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nice item , good luck in sales

Thank You :)

Hi! Great work!... Just a little feedback:

- Give the option to choose the type of Heading. It is formatted in h2 and I needed h3, I had to modify the plugin.

- Adding the title h3, was impossible to leave the chevron icon. It would be ideal to have quick access to the colors: background (hover, active, etc.), color font title, background content, etc.)

- Just because no one else does, give the option so you can close their accordions automatically if you open another item (even if not the same accordion).

Greetings! Sorry for my english. Spanish my first language.


Thanks for your feedback and rating.

I’ll add those features in next release :)


Great! Thanks. Another thing I forgot me is to change the icon from left to right. I leave the link of the page where I use the plugin for you to review. Thanks for everything!

http://polygalsud.cl/web_polygalsud/productos/ (Still in development)

Considering the price, I thought the search field would be more user-friendly. For example, most users won’t type in the exact phrase and might type in two separate words having to do with the same topic and expect that the answer pops up – sort of how it’s done in Google and/or most search engines. However, with yours, the user must type in the exact phrase. Alternatively, I was hoping that the user could search by placing ”,” commas after each word, but again that also didn’t work. The way it is now, I’d maybe buy it for $5, but definitely not $17. Let me know if you upgrade it.

Thanks for your comment.

It’s not possible.

Good day ahead.


1) can i have a demo account to test this plugin in the back end.. 2) can i insert image, youtube or vimeo video as the answer..? last question ) can i add multiple faq page using different shortcode..? example: vendor faq, user faq, affiliate faq,

This broke with the recent WP update. When will it be patched?

@jeff: Replied your support message.

Thank You :)

Dear xenioushk, This work without Visual Composer Addon?

Sorry mate, It’s only work with Visual Composer.

Thanks :)

Does this plugin work as add on from an existing Visual Composer install.I have Visual Composer installed already.

Yes, it will :)


From which version is the Plugin Compatible with? Bought the add-on, now when i install it. i get: The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Please check the “ultimate-searchable-accordion-vc-addon.zip” file inside downloaded file.

Send me an email, if you can’t find that zip file.



Hello I’m not able to change background color in accordion blocks. it always white and I wish to change it to black. Help please

Please send your site admin panel login information via support page. I’ll check and let you know soon.



Hello. I’m a little late but i wish to thank you for the great service. Regards!

You’re welcome :)

Hey i recently purchase your plugin. the content of my accordion is mostly a links. but i need to change something. See the screenshot below


In this screenshot i need to remove the rectangle icon or images when i am in search mode and i need to change the grey text color to black while in search mode.


So after i remove the text that i input in search box the style of the previous searched accordion did not go back to normal style

Hi Alvin,

Thanks for your message.

I got the issue and working on it. Once finished the work, I’ll send you updated version :)



Hi Alvin,

Just sent you updated version. Please check and let me know if you need more help.


thanks mate. this is what i want. :D

Any possibility to create nested accordions?

Sorry, It’s not possible.

Note: To manage large number of accordion items we’ve implemented pagination system. You can check demo-


Thanks :)

will this support wordpress, if i buy this one, will i get the refund of the previous one i purchased (Jquery). REgards,

Hi Ali,

- It’s a WordPress plugin but you need to install visual composer to use this plugin.


what is it boss, please help me out getting this. Regards,

Hello! i’m about to purchase your plugin, but i have question about search. Does it wors with the global web search or only in one particular page?


Thanks for your interest. Search section only works in one particular page.

Thanks :)

Hey! The plugin currently stopped working on the latest version of visual composer. please let me know if there’s any update coming?

Thanks Joey

No, it works! Html was inserted at the wrong place! Sorry for this! :D

No problem :)


Hey Author, I find this plugin very useful and beautiful! However after been using it for a while perfectly on my page, I figured it acting very strange. Please visit: http://wilgart.dk/terms-conditions/ And tell me what I’m doing wrong? Best, Silas

Hello Silas,

Please send your site admin panel login info via support page. http://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-searchable-accordion-visual-composer-addon/14776465/support/contact

I’ll check and update you soon.

Note: You’re 6 month support period has been expired. Please renew it.

Thanks :)

Can you enable the accordion to be added to other elements? I tried to add it to a row but this does not work. So i can not have three accordion sections in one row


Thanks for your message. I’m checking your reported issue. Will update you soon.

Thanks :)

Hi, there is title, is it available cilck on title direct to open link, without needed read content under title? Thanks

Hello Julia,

I’ve checked your reported issue. I can see searchable accordion is working fine inside visual composer TAB. You can check following video-


Note: Tested with Both VC and WP latest version.


The plugin did not work for theme, tested deactive one by one. I send you detail admin demo for you fix issue in contact box. Please reply me soon. Thanks

@Replied Your support message.

Please check following video for step by step process to insert accordion block in to visual composer Tab element.



Hi there – really enjoy using this accordion. In the future, it would be great if one could drop in visual composer elements into each accordion tab vs only having the text box. While it’s great to be able to add text, being able to build content into each accordion (like the native visual composer accordion) would make this addon even more amazing!


Thanks for your suggestion. But, It’s may not be possible to implement according to visual composer coding structure.

Thanks for your understanding.

Hi, I have pre-order question.

Is there settings which allow to open multiple (or all) sections at once?


Hello MilkyCZ,

According to the promise, I’ve added you’re requested feature. Please check following example-


Let me know your opinion.



this is exactly what I need. Thank you for great support. I already bought your item.

Have nice day

Thank You :)