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Thanks for making this. It works much better than the old version I was using and is made for responsive sites. Possible bug on mobile version. When I fill in a 1, the 7 in the same column turns red. Doesn’t affect the functionality, but is a little strange.

Hi, we didn’t encountered such a problem. Please send us a screenshot with this issue via email:

Looks greats but two things:

Installation guide says to copy live_demo folder to the server, what about the game folder. What is the difference between live_demo and game folder ? When trying to launch both it gets stuck at 96%.

Hi, thanks for purchasing our game.

1) live_demo is the minified version, game folder is the clear version.

2) Loading issue is probably generated by some audio codec missing on your machine. Please contact us at so we can provide a test version without sound, just to understand if the problem is about game sounds.

Thanks for helping me a that issue, the problem was missing mime type m4a on MS IIS server.

Really great looking game and interested in buying. Is there a way to print each individual puzzle?


Please contact us at with a detailed list of the feature you need.

I love your games guys!!!

Can it be ported to iOS and Android as an app? If yes then how?

Some of our customers use Phonegap, Iudei or Cordova to port our games into apk successfully :)

Is it possible to translate the game? Thank you.

Hi! :) As written in the documentation: You can easily change game text for different languages, changing string in CLang.js :)

Ah, didn’t look hard enough then. Thank you for a quick reply!

no problem :)

Hello. Wrote to you earlier, but nobody answered me.I need to insert a link to the home page of my website, on the game page Sudoku. How do I do that?

Hi! We replied to your private message, please check your inbox ;)

Hi! Great application. Am I allowed to edit the graphic elements, package the code via Phonegap and sell via iOs and Play store?

Hi! with the extended license you are allowed to resell the game via iOs and Play store.

Hi there, The leaderboard does not work together with the game. Can you fix that?

Hi! we are already checking the game and the plugin, we’ll get back to you asap

Hello, do you have the procedure to generate a mobile version with Phonegap, Iudei or Cordova ? Thanks !

Hi! no, we don’t have any procedure because currently it’s something we don’t deal with. We know that some of our customers used these tools to make apps out of our games but independently because we don’t offer support for uses of our games on third-party software

Hello codethislab, I bought the game and now i am checking the game using your preview window on mobile phones and it seems that it doesnt resize. Can you please have a look at it? Thank you in advance.

Hi, we have fixed the game and submitted the new version. You can try our live demo by now the fixed version will be available in a couple of days, you’ll be notified by envato

Hello, great game! Are the generated puzzles having one unique solution? Just wondering.

yes, of course! :)

Before I purchase your item , Do you have project file for unity3d I want to export it to android version

Hi, please write us at