yet.

Hello, good day, I bought the premium version and it does not work for me on the mobile device, as on internet explorer, I sent you a ticket but I did not have an answer, could you help me? Thank you!

Hi, we did reply to the ticket. Can you pls check your email again?

i just purchased but its not working on my site ? do i have to set up same domain name ? i set diffrent domain an add the code some other website but noting is coming ? could you help!!!! as i am new buyer !

One other issue is i just realise that you have also proversion! if you have proversion why you not warn us that we can not update means our money gone for noting if we want to your mobile app ? this is kind of not nice! but anyway beyond this can you please help an let this code work on my website ???


First, it’s written in clear view that there is the regular version and the pro version! It’s on the description page as well as on the demo pages! These scripts are two different products and work differently because their code base is different. Because of that, It’s not possible to simply upgrade from one to the other. That said, If you are interested in the other version you can get a refund on the version you bought and get a different one.

If you need help with the setup then please provide the following info:

1. The url where you installed the chat admin 2. The url where you pasted the chat code snippet