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Dear David! Another great project from you which I bought

One desire that other people have been asking: what to change/add in this script in order to pauze the banner temporarily while a visitor’s is hovering a on the banner image/text?

I have NO other wishes because this is the best banner slider currently on the entire codecanyon (trust me I’ve played with all of them before deciding on this one). Cheers and looking forward to youir answer! Cheers mate!

Hello, thank you, that feature is not yet part of the plugin, and I haven’t get the time to make it, but it sounds like a good update

Great plugin – I just bought it! Any way to re-write the PHP function in javascript?


Hi, what do you mean? can you extend?

Hello there,

I am experiencing a problem with the slider on my client’s GoDaddy account. When I use the Javascript implementation, I get a response that no files where found under the images directory (the images directory does contain images).

I also tried the simpler HTML implementation to no avail. Can you please help me, at least with the HTML implementation?

The slider can be found here:


Just to add a note – the slider resides in it’s own directory /slider under root, and all paths have been changed to reflect this change. I only get the loading.gif instead of the images

Hi, I think you forgot to init the plugin in JS like this:



Doh! Thanks a lot!

Hi David, I can’t get the slider going and can’t figure out what am I missing. Could you pls have a look? I tried the HTML version as well and it doesn’t work either. Thank you!

Ok great, David, that worked. But only until I added the options for the slider. It tells me there is a syntax error and wants me to take out the commas behind the options. When I do that the options are just ignored (but the slider works then).. I really need to get rid off the timer line and the arrows. Pls help.

You are putting the options wrong, you need to put it inside the autoSlider function, for example:
        theme               : 'theme1',
        navBarNumeric       : true,
        autoHidePlayBtn     : false, 

Thank you! You’re the best. :)

Hi David, I’m just a little confused with a couple things. First, I couldn’t get the php method to work, should it work on a regular html page? I got the alternate html method to work but can I still use the “random” feature with this method? Finally, none of my icon images are showing up and im not sure where I have to change the path for them. All files are in the same plugin folder with the same structure as you have them, the only difference is I renamed the folder “plugin” to “slider”. Thanks.

Thanks. I replied to your email again, the php slider is working now but the icon images are still not showing on either html or php slider.

Its weird because the ‘loading’ gif appears but next/prev arrows don’t.

Sorry for the delay ;) I responded to your email again :D

Hi There

Just bought his, thanks for all your efforts – a very useful bit of code.

I have one question though, is there a way to specify the height like you can the width?

Currently if you apply it to a folder of images with differing Y dimensions, it adapts dynamically on each image. This is best for most uses, but I’d like to be able to fix the height to suit a particular application.

Thanks in advance. Marc.

Currently the plugin respects the default height (in order to keep the right proportions) the only way around would be to cut the image (the file) to the height of your desire and then let the plugin use it :)
Best, David

I wouldn’t want to distort the AR, but would it be possible/difficult to add an (optional) height constraint too, such that if the height is the limiting factor, this is used to calculate the re-sizing?

I really love the benefit of not needing to build the slideshow manually, having to re-size images would offset a lot of this benefit.

I haven’t done it my self, but you can try to add a resizing PHP method in the slider.php file, or use a CSS technique to set a max-height, for example:

  max-height: 300px !important;
this way it will cut the images that are larger than that ;)

Hi David!

Just purchased your plugin. Looks good. One detail I can’t make work : where (what file) do I change the speed of transition and the interval between the slides? I am using the plugin folder to work. I tried changing the parameters in js/slider.jis but it did not reflect the changes. What am I doing not right?


the interval between slides is this one:
playInterval        : 4000, //Time between transitions when auto play is on
you can find this in the docs ;)

David, I appreciate your help, but to be honest I don’t understand why the index,.php is not reading the parameters from slider.php. Can you be more specific? I sent you the page to check. Did you? Thank you!!

I did inspect your page, and you currently have this in your source code:

                transitionSpeed: 900
now you mentioned you want to change the interval between the slides and this is how you can do it:
                transitionSpeed: 900,
                playInterval        : 8000,
Best. David

Hello, is there a way of initialising the slider on dynamically loaded images? I’m getting a list of images via AJAX, and the $(window).load() function doesn’t seem to work in the $.ajax() success function.

I’m guessing something may be possible using jQuery’s deferred object, but of course I’d rather not have to dive into all that if you already have an answer!

Thanks in advance, James

I haven’t try this, but did you try to load them via AJAX, and then use the imagesLoaded plugin and then initialize the plugin?

Very nice! what about an Update with image LAZYLOAD function ? How big are the CSS and JS files?

Currently there’s no lazy load feature.
All JS files needed (including jQuery) are 167kb and the CSS is 7kb

Best, David

O.k., thank you

Hi i bought Media Boxes from you. I was wondering if i can integrate this to that one. Do you think that can be doable? Thank you and best regards

the only way I can think of is using an iframe in the lightbox of the Media Boxes and then embed the iframe inside like another page

We recently purchased your Ultimate Smart Slider and it works great. The only thing is we’d like to have the directory polled once the images have been displayed to check for any new images that might have been added to the folder. Is there an easy way to do this?

