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I have a question, the widget update all values alone?

No idea what you are asking?

Hi. My social pages… i want to update the values (when have a new like) Automatically

Yes. It does it automatically.

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MESOTU Purchased

Hi there, I currently use your plugin and I am getting ready to switch to HTTPS for my site. Everything I’ve read says that I will lose my existing shares on certain posts (some over 1500) once the URL changes. Do you have any features that will allow me to preserve my current share counts once I switch? I don’t want to have to trash this plugin and use a different one. Thanks in advance :)

We are addressing this in a future update. Please reach out to support@wpsmarter.com and we can send you the beta as soon as the feature is ready.


mlalande Purchased

This plugin is complicated and half of it does not work. I wish I would have never purchased.

If you need support, please follow the directions here: http://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-social-deux/6556073/support we are always happy to help.

Can you add snapchat?

In what way?

Can you please just add a Snapchat logo with a link to add a user for the counter :) Other counters have it.. can show you for reference

Hello, I just bought this and it’s really useful, light and fast. Could you please add a social network called LINE in share button? https://media.line.me/en/how_to_install.html

pikatxu Purchased

I used this social plugin for a few months, and very happy with it, as some say is very light, useful and fast. Also its support is very good.

In my modest opinion, if in a update version incorporated the option of “Make sticky” in your shortcode would be fine.

Also if there is the possibility of avoiding the loading of file request from: “admin-ajax.php” and “public / assets / css / font / ultimate-social.woff? V = 5” (you may have the option to use the theme’s default font). You would avoid 2 requests, which would make your load super optimized in my modest opinion.

It is an extraordinary plugin for social issues, greetings

admin-ajax.php is used to load the counts – if you do not want the counts, then you can disable them within the settings. The Font file is used to load the social icons. The minimum amount of requests we can make is what we do.


pikatxu Purchased

Ok, very thanks for your answer. I’ll try to turn on the Placement->Hide Counter Numbers? To avoid using admin-ajax.php in my particular case I can dispense with the counters. My theme uses font-awesome that already loads social icons, but it does not matter, I understand it is complicated since many themes do not load social icons. Your plugin is very fast and optimized, thanks!

Does your plugin use Admin-Ajax like easy social share buttons ? Because easy social share use Admin-Ajax and make every website slower ! It causes incredible server CPU load !

No, we do one request for all counts. They do one request per count that needs to be updated. We also do caching of the counts. The caching time can be set in the settings.

Automatically add button to posts?

There is an option panel for this. You add the buttons with a click of a button.

I do not understand. Do you have screenshots?


Lgames Purchased

Hi. I have problem. In my widget fan count for Facebook is not displayed. I tried everything from Documentation but still i see 0. What i doing wrong?

If you need support, please follow the directions here: http://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-social-deux/6556073/support we are always happy to help.

Hi, Great plugin.

1. Is it possible to change the color of the Share text. Mine is appearing in a light gray? Would like to make it Black & Bold.

2. There is a white space between the Share text and Share count. Is there a way to tighten the space?

Thanks in advance

Yes. It is all CSS. Please open a support ticket and we can help you. Follow the directions here: http://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-social-deux/6556073/support