Also – we do have 2 or 3 separate sliders running on the same page (one to show landscape images from one folder and one to show portrait images from another). This is for a charity event we have this week.


currently the plugin doesn’t have a feature to check via ajax if there was some kind of movement in the folder in real time, only after a page refresh,
about multiple sliders in one page, yes you can, see here: the section of “Multiple sliders in one page”

Best, David

Thanks for the quick reply.

Hello. I got into the slider and is experiencing a problem.When put to link is occurring failures. When there is no link slider functions normally. Any changes needed? The example with the error is in Thank you.

there may be a problem with placing extra html markup on the slider, but what if you try to do it with JS, for example in the HTML img tag add this attribute: onclick="location.href=''"
something like this:

<img onclick="location.href=''"  />
I hope this make sense ;)

Thank you. Added the onclick and style pointer cursor to appear better identify and stayed perfect. ;)

awesome :D

Running the strict HTML version, not the auto version… is there anyway to place a “read more” button in the caption?

you can add some extra HTML there in the caption, for example a link:
<img src='images/b-img2--.jpg' data-effect='boxesDiagonal' data-captioneffect='fade' data-caption="Caption Here <a href=''>click me!<a/>" />
I hope it makes sense :)

Hello, purchased item. Is there a way to grab images from specific folder without use of php? thanks

currently I’m now aware of another way (other than using a server side programming language, like PHP, Java, Phyton, .Net etc)

Best, David

Can not be used . The request for a refund.

not sure why can’t be used, but if you are looking for a refund you need to contact Envato directly (since they handle all that has to do with money, authors don’t have the tools to do so)
you can contact them by opening a ticket here:

Best, David


lapg Purchased

Hi I just bought your slider and it looks great except one thing. I use the it “the html way” but I can only get two of the four images to show. Don´t understand what I have done wrong? Any idea? / Lena


lapg Purchased

But wait, now it does not fade anymore. It gets squared fading if you know what I mean…take a look again.

Ohh yeah, that’s the “boxes-zoomOut” effect, if you want a fade effect just replace it for “fade” instead ;)


lapg Purchased

That was extremely stupid of me. Thanks ;-)


I bought the slider but its come with PHP files. I need html files.


Hi there,
By default the plugin uses PHP in order to scan a folder of images and print them in the slider, but you can use HTML only, so try this:

1) Remove the slider.php file
2) Rename the index.php file to index.html
3) Inside the index.html file remove these lines:

4) Inside the index.html file replace this:

    make_slider("slider1", "images");

for this:
    <div class="as_slider" id="slider1">
      <img src="images/img2.jpeg" data-effect="boxesOrder-zoomOut" data-captioneffect="fade" data-caption="<h4>Caption here. </h4>" />
      <img src="images/img3.jpeg" data-effect="boxesDiagonal" />
      <img src="images/img1.jpeg" data-effect="boxes-zoomOut" />

And that’s it, no PHP needed :D
I hope it makes sense
Best, David

Hi, Nice slider, but I couldn’t find a way to use images with different dimensions. That would be what I expect from an automated slider. Even when I have pics that don’t exceed my max dimensions, they are stretched out if smaller. When I remove auto width, pics are seen on top of each other. Is there any solution for this? Thanks a lot.

awesome :D glad to hear it works great now :D

In the end it became clear that this issue was only solved after removing some height stuff from .as_slider img in css.

I’m glad everything is working fine now :D


Piroo Purchased

Hi, To change the order of the slides, the instructions say: ‘Also the images are in alphabetical order, so if you want to edit the order just add a-, b-, etc… at beginning of the name of the images.’ Now, I have more than 26 photos, so the alphabet is not enough. I tried different solutions with numbers etc. but to no avail. Also one can only put one digit before the – to make it invisible in the caption. Any idea how to do this? Thanks.


Piroo Purchased

Thanks. That worked, except that I got the – visible, so I changed also substr in the next line from 2 to 3. Now all is fine. :-)


Piroo Purchased

Just for the record: I found it more handy to use names with two digit numbers, like 01-my img.jpg 02-my img.jpg 03-my img.jpg 04-my img.jpg which is working well, while not showing 01- etc. and you can go to 99. Nice!

Awesome :D glad you found the fix, and thanks for sharing :)


Piroo Purchased

The slider is working nicely, except that when we shrink the viewport and enlarge it back, the slider is not growing back in dimensions. Also when starting with a small screen and making it bigger, the slider stays the same.

I investigated this responsive problem and tried a lot and still couldn’t find the cause. Any idea? I don’t want to put the link online so let me know if you want me to email you. Thanks in advance.

Hi, sent you an email ;)


Piroo Purchased

Automagically solved by David. Thanks. Folks, this is top support. Just sayin’.

I’m glad to hear that :D thank you